Find Words for Kids Here

Here are some great words for kids! Whether you are doing preschool at home and working on letter recognition, or you are trying to build your elementary student’s vocabulary, having access to multiple words for each letter is invaluable.

From spelling lists to vocabulary activities, these words for kids are free and accessible for you to use!

Each letter of the alphabet comes with word lists for preschool, kindergarten, elementary and even advanced students. These articles also include unique letter blend lists, words for beginning readers, as well as, common foods and objects that begin with that letter.

Additionally, you will find vocabulary activities that help to teach words to kids, as well as, free printable words for kids resources for each letter.

Sentence Examples for Learning New Vocabulary Words

Most of the word lists in this series also includes sentence examples for the words. These sentences help to indicate common usage of the word or to provide students with context clues that will help them understand the word definitions better.

Benefits of Having the Word Lists and Resources

As kids are developing their language, reading, and vocabulary skills, having word lists for each letter of the alphabet can be very beneficial for building into these areas. Here are some benefits of having the words for kids lists and printable resources:

Benefits of Having Word Lists for Kids:

  • Builds letter recognition for preschoolers and kindergarteners
  • Improves grammar and language skills.
  • Helps in word meanings and definitions.
  • Improves spelling abilities.
  • Develops sentence-writing skills.
  • Improves word pronunciation.
  • Enhances communication.
  • Fosters creativity in writing, as well as, speaking.
  • Helps to build confidence.
  • Improves reading skills.

Vocabulary Activities that Help to Teach New Words

Each words for kids article comes with activity ideas that help to teach the words for kids. Some of these vocabulary activities include things like:

Activities that Help to Teach New Words:

  • Utilize printable resources including activities, worksheets, and coloring pages.
  • Reading Books that feature words with a specific letter.
  • Spelling practice using sensory spelling activities.
  • Playing Charades using the words for kids lists.
  • Making snacks using only items that start with a certain letter.
  • Crafts built around a specific letter word.
  • Creating poetry using the words for kids.
  • Putting together words collages using words that begin with the same letter.
  • Play Pictionary using the words for kids lists.
  • Word unscrambling
  • Alternate ball toss with words that begin with a specific letter.
  • Word scavenger hunts
  • Letter object find (find objects that begin with a certain letter.)

Free Printable Activity Packs

For each letter of the alphabet, there is a free printable activity pack. These packs include learning pages for preschoolers, kindergarteners and elementary students.

These packs are for personal use or for single classroom use only. You can access each printable by joining the Inspire the Mom community and signing in with Grow.

Printable Words for Kids Activity Packs Include:

  • Letter tracing cards
  • Let handwriting practice pages
  • Traceable vocabulary list
  • Printable Word list

Additional Preschool Vocabulary Resources:

Preschoolers are working on letter recognition, letter sounds, and letter formation. Here are some printable preschool resources that can help your little ones grow in these skill areas

Printable Preschool Resources:

Printable Kindergarten Emergent Readers

For general kindergarten practice check out the Kindergarten Daily Skill Builder. For students who are practicing simple sight words and easy vocabulary, check out these printable emergent readers to help build their vocabulary:

Printable Emergent Readers:

Words for Kids Q & A

  1. What are some every day words for kids? Words that kids typically use every day include words like: mom, dad, hello, yes, no, where, you, has, that, the, water, hungry, tired, noise, book, please, and thank you.
  1. What are five interesting words for children? There are lots of interesting words for kids to enjoy. But to narrow it down, here are five interesting words for kids: bombastic, kerplunk, lollygag, whippersnapper, and skedaddle.
  1. What are some positive words for young kids? Some positive words for kids are: strong, loved, safe, kind, caring, confident, honest, resilient, respected, determined, brave, loyal, happy, joyful, smart, unique, and healthy.
  1. How to find rhyming words for children? To help your kids how to find rhyming words, teach them all about the different word families. These are words that use similar sounding phonemes. For example, the ‘an’ word family would include words like fan, can, man, pan, tan, and van.
  1. What are CVC words? CVC words are three-letter words that use the consonant vowel consonant pattern. Some examples of CVC words include words like: cat, dog, mat, sat, bug, pet, fin, and dad.
  1. What are sight words? Sight words are words that kids can recognize without having to sound them out. These words are practiced frequently to build confidence and early reading skills. The, and, here, do, go, and be are all examples of common sight words for children.
  1. Where can I find word lists for kids? To begin with, check out all the words for kids lists by alphabet that are available in this post. Each article has tons of words for the letter given, as well as, sentence examples, activity ideas, and printable word lists.
  1. What are some school-related words? Knowledge, learning, teaching, backpack, pencil, books, math, calculator, paper, writing, and bus.