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Best Homeschool Mom Gifts

Looking for some homeschool mom gifts? Things that your favorite homeschool mom might enjoy or like to receive for a birthday, holiday, or a ‘just because’ occasion?

Look no further, because today I’m sharing some of the best homeschool mom gifts that are out there! These are things that I have both given and received and have found to be creative, useful, and fun.

Let’s dive right into our list! Here are 25 of the best homeschool mom gifts:

Best Homeschool Mom Gifts

This list contains Amazon affiliate links. I may earn a commission from sales made.

1. Planner and Planner Accessories

Not all, but lots of homeschool moms use planners. In fact, there have been times that I have used multiple planners at one time! The best part is, you’ve got options. You can pick up a pretty planner at just about any store or you could give your favorite homeschool mom an Etsy gift card and let her purchase a digital planner online.

And if they already have a planner, you can get your favorite homeschool mom some fun planner accessories like: stickers, clips, inserts, washi tape, sticky notes, highlighters, or even some fine-line colored pens.

2. Journal

Journals are also another great homeschool mom gift. Not only can be they be used for writing but also for drawing as well. They can also be gifted with pens and other accessories.

Look for a journal or notebook to give that is unique or speaks to the style of the recipient. For example, I love leather journals or ones with vintage vibes. Think about what your person thinks might be beautiful and go from there.

3. Gift Cards

While gift cards sometimes get a bad rap for being the easy way out of gift-giving, they really can be a practical and heartfelt homeschool mom gift. Especially if the gift card is to a place that they frequent or to a place they really enjoy.

Tip: Instead of thinking big box stores, think of unique places they might be delightfully surprised to receive a gift card too, perhaps a new hole-in-the-wall restaurant or a small boutique downtown.

4. Laminator

Every homeschool mom could use a laminator! This is such an affordable and useful gift that I have used a hundred times over. P.S. Don’t forget to get the thermal laminating pouches that go with it.

5. Books About Homeschooling

Another one of the best homeschool mom gifts is get her books about homeschooling. As homeschool moms we are interested in growing and learning how we can improve on what we are doing.

Reading about homeschooling can be inspiring and encouraging especially for new homeschool families. Be sure to check out this huge list of homeschool books to get you started!

6. Cute Bags or Totes

Get a cute new bag or tote for your homeschool mom! These are great for hauling library books and lunches and can be used to go along with just about any of your homeschool field trips ideas.

Once again, consider your person’s style and taste when choosing the right tote.

7. Coffee and Coffee Accessories

Coming from an avid coffee drinker, you can’t go wrong with coffee! Bags of fragrant grounds or whole coffee beans makes my homeschool heart flutter.

And if you want to go the extra mile for your coffee loving homeschool mom, you can get them a new fancy coffee maker, coffee bean grinder, a milk frother, or a new mug. (Affiliate links)

8. Large Map or Globe

If your homeschool mom is in need of a large map or globe, perhaps now is the time to splurge and get a good one. There are tons of great options and it is something that will be used frequently throughout their homeschool mom career.

9. Storage Bins and Baskets

Coming from someone who is constantly working on organizing our small-space homeschool I find that I am always on the look out for practical homeschool storage ideas.

These homeschool storage ideas can include baskets, bins, shelving, art carts, caddys, and more! So, if your person is trying to get organized perhaps this will be one of the best homeschool mom gifts you can give.

10. Cricut Cutting Machine

A Cricut machine can do so many different things. From cutting paper and wood to making vinyl decals and print-and-cut labels, this machine is a beast.

I would recommend this gift for a really creative and crafty person. I have the Cricut Maker model and I use it all of the time (Affiliate link).

11. Large Magnetic Calendar

Going along with planning and staying organized, a large magnetic calendar (#ad) for the fridge can be a great gift idea to help keep your family’s schedule visible for every one to see.

We keep one on our fridge and it has been a life saver for our family scheduling.

12. New Tablet or Computer

Between record keeping, grading, audio books, and storing digital printables, having a nice tablet or computer to work on is very handy for a homeschool mom. Trust me, we use ours every day!

