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5 Christmas Tree Preschool Craft Ideas

Ready for five Christmas tree preschool craft ideas? Whether you have a preschool class you teach or are just looking for some fun to do with your preschooler at home. Either way, I’ve got five terrific tree ideas to pass your way today.

Furthermore, each craft is super easy and comes with a free template! That means each craft is low prep and ready to go.

An estimated age-appropriate range for these Christmas tree craft ideas would be between preschool through 2nd grade. Though, these ideas could easily be adapted for older kids as well.

Let’s get started!

Materials Needed for the Christmas Tree Crafts

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Five Christmas Tree Preschool Craft Ideas

1. Paper Scrap Christmas Tree Craft

For this first Christmas tree preschool craft, you will need to cut out a brown tree trunk and a yellow star (using the free template) as well as some varying lengths of green paper.

To begin, glue the tree trunk onto a blank page of white cardstock. Next, build the tree from the bottom up using the strips of green paper (moving from largest to smallest). Lastly, glue the yellow star on top!

Tip #1: for a fun look, you can also include some patterned paper.

Tip #2: You might need to help your preschooler with the the strip lengths and getting them in the correct order. It might be a good idea to have them lay the pieces out before they glue them down.

2. Mosaic Christmas Tree Craft

For this mosaic Christmas tree preschool craft, print off the Christmas tree outline (from the free template pack). Next, have the kids cut little pieces of card-stock paper in various shades of green. Note: this is splendid scissor and fine-motor practice for little ones

Then, have the kids create their own Christmas tree mosaic by glueing the green paper pieces onto the tree shape while trying to stay within the lines. To finish it off, you can give your kids a few other colors and have them place some random ‘ornaments’ on their Christmas tree craft.

3. Easy Decorated Christmas Tree Craft

For this next easy decorated Christmas tree craft idea, cut out the tree, trunk, and star from the free Christmas tree craft template pack and set it aside. Next, use a whole punch to create ornaments (use any color you choose).

To put it all together, grab a glue stick and assemble all the pieces. As an added bonus, you could punch a hole at the top and make a Christmas tree ornament.

4. Christmas Tree Silhouette Craft

For this next free Christmas tree preschool craft idea, cut out the center of the Christmas tree shape (template pack) and set it aside. Next, cut some strips of colored paper in various shades of green.

To put this craft together, glue the pre-cut strips of colored paper onto a piece of card stock until it is covered. You can encourage your preschoolers to make a pattern with these strips.

Once the base page is finished, glue your pre-cut Christmas tree template on top, creating a beautiful green Christmas Tree. (For more detailed instructions on this type of craft, see the Silhouette Flower Craft post.)

Note: With the use of scissors, glue, and making patterns, this Christmas tree craft is a great fine-motor craft for preschoolers.

5. Draw Your Own Christmas Tree Puzzle Craft

Another Christmas tree Preschool craft idea is to have your preschoolers make their own Christmas tree puzzles. For this easy craft, print the puzzle template page from the Christmas tree craft printable and have your kids draw a a Christmas tree (That fills the puzzle) then cut the pieces out.

(These puzzles pieces can be kept in a small baggie so they can put their puzzles together whenever they want OR they can glue their puzzle together on the blank piece of colored cardstock.

Free Christmas Tree Crafts Template Pack

Want to print the free Christmas Tree Craft Template Pack? This printable resource includes templates for each of the craft ideas listed in this post (Perfect if you are looking for some Christmas tree activities for preschool or kindergarten.) For Access to this freebie, Join the Inspire the Mom Community and sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

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Christmas Tree Crafts For Kids Q & A

1. How do you make a simple Christmas tree out of paper?

The most simplest Christmas tree out of paper can be a single triangle. To make it a little more detailed, stack three green paper triangles on top of each other and then add a trunk using brown paper.

2. How do you make large paper Christmas tree for you classroom?

Using green butcher paper cut out three large triangles (one small, one medium, and one large). Build the tree, bottom to top) by stapling each triangle to the wall (the largest triangle at the bottom.) To finish it off, tuck a tree trunk under the bottom triangle and add a yellow star on top.

3. How do draw a Christmas tree for kids?

First draw a large triangle as the base of the tree. Next, add a medium sized triangle that overlaps the large triangle. Lastly, draw a smaller triangle for the top of the tree that overlaps the medium sized triangle. Finish it off by adding a star on top.

What are your favorite Christmas tree preschool craft ideas?

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