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100+ Objects That Start With Z

Looking for objects that start with Z? While this letter is not known for its volumes of fantastic word choices, especially for kids, I did manage to come up with over 100 items that start with Z.

From zucchini and zeppole to zippers and zebras, let’s dive into this list of unique, and hopefully useful, list of objects that start with Z.

Note: stick around to the end to get objects that start with Z for preschools and kindergarteners.

Here we go!

Ultimate List of Objects that Start with Z

Foods that start with Z:

Animals that start with Z:

Household Objects that start with Z:

  • Zero
  • Zester
  • Zig zig
  • Zip code
  • Ziplock bags
  • Zigzag scissors
  • Zegedine (drinking cup)
  • Zipper
  • Zinc oxide cream
  • Zucchini spiralizer
  • Zibeline (fabric made from wool)
  • Zebra doll
  • Zest soap (brand)
  • Zip ties
  • Z alphabet blog
  • Z letter magnet
  • Zero number magnet
  • Zodiac book
  • Zoom camera lens
  • Zumba workout video

Clothing items that start with Z:

  • Zip-up jacket
  • Zip-up boots
  • Zori (Japanese style sandals)
  • Zippered coat
  • Zippered sweater
  • Zebra print shirt
  • Zebra print pants
  • Zonulet (small belt)

Outdoor items that start with Z:

  • Zinnia
  • Zebra plant
  • Zephyranthes (flowers)
  • ZZ plant
  • Zoisite (mineral)
  • Zircon (gemstone)
  • Zirconium
  • Ziziphus (shrubs)
  • Zuche (a tree stump)
  • Zoolite (mineral)

Travel items that start with Z:

  • Zoo
  • Zip Line
  • Zeppelin
  • Zone

Space objects that start with Z:

  • Zeta Orionis (star)
  • Zodiac (band of constellations)
  • Zenith
  • Zodiacal light

Music items that start with Z:

personal and body parts that start with Z:

Random objects that start with Z:

  • Zombie
  • Zooplankton

Objects that Start with Z for Kindergarten and Preschool 

Z is another letter with limited object ideas for preschoolers and kindergarten but there are a few that we can pull from to introduce and teach the letter Z.

Here are a some familiar items that start with Z that you can use for letter recognition and alphabet awareness with your kindergarteners and preschoolers (along with a couple objects that simply contain a letter Z somewhere in the word.)

Objects that start with Z for Kindergarten and Preschool:

  • Zoo – We visited the zoo and enjoyed seeing all of the animals.
  • Zebra – The black and white zebra is my favorite safari animal.
  • Zipper – The zipper on my jacket is broken.
  • Zucchini – We are having stir-fry with zucchini and onions for dinner.
  • Zinnia – I picked a pink zinnia from my mom’s garden and put it in a vase.
  • Zit – My older brother has a zit on the side of his nose.
  • Ziplock Bag – My mother put my sandwich in a ziplock bag and put it in my backpack.

Objects that contain Z for Kindergarten and Preschool:

  • Pretzel – She ordered a large pretzel with cheesy dipping sauce.
  • Quiz – I have to take a math quiz this afternoon.
  • Fizz – I like to watch the fizz at the top of my cup when I pour the soda in.
  • Dozer – We watched the bull dozer knock down the old building.
  • Kazoo – I like the buzzing sound that a kazoo makes.
  • Prize – Henry won the prize for the biggest pumpkin at the fair.
  • Pizza – Our family eats pizza every Saturday night.

Free Letter Z Printables

Looking for some free letter Z printables for your kids? If so, check out the Full Z Words for Kids resource where you will find more Z words along with a learning download. This learning pack for letter Z includes preschool pages, handwriting practice page, Z tracing cards, a Z word list and more!

After you get you letter Z printables, be sure to to jump over to the  Words for Kids by Alphabet page and get ALL the word lists, as well as, the free printable learning activity packs for each letter of the alphabet.

Activity Ideas for the Objects that Start with Z list

This list contains Amazon Affiliate Links. I may earn a commission from sales. Thank you!

  • Read Picture Books That Feature Objects or Words that Start With Z: One of the best ways of familiarizing your kids with certain letters of the alphabet is to read books that feature objects or words that use and repeat that letter throughout the text. With that being said, find a book list for letter Z or take a trip to your local library to check out some Z books for your kids. (One of the Z books our kids enjoy is Put Me In the Zoo by Robert Lopshire.)
  • Come up with a Short Story that Features an Object That Start With Z: For your older students, have them come up with a short story that features and object that starts with Z. Perhaps a zebra or a zither. Then, share the finished product out loud. Another way to switch up this creative writing assignment would be to challenge your students to see how many new and unique Z words they could include in their short story.
  • Play Word Unscramble Using Familiar Z Words: Give your students some familiar Z words to practice unscrambling by writing a Z object the board with the letters all mixed up (words like zebra, zipper, zero, zinnia, etc) Next, help your students to unscramble the letters and figure out what the word is. (To make it more of a competition, you can set a timer to see who can unscramble the Z word first.)

What would you add to this list of objects that start with Z?

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links. I may earn a commission from sales.

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