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50+ Fun Ways to Celebrate the End of a Homeschool Year

The end is in sight. You and the kids have worked hard for months. Now it’s time to make plans to celebrate the end of a homeschool year.

But what should you do? Should you plan a party? Go on a trip? Make a spontaneous run for ice cream? Plan a get-together with cousins?

Let me help by generating some ideas for you! Here are 50+ ways to celebrate the end of a homeschool year.

50+ Fun Ways to Celebrate the End of a Homeschool Year

1. Plan an End of a Homeschool Year Party

Invite your friends and family over for an end a homeschool year party and summer kickoff. Or, get together with other homeschool families to celebrate the year’s achievements with some carefree, summer fun.

2. Host an End of a Homeschool Year Talent Show

Host a talent show! Keep it within the family, or invite anyone you want. Let your kids showcase their special talents and/or funky human tricks.

3. Make an End of a Homeschool Memory Slide Show or Video

Commemorate the end of a great year by putting together a slide show or video that highlights family memories and homeschool learning from the past year.

4. Plan a Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

Whether you have a senior ready to graduate or would simply like to acknowledge your kids moving up to the next grade, you can plan a homeschool graduation ceremony. To go the full measure, invite guests, print certificates, give awards, and have a reception.

5. Take Last Day of School Pictures

Take some last day of homeschool pictures. Then have fun seeing your kids growth when you compare them to their first day of school pics.

6. Make a Summer Bucket List

Get the family together and make a summer bucket list. What would each family member like to do over the summer? Visit the zoo? Grill out? Go on a picnic?

7. Do an End of a Homeschool Year Movie Night

Celebrate the end of your homeschool year by having a movie night together. Be sure to include dinner on the couch or a big bowl of buttery popcorn while you watch.

8. Go Out to a Restaurant

Is going to a restaurant a big treat for your family? If so, make the splurge and take everyone out for a nice dinner.

9. Leave for a Family Vacation

Close the books and kick-off your summer homeschool break by leaving for a family vacation.

10. Give Summer-Related Gifts

To celebrate the end of a homeschool year, give your kids some summer-related gifts. Things like outdoor toys, zoo memberships, and ice cream coupons are usually a big hit.

11. Go on a Summer Scavenger Hunt

Hide clues around your house and yard and have your kids try to find the treasure at the end. (End ideas: news of a family vacation, yummy treats, outdoor toys, or a trip to the park.)

12. Give an End of the School Year Speech

Get all the kids together for an over-the-top, end-of-a-homeschool-year speech from Dad. This is a great time to give out silly awards while acknowledging all the hard school work that was accomplished over the past year.

13. Decorate Your House or School Space for Summer

Take the alphabet posters and periodic tables down and replace it with a map of your summer travels or some colorful paintings that your kids have done.

14. Write an End of a Homeschool Year Recap

Have your kids write down their favorite subjects, colors, foods, holidays, and memories. Make if fun by drawing pictures and turning it into a paper they will want to hold onto for years to come.

15. Pick a Theme for Your Summer Break

End your homeschool year by looking forward. With that being said, get together as a family and pick a theme for your summer break. (Theme ideas: Fun, travel, play, serve, learn, nature, share, ocean, or hiking.)

16. Go On an End of a Homeschool Year Picnic

Grab your favorite picnic basket and pack it full of sandwiches, fresh fruit, salty chips, and chocolate chip cookies. Then put your shoes on, get in the car, and head to your neighborhood park for a perfect end of the school year celebration.

17. Plan a End of a School Year Field Day in Your Backyard

Plan a homeschool field day on the last day of school! Create an obstacle course in your backyard, offer prizes, and end the event with a cold, refreshing, popsicle.

18. Play a Board Game Together

Pull out your family’s favorite board game and take an evening to play it together. (Be sure to throw in some tasty snacks to sweeten the deal.)

19. Plan Some Fun Summer Field Trips

Summer is a great time to get out the house and go on all those field trips that you’ve been wanting to make happen! Kick-off the summer break by going to a favorite. (Check out this List of 200+ Homeschool Field Trip Ideas.)

20. Create a Time Capsule

Gather together some items of significance and place it in a time capsule and bury it for a later date.

21. Buy Some Fun Summer Reads

Celebrate the end of the homeschool year by buying each kid a new summer read. This can be a book of their choice that sparks their imagination or interest.

Picture Books About Summer

22. Make an End of a Homeschool Year Treat

Keep the celebration simple and make a homemade treat to commemorate the end of your homeschool year. Brownies, cupcakes, cookies, or a cake are all award-winning ideas.

23. Measure Your Kids

See how much your kids have grown over the past year. Measure their height compare to the last time you measured.

24. Have an Arts and Crafts Day

Get out the art supplies and have fun creating! Plan a specific DIY to do together, or put the supplies out and let your kids come up with their own thing.

