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20+ Homeschool Decor Ideas

Looking for some functional ways to decorate your home for homeschool? Let’s take a look at some practical homeschool decor ideas you can try.

Whether you have a dedicated homeschool space or you learn from your kitchen table, like we do, there are lots of creative ways you can liven up your home for learning.

And the best part is, there are no rules. You can create an elaborate schoolroom using bright colors and educational posters. Or you can subtly decorate your home using simple learning elements like fine art prints that seamlessly blend into your everyday decor.

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash
Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

What Should I Put in My Homeschool Room?

Whatever you want! Your homeschool space is your own. Surround yourselves with the things that you need for your homeschool and the things that bring you joy and inspiration.

Think through all the elements of possibility. What do you want on the walls? What kinds of storage containers will function and look the best? Do you want any types of plants or small animals in this space?

Then start simple. Shop your own house and see what you already have on hand that you could use to decorate your homeschool space. Then decide what homeschool decor items you would like to purchase.

Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash
Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash

Homeschool Decor Ideas for the Walls

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There are so many options for homeschool wall decor. From displaying your kid’s art work to hanging nature counting posters, the possibilities are endless.

Start by looking at what you already have in the way of homeschool wall decor then decide what you think would be nice to add for this next homeschool year. Here are some homeschool wall decor things you could be looking for:

1. Maps for homeschool decor

Learning about US history or the continents this year? What about geography or mapping? At some point, I’m sure, you’ll find yourself wishing you had a map for reference.

Note: I’ve been eyeing this nautilus world map on Etsy, I like that it has tons size and frame options.

2. Large chalk board

We have a large chalk board in our house that sits over our piano and I love it. We founds a simple chalk board DIY online and went to work. With a large piece of MDF board, wood for the frame, and some chalk paint, we had this project done in no time flat.

We use this chalkboard for teaching lessons and letting the kids draw. And other times I’ll simply hang a wreath in the middle and call it good.

Note: You can also buy a large chalkboard on Amazon. (affiliate link)

3. Kid’s Artwork as Homeschool Decor

Kid’s art work is always on display at our house. Seeing my kids drawings and painting is something that brings me so much joy.

So, whether you hang it on the refrigerator, or buy a cute artwork wall hanger, having your kid’s masterpieces on display, not only will make your kids feel special, its a great homeschool wall decor option.

4. Historical Documents

Are you studying the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights? Or is your family known for it’s history enthusiasm? Find your favorite historical documents in poster or printable form and hang them around your house. (Check out these free patriotic printables.)

5. Nature Posters for homeschool decor

In my opinion, nature prints look fantastic just about anywhere. It’s a simple way you can bring the outdoors into your learning space. From vintage botanical prints to ocean animals, its a fun way you can fill your walls will colorful and educational homeschool wall decor. (Amazon link included)

6. Nature Photos

Have you or your kids taken a beautiful nature photo? Why not enlarge it and hang it in your homeschool learning space?

7. Alphabet Posters

There are so many cute alphabet poster options on the market. From cursive to print, fabric or canvas, printable or framed, you can find any type of alphabet poster that would fit well into your home learning space. (affiliate links)

You can also make your own alphabet letter posters.

8. Bible Verses

Hanging inspiring scriptures around your house is another great way to decorate you homeschool. Not only can it look really good, but it can offer encouragement and motivation throughout your school day.

You can find free scripture prints online or even in wooden sign form at places like Hobby Lobby or Amazon.

9. Motivational Posters

Want to surround yourselves with motivational quotes or inspiring ideas? Try a local home decor or craft store to find some signs with saying that you and your kids will love.

You can also find some motivational quotes on Etsy that you can print off and instantly add to your homeschool decor.

10. Famous Quotes

Do famous quotes motivate you? What about homeschool quotes to remind you of why you chose to homeschool your kids in the first place? A thrifty option would be to make some of your own, or find some free printable options quotes online.

11. Famous Art

I love the idea of incorporating fine art into you homeschool decor. For a while, we were doing the Simple Charlotte Mason Picture Studies, and they came with these beautiful 8.5×11 prints for the kids to study. Can anyone say homeschool wall decor? We made wall collages with these prints and it was awesome!

You can also visit your local thrift store to see what gems you can find. I’ve seen framed prints from great artist like Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh for just a few dollars.

12. Calendar

Can a calendar be considered decor? Sure, why not? It takes up wall real-estate right? The best part is, you are not limited to a simple wall calendar (though that’s always an option too.) You can get a framed personalized calendar for your command center or a huge chalkboard style calendar for your homeschool room. Just look around and see what you can find.

13. Custom Wall Art

Maybe you or your kids have taken an amazing photo or come up with their own graphic art design. You can go to shutterfly or another online photo place and turn those treasures into large canvas art for your home.

Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash
Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

Homeschool Decor Ideas for Storage

There are a lot of practical homeschool storage ideas that serve the dual purpose of decor. So, think through your decor style as you choose your homeschool organization items as well.

14. Book Shelving

Shelving is a must when it comes to homeschool organizing, but before you buy, consider how your shelving will play into your overall decor scheme.

Will it be primarily used for books? Will you need baskets or caddys to help organize and decorate it? Is it practical as well as aesthetically pleasing?

15. Baskets for homeschool decor

Decorating ideas with baskets can be found all over the place. Probably because baskets can be used to contain small items or large; to organize papers, or hold books. to serve as a plant holder or even serve as a trash can—baskets are amazing.

I’m not a decorating expert, but I know that baskets and bins are a staple in the world of home decor. Find some baskets for your homeschool that are functional and that you enjoy looking at.

16. Command Center

Command centers are great because they display the things that you need to revisit every day. Things like the calendar, maybe a white board for assignments, art study pictures, maps, etc.

And since a command center takes up wall space so why not put a little creative thought into how you design it? Look up some genius command center ideas and choose some ideas that work for you.

Homeschool Decor Accessories

17. Homeschool Globe

Check out the list of best world globes for kids and choose a homeschool globe that will fit well into your space. Other places to find a homeschool globe might be a thrift store, homeschool supply store, or a garage sale.

18. Live Plants for homeschool decor

Plants not only freshen up a space, they are beautiful, as well as, educational: an ongoing science experience if you will. To start your plant collection, find some indoor plants that are forgiving and add new ones as you go.

19. Rugs

If you have a designated homeschool space, you could shop around for an educational rug. Or you could put 3-D rug for imaginative play in a corner for your younger kids to use during school hours.

But if your home doesn’t allow space for those things, just look into an area rug that fits the decor of your home.

20. Lighting

Choosing good homeschool lighting is important. Hopefully, you have lots of natural light, but if you don’t, do a little research and find the lighting options that will benefit your kids as well as the look of your home.

21. Books for homeschool decor

Books are a homeschool staple, so why not display them? Use some simple wall shelves to show off and feature your favorite books.

Another idea is to put together a homeschool book nook complete with comfy pillows and colorfully inviting books. Look up some creative reading nook ideas and get inspired.

More Homeschool Room Resources

What are some of your favorite homeschool decor ideas?

*This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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