Easy Flower Silhouette Craft for Kids

Today I’m sharing an easy flower silhouette craft for Kids.  All you need is a few supplies from around the house and the free flower template from this post.

Spring is just around the corner and now is a great time play with some pastel colors again. We chose a pastel paper pack from Amazon but you could use any colors you want for your layered background. 

Let’s get started!


flower silhouette craft child pointing



Materials for the Flower Silhouette Craft

Most of the materials needed for this spring flower craft are things that you more than likely already have around the house.  If you need to improvise a bit, go for it! For example, construction paper would work in place of the card stock and liquid glue instead of the stick.

Materials Needed: (Amazon affiliate links)



How to Make the Flower Silhouette Craft

1. Print out the free flower template on white card stock and then cut the inside of the flower out. (Younger kids may need help getting this scissors into the middle of the flower to start.)

flower silhouette craft cutting flower out

2. Cut your colored paper into strips. (We cut horizontally, but you could do vertical as well.) Tip: If you want to save some time, you could cut the strips using a paper cutter.

3. Using another piece of card stock as your base (we used white) start to glue the colorful strips in a pattern onto the paper until it is covered from top to bottom.

flower silhouette craft laying colors

4. Once all the strips of color have been glued down, take your flower silhouette and glue it on top. Then glue the center of the flower right onto the middle.

Flower silhouette craft laying the silhouette on top

5. Trim any extra strips that are hanging off the side.

Flower silhouette craft final product



Spring Math Craft for Preschool or Kindergarten

I did this simple flower silhouette with our preschooler. And while is was all fun for arts and crafts, it also reinforced a few other preschool concepts we have been working on as well. 

First, cutting out the strips and around the flower used some serious fine motor skills. Obviously, her edges didn’t look as as smooth as mine, but it was quite an accomplishment for her to get through. (I did have to help her to get the scissors started and around some of the edges.)

Secondly, this is a great pattern activity for preschoolers. We had five colors and she was able to create a repeating pattern. If you are doing these paper flowers with a younger preschooler, you could easily limited the colors to create a simpler pattern option.





Ways to Adapt the Flower Silhouette Craft for Older Kids

I love that this flower craft leaves a lot of room for creativity. If you’ve got older ones who would like to jump in on this craft here is couple things you could try:

  1. Switch up the bottom layer. Instead of a simple paper pattern, try a paper basket weave , torn paper collage, glitter paper, or funky edged scissors. 
  2. Laminate the finished product. Add another step at the end and laminate their work so they can use it as a binder cover or sign for their room.
  3. Have them create their own silhouette shape. They could use stencils, cookie cutters, or just free hand a fun design. Unicorns, hearts, trees, food…the possibilities are endless.





More Spring Activities for Kids

Looking for some more fun ideas for the Spring months? Here are some other spring crafts for kids, as well as, book lists, and printable resources to get you started!



What is your kids favorite spring paper crafts?




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