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23 Ways to Show Your Mom You Love Her

Looking for ways to show your mom you love her? If so, I’ve got 25 creative ways you can let her know how much she means to you.

Whether it her birthday, Mother’s Day, or another random reason it’s always a good time to honor your mother.

With that being said, here are some ways you can show your mom you love her and give her a little extra attention and intentional kindness.

25 Ways to Show Your Mom You Love Her

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All moms are different. For some, receiving a gift is more meaningful than acts of service. And for others, words of affirmation or quality time is what’s most important. Think about your mom and her love language then find a way to show her how much you love her.

Here are some ideas for each love language:

Gift-Giving as a Way to Show Your Mom You Love Her

1. Give flowers

Does you mom enjoy a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Or is she an avid gardener? If so, learn what her favorite flowers are and send some her way!

If you can, deliver them in person along with a hug and a thoughtfully written card as a way to show her how much you really love and appreciate her.

2. Make a Gift

Handmade gifts are so meaningful and probably most appreciated by a mother. Most moms appreciate the time, effort, and creativity that went into a homemade gift and will often feel very honored to receive something that our kids have made.

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3. Write a Card

Sometimes, distance or lack of money can limit our ability to give lavish gifts, but that doesn’t mean we cannot give a humble and sweet note to our mom.

A fantastic way to show your mom you love her is to get (or make) her a card that is filled with thoughtful and kind words.

4. Give Her a Gift Certificate

Another way to show your mom you love her is to present her with a gift certificate. Either for her favorite store or perhaps for a message or manicure, depending on the personality and interests of your mom.

5. Fill Her Pantry

Do you have a practical mother? Or maybe a mom who has trouble getting out and about to get her groceries? Perhaps you can gift your mom with pantry items or treats that she wouldn’t ordinarily buy for herself.

Acts of Service as a Way to Show Your Mom You Love Her

6. Clean Her House

Helping mom around the house is another terrific way to show you care! Do the dishes, fold the laundry, declutter a room, or clean out the garage. And while you do, encourage her to sit back and read a book or send her out to browse around her favorite store.

7. Do Her Yard Work

Freshen up the yard for your mom! Mow, weed the garden, pressure wash the patio, edge the lawn, lay new mulch, or plant colorful flowers.

8. Wash Her Car

Is your mom’s car caked with dirt? If so, why not give it a full detailed wash? Scrub the outside of the car until it sparkles then vacuum out the inside, wash the windows, and freshen up the upholstery.

9. Help Her Rearrange Her Furniture

Does you mom like to move things around but doesn’t have the back for it anymore? Offer to move or rearrange her furniture and help her spruce up a room.

10. Cook Her a Meal

A lot of moms cook all year round, so why not turn the tables for a day and do the cooking (and cleaning up) for her!

Offer Quality Time as a Way to Show Your Mom You Love Her

11. Visit

For most moms, just seeing and being with our children is soul-filling. Take the time and visit your mom. A lot of times, that is gift enough.

12. Take Her Out to Dinner

Surprise your mom with lunch or dinner at a restaurant. Take her to an old favorite or try something new together!

13. Invite Her Over

Invite you mom to come over and hang out with your family, or to go shopping for the afternoon. Moms (just like everyone else) feel loved and thought of simply by receiving an invitation.

14. Do a Craft Together

Do you share a create gene with your mother? If so, make a new memory while you do a craft together. Besides the fun of making something new, you get the chance to spend quality time together.

15. Linger and Listen

We live in a busy society and a lot of times, this lends to lots of lonely people. By taking the time to linger, listen, and converse with your mom, you are really showing her how much you care and how much you value your relationship with her.

Words of Affirmation as a Way to Show Your Mom You Love Her

16. Say “I Love You”

Tell your mom you love her! Don’t assume that she already knows or that she is tired of hearing it, those three words will always be something she wants (and needs) to hear.

17. Write a Thoughtful Poem

Do you have a way with words? Perhaps you can write a thoughtful poem for your mom to enjoy.

18. Say “Thank You”

Find ways to thank your mom for everything she has done for you. From cooking and cleaning, to cheering you on and helping you learn, your mom is a gift you to. Let her know in what ways.

19. Compliment Her

Proverbs says, “Gracious words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Keeping this in mind, give your mom the gift of gracious words and compliments that will encourage her and lift her spirits.

20. Praise Her

If your mom is worthy, praise her for all she is doing and all she has done. Does she work hard? Is she faithful? Is she graceful? Does she have integrity? Is she welcoming? (Proverbs 31)

Offer Affection as a Way to Show Your Mom You Love Her

21. Give Her a Hug

Show your mom you love her by giving her a hug! Sometime a warm embrace is just what you mom needs!

22. Hold Her Hand

Depending on the age of your mom and the season of life that she is in, sometimes the most comforting and loving thing to do is to hold her hand.

23. Sit By Her

Show your mom you love her by sitting next to her. Whether in church or during a movie night at home, you can demonstrate your affection simply by being close by.

Ways to Show Your Mom You Love Her – Q&A

1. How can I show my mom how much I love her?

You can show your mom how much you love her by giving gifts, acts of service, physical touch, kind words, and spending quality time with her.

2. What are some positive words that describe a mother?

Caring, sweet, nurturing, helpful, serving, generous, awesome, positive, encouraging, loving, thoughtful, amazing, and kind.

3. What are some nice things kids can do for their moms?

Write cards, draw pictures, give compliments, make a meal, clean their rooms, or give a gift.

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What is your favorite way to show your mom you love her?

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