15 Pick-Me-Ups For Cooped Up Moms

Have you ever gotten in a funk because you’ve been cooped up in the house for too long? Possibly because of sick kids, an injury, or a week of too much snow, you find yourself moping around with ever increasing cabin fever needing a pick me up.

That is how I get when my little ones keep passing sickness around in the winter months. As much as I love my little sick bumpkins, and wouldn’t want anyone other than myself to be tending to them, I find myself needing a break from the monotony of these long days.

In light of my recent cooped up state, here is a list I compiled of some of my favorite pick-me-ups.


Pick-Me-Ups for Moms

  1. If at all possible, get out of the house. I know, no one wants to leave their sick babies. But for the sake of your sanity go for a walk around the block or go get a cup of coffee.
  2. Reconnect with people. The worst part of isolation is that you start to feel alone which leads to discouragement. Call your mom or a friend and chat for a while. You will feel so refreshed having someone to validate and encourage you.
  3. Work out. This sounds counter-intuitive but sometimes just getting your body exercising releases some of those tensions and fills you with new energy.
  4. Take a bath. If only to be in a room relaxing by yourself.
  5. Play an instrument. 
  6. Listen to a sermon. Missing out on Sunday worship can put a damper on your week. If your church has a podcast make a point to listen to it.
  7. Make a special dessert and invite your hubby to join you for some dessert and a board game after the kids have gone to bed.
  8. Rearrange some furniture. Sometimes sprucing up a room can give you a renewed appreciation for your home.
  9. Start a craft. Pick up some crochet, sewing, or drawing. Perhaps take this time to make a gift for a specific person.2ou30mdtsey-giulia-bertelli
  10. Pray out loud.
  11. Journal your thoughts. If writing is an outlet for you, get a pencil or a laptop and go to town.
  12. Message a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, and see how they are doing.
  13. Put some music on and get some chores done. The feeling of accomplishment is usually accompanied with good vibes.
  14. Take a nap.
  15. Light a candle and enjoy the smell throughout your house.


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What are your favorite pick-me-ups?


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  1. I love this and it surely is needed today. Margs is having a particularly fussy day and waiting for dad to get home so I can take a mini break cannot come soon enough. Lovely read!

  2. Hi Dear, you have inspired Me with these awesome pick Me ups for when you are cooped or even some in everyday Life. Getting out of the house is so important just for some Me time. I am guilty of not using #2 , I get too busy and don’t get to call people. 4,6,7,8, 1o, 14, 15 are also my faves but they are all awesome. Thank you for sharing Dear, hugs, Terri xo.

  3. I loved this! I just discovered your blog today and I have reading for an hour now! I struggle so much through the winter because it snows and we get cooped up. All of these tips were great and I will be applying for next winter!

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