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5 David and Goliath Craft Ideas

Needing some David and Goliath craft ideas? If so, I’ve got five fun and easy crafts for kids that you can do to go along with this well-known Bible story.

Whether you teach a Sunday school class at church or are a homeschool mom walking your kids through the Bible, these David and Goliath craft ideas are accessible and fun.

What is the Story of David and Goliath?

The story begins in 1 Samuel 17 where you see David was a shepherd boy. While you might be tempted to think his job was easy, earlier the Bible recounts his bravery as he fought a bear and took down a lion to protect his sheep.

One day his father, Jesse, asked him to leave the sheep and check on his brothers who were busy fighting the Philistine army. When he got there, the towering presence of Goliath of Gath was unavoidable. This giant, who everyone was afraid of, loudly mocked the Israelites and their God.

Indignant of this arrogant and mouthy giant, David told Saul he would fight Goliath. In response, Saul offered his armor, but the armor was too big and too heavy for David to wear. So without any armor, David took his sling and five smooth stones and confronted the giant.

David’s trust wasn’t in his ability to use his sling, it was in the name of the Lord God Almighty. And as a stone flew through the air, it hit the proud Goliath on his forehead and the giant came tumbling down.

To finish Goliath off, David took the giant’s sword and chopped off his head.

What Can Kids Learn from the Story of David and Goliath?

Whether you retell the story or read it directly from the Bible, Kids have loved the adventure and suspense between this young shepherd boy and this bully giant for generations.

David was an underdog. All his older brothers were stronger and more suitable for battle, yet David was full of bravery and confidence in God.

I think this story teaches that God is not looking at our size or our stature, He is looking at our hearts. That no matter our size, if we put our trust in God, he will fight the battles.

5 Easy David and Goliath Craft Ideas

After you’ve told the story and have made some application, it’s time to do some David and Goliath activities, games, and crafts to tie it all together. As an age reference, these David and Goliath crafts were designed with preschool through second grade in mind.

With that being said, here are a few simple David and Goliath craft ideas that I’ve put together that are super easy, yet a little more than a coloring sheet. (You can use the David and Goliath Printable templates OR simply use the ideas given.)

Note: For these crafts I used Printwork’s white cardstock pack, as well as, browns from a couple of their seasonal packs. (Amazon affiliate links.)

1. David and Goliath Story Wheel Craft

This is a draw-your-own sequencing story wheel craft. For this craft, you will need the David and Goliath Story wheel template, colored pencils, scissors, and a brad. To begin, cut out the top and bottom of the story wheel and use the brad to put them together. (You can assemble the wheel first, OR you can have the kids do their drawings first, it doesn’t matter.)

Next, the kids draw the pictures that go along with each stage of the story. When they are all finished, they have a way to retell the story to their family and friends.

Note: for non-readers, you will need to read each sequence of the story to them, so they know what to draw and where to draw it.

2. Silhouette Sling Shot Craft

For this next free David and Goliath craft idea, cut out the inside of the sling shape that is available in the David and Goliath craft printable and set it aside.

Next, cut some strips of colored paper (shades of brown). To put this craft together, layer the pre-cut strips of colored paper onto a piece of card stock until it is covered. For added fun, have kids try to make a pattern with these strips.

Once the bottom page is complete, glue the sling template on top, creating a multi-colored sling to remember the story of David and Goliath. To finish it off, cut a small piece of yarn and glue it to the sling.

Note: (For more details on this type of craft, check out this Silhouette Flower Craft.)

3. Handprint Sheep Craft

This next one makes for a great David and Goliath craft for preschoolers, because it features you kid’s handprint.

For these cute handprint sheep, trace your kids hands on black paper and have them cut them out. Next, cut out the fluffy body from the template pack and glue it on top. To add a textile element to this craft, you could also have them glue cotton balls on the sheep’s body.

3. The Battle is the Lord’s Verse Rocks

Learn part of 1 Samual 17: 47 with this next David and Goliath stone craft. Cut out the stones and glue them of various shades of brown card stock and have the kids cut them out, leaving a nice edge of color.

Then, have your students practice putting them in verse order. At the end of class you can give your kids a brown bag (or some other type of bag) to put them in.

5. Make a David and Goliath Puzzle

Another craft idea for the story of David and Goliath is to have kids made their own David and Goliath puzzle. Using the puzzle page from the David and Goliath craft printable (free David and Goliath template pack), have your kids draw a scene from the story then cut the pieces out.

These pieces can be put in sandwich bags that they can take home and make their puzzles over and over OR they can glue their puzzle pieces down on the verse page given.

Another way to make this David and Goliath activity fun, is to have the kids exchange puzzles and see if they can put their friend’s or siblings puzzles together.

Low Prep David and Goliath Craft Ideas

Whether you are looking for a David and Goliath craft for kindergarten or an idea for your homeschool, all of these ideas are super simple and would be fun for kids prek-2nd grade.

You could easily draw up your own templates OR you can simply print off the free David and Goliath printables I have put together. Either way, I hope that these craft ideas will inspire you to get creative and have fun as you share the wonderful Bible story of David and Goliath with your kids.

Free David and Goliath Craft Template Pack

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What are your favorite ways to teach the story of David and Goliath?

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