If you are wondering what we use on a daily basis, we have a Mac Book Pro computer and an iPad Pro 12in. (Amazon affiliate links)

13. Heavy Duty Printer

Another gift that every homeschool mom could use is a heavy duty printer.  I recommend to looking for a printer that has these qualities: copy, scan, double sided, laser, as well as color printing.

Our first few years of homeschool, we used a basic inkjet printer and then we upgrade to a large heavy duty printer model and its done very well for us.

14. A New Convenient Kitchen Appliance

All Homeschool moms are also wondering what to make for dinner and how fast they can get it made. Perhaps a new convenient kitchen appliance would be the gift that would make her day.

Perhaps an Instant Pot or an Air fryer?

15. Season Passes or Family Memberships

If your family enjoys sports or likes to visit certain places, perhaps season passes to your favorite games or memberships to your local zoo or aquarium might be a nice homeschool mom gift idea.

16. Subscriptions

Another homeschool mom gift idea is to get her a subscription to her favorite magazine or to an educational box she can do with the kids each month.

17. Science kits to Try with the Kids

If science is a big deal in your house, why not get a new science kit you can do together. You can raise butterflies, start an ant farm, or look at constellations through the lens of a new astronomical telescope.

Sometimes we want to try new experiments but we just don’t want to splurge to get them, so why not give them as a gift? Not only will mom enjoy it, but all the kids as well!

18. Essential Oil Diffuser

A lot of women, including homeschool moms, use essential oils to keep their spaces smelling lovely as well as help to keep their minds relaxed and focused for learning.

Try finding an essential oil diffuser that lasts more than six hours and perhaps pair it with a few oils like lavender, eucalyptus, or lemon. (Affiliate links)

19. Personal Hobby or Craft Supplies

For the crafty homeschool mom get her some craft supplies or things that she needs to continue in her personal hobby.

Does she enjoy sewing? If so, get some new fabric, a cutting mat, or binding clips. Does she enjoy painting? If so, get her some new paint brushes, canvases, or art smock. (affiliate links)

20. Beautiful Picture Books

If your homeschool mom is obsessed with picture books (like I am), a basket full of illustrated kids books is just about as exciting as it comes!

Note: Check out the ultimate Free Printable Children’s Book List to give you some ideas of the best picture books out there!

21. Nature Study Books

Exploring nature is such a huge part of homeschool and having a handful of nature study books on the shelf is considered an invaluable resource.

Check out our list of 10 Nature Study Books and look into giving one as a gift. (My top recommendation is the Nature Anatomy Collection by Julia Rothman.)

22. Fitness Equipment for Homeschool Mom Gifts

Other homeschool mom gifts can include fitness equipment like free weights, elliptical machine, jump rope, yoga mat, or even a pair of new running shoes.

23. Homeschool Decor

Some of the best homeschool mom gifts can also include homeschool decor. These homeschool decor gift ideas can include but are not limited to: a large chalk board, nature posters, famous art prints, custom wall art, house plants, rugs, lighting and more!

24. Clothes and Jewelry

And don’t forget the homeschool mom gifts that make her feel comfortable and beautiful. These gift ideas can include: house slippers, personalized jewelry, oversized sweater, or a comfy pair of leggings.

25. A Night Out

Sometimes the most thoughtful and kind gift can be an invitation to a night out. Maybe that looks like a dinner date with a spouse or a guilt-free night off where mom can go out for a little quiet browsing or visit with a sister or friend.

Gifts for Homeschool Moms Q & A

1. What do homeschool moms want for Christmas?

Each homeschool mom is a unique person. Consider her interests, hobbies, and lifestyle then choose a gift that will go along with or compliment those things.

2. What do you say when giving someone a gift?

When you give someone a gift, hand it over with a smile along a kind, short sentiment such as ‘I’m grateful for you’ or ‘You’re the best!’ or ‘You’ve been so kind to me, here is something special for you!.”

3. Is a gift a nice gesture?

Absolutely. Giving a gift is a kind and thoughtful gesture. It lets your recipient know that they are special to you; so much so, that you put yourself out for them.

What have been some of your favorite homeschool mom gifts to give or receive?

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