Watermelon Slice Garland Craft

25. Go to the Zoo

Pack a lunch, put your sunscreen on, and mark the last day of school with a fun little trip to the zoo.

26. Write an End of a School Year Note to Your Kids

Take a few minutes and write end of the school year notes to your kids. Let them know how much you love them and how proud you are of their hard work, determination, focus over the past school year.

27. Start a Fun Summer Reading Challenge

Kick-off your break with an exciting, summer, reading challenge. Pick books and prizes and get started!

28. Go on a Bike Ride

Another way to celebrate the end of a homeschool year is to go on a long bike ride together! Pack a lunch and a water bottle and set out for a day of exploration with the wind in your faces.

29. Celebrate the ‘Last Day of Homeschool Eve’

Build up the last day of school anticipation by celebrating the ‘last day of school eve’. Have a fancy dinner, give gifts, or do a special family activity.

30. Do a Big Homeschool Room Clean Out

Give your homeschool room a refresh! Throw out old curriculum and broken pencils, dust off cabinets, and clear out any extra clutter. Make a space somewhere that the whole family can enjoy throughout the summer.

31. Have an End of a Homeschool Year Dance Party

When you close the last book, turn on the music and start dancing. Enjoy the music, movement, and laughter that a little dancing can bring.

32. Make a Memory Board

Are you the creative type? Why not put together a memory board of pictures, work samples, quotes, and drawings to display in your home, a graduation party, or a get-together with friends.

33. Visit an Amusement Park

Do you live near an amusement park? If so, a terrific way to celebrate the last day of homeschool might be to take a daytrip there!

34. Have a Water Balloon Fight

Get a ton of small balloons, fill them with water, and surprise your kids with an end of a homeschool year water balloon fight!

35. Create Homeschool Portfolios with Pictures and Work Samples

Pull together work samples and pictures and compile them in a three-ring binder to create a memorable homeschool portfolio. Not only are these great for record-keeping and progress but for keep memories as well.

36. Give Out Achievement Awards

Give out homeschool achieve awards to each of your kids. Keep them serious or make them silly. Either way, your kids will be sure to enjoy the attention and recognition that comes with each one.

37. Go on an End of a Homeschool Year Hike

Go on a challenging hike together. Enjoy the summer heat, the birds chirping, and the opportunity to get outdoors.

38. Create a List of Your Top 10 Homeschool Moments

Have your kids come up with a list of top 10 homeschool moments. When they are done, share them to the family over a nice dinner around the table.

39. Do a Last Day of Homeschool Interview

Come up with some good questions and give your kids a last day of homeschool interview (Be sure to video their answers).

40. Make a Photo Album or Scrapbook

Did your family go on a ton of field trips or outdoor explorations this year? Did you do a whole bunch of nature crafts? If so, gather all your pictures, ticket stubs, drawings, and any other memorable items and put together a scrapbook or photo album.

41. Plant a Garden

For a simple but rewarding way to end the school year, plant a garden together. Make it a family affair and enjoy the time learning and growing together.

42. Make Ice cream in a Bag

Keep the learning going with the ice cream in a bag experiment. This is a fabulous example of all the ‘unofficial’ learning that can happen over the next couple months of summer break.

43. Make a New End of a Homeschool Year Tradition

Get creative and come up with your own end of homeschool year tradition! Mexican food on the last day of school? Family pictures? Pool party? Anything goes!

44. Go to a Park with Friends

Call your other homeschool friends and plan a playdate at a park. Pack a lunch and make it an unofficial end of the homeschool year party.

45. Make a Homeschool Yearbook

Challenge your kids to make their very own homeschool yearbook complete with class pictures, memories, events, and notes.

46. Do a Service Project

End out the school year with a mindset of giving and serving others. Plan a service project and start serving your community for the summer.

47. Let the Kids Make Fruit Kabobs

Give your kids some skewers and a bowl full of random fruit pieces. Let them assemble fruit kabobs that can be served at their homeschool party, family dinner, or summer grill out.

48. Make a Countdown to Summer Chain

School is almost out but not quite. Why not make a countdown to summer chain? That way everyone can enjoy the anticipation.

49. Do an End of a Homeschool Year Breakfast

Crispy bacon, steaming eggs, syrupy pancakes, or fluffy biscuits, how about a breakfast to celebrate the close of another terrific school year?

50. Offer an End of a Homeschool Year Meal-of-Choice

Give your kids options! As a way to celebrate the end of the school year offer to make them a meal of their choice.

51. Buy a Puppy

Want to celebrate in a big way? Surprise your kids with a puppy! That would be an end of a homeschool year celebration that would not soon be forgotten.

What is your favorite way to celebrate the end of a homeschool year?

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