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200+ Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

One of the joys of homeschool is the ability to do so much experience-based learning. Today I’m sharing 200+ field trip ideas to get your kids out of the house and learning new and exciting things.

Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to figure out where to start. But, my recommendation is just to start with something your family enjoys.

Next, look at what you are currently studying and see if you can find a field trip off of this list that goes along with what your kids are already learning. 

What is a field trip for education? 

Field trips are simply trips intended for kids to have an experience outside of the normal homeschool or classroom setting. A lot to times, these trips are aligned with unit studies or related to the curriculum. 

Field trips also serve the purpose for fostering of life skills, art appreciation, outdoor education, holiday celebrations, community service, career building, or just plain fun.

What should a student bring to a field trip?

You can make this as simple or as detailed as you prefer. Some ideas for packing for a homeschool field trip might include:

  • Notebooks/pencils
  • Water bottle
  • Camera
  • Lunch
  • Walking stick (if applicable)
  • Change of clothes
  • List of questions
  • First aid kit
  • Spending money

How should students prepare for a field trip?

To make the most out of your homeschool field trip and work to build a little excitement or anticipation, here are a few suggestions of ways you can prepare. 

  • Research the place you are going
  • Do additional reading on your location
  • Come up with questions you might have
  • Discuss the benefits of this field trip
  • Pack necessary items
  • Come up with a schedule of events
  • Make students aware of any goals or expectations

200+ Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

Here is a list of 200+ homeschool field trip ideas! To organize this list, I’ve broken it up into the following categories: outdoor, historical, science, fine arts, community, career, volunteer, preschool, Christmas, and fun. I hope you enjoy!

Outdoor homeschool field trip ideas

Outdoor field trips are perfect for nature study, mental health, family fun, or just getting the kids outside for some exercise and fresh air.

  1. Beach visit
  2. River rafting
  3. Berry picking
  1. Kayaking
  2. White water rafting
  3. Geocaching
  4. Organized bike ride
  5. Botanical gardens
  6. State Parks
  7. Local lakes
  8. Cave Tours
  9. Lighthouse
  10. Tulip field

  1. Cherry blossom tour
  2. Rodeo
  3. Skiing 
  4. Snowboarding
  5. Boat ride
  6. Paddle boating
  7. Hot air balloon
  8. Farmer’s market
  9. Fishing
  10. Canoeing 
  11. Kite flying
  12. Camping
  13. Sledding
  14. Tubing
  15. Horse drawn carriage ride

Historical Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

Field trips for history are a wonderful way to bring the past to life! Try visiting a setting where one of your stories took place or tour a house of a famous historical figure. Let kids experience the way things used to be and they will really begin to develop a new appreciation for history.

  1.  Historical houses
  2.  Ancient ruins
  3. Local cemetery
  4. Historical forts
  5. World history museum
  6. Historical monuments
  1. Settings from books you’ve read
  2. Ethnic history museum (on cultures/countries)
  3. Historical sites
  4. Ancient art collection museum
  5. Battlefields
  6. Historical reenactment
  7. Old schoolhouse
  8. Bible history museum
  9. Bible walk-through
  10. Archeological site
  11. Presidential birth places
  12. Walk a historic trail
  13. Ghost town
  14. Mansions or castles
  15. Pioneer days
  16. Living history sites

Science Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

Kids are naturally intrigued with nature. Animals, plants, stars, energy, water–all these things are exciting for kids to explore. Science discoveries are limitless! Foster your kid’s curiosity in this area, and they will experience the wonder of God’s world their whole lives!

  1. Zoo
  2. Bird watching
  3. Wildlife preserve
  4. Arboretum
  5. Exotic animal reserve
  6. Wildlife rehabilitation center
  7. Aquarium
  8. Community garden
  9. Greenhouse
  10. Planetarium
  11. Butterfly garden
  12. Fish hatchery
  13. Cattle ranch
  14. Turkey farm
  15. Apiary
  1. Dairy farm
  2. Tap for maple syrup
  3. Goat farm
  4. Raptor center 
  5. Sculpture garden
  6. Water/energy dam
  7. Observatory
  8. Space center
  9. Air show
  10. Whale watching

Fine Arts Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

As a former music teacher, let me encourage you to give your kids experiences in the arts! Not only should your kids be given the opportunity to produce art, but take the time to teach your kids how to appreciate and enjoy the beauty that art, music, and dance can bring to their life.

  1. College orchestra concert
  2. Children’s theatre
  3. Symphonies
  4. An Opera
  5. High school plays
  6. Art gallery
  7. Watch glass blowing 
  8. Holiday performance
  9. Music festival
  10. Craft fair
  1. Paint pottery
  2. Music store
  3. Basket weaving class
  4. Acting workshop 
  5. Instrument workshop 
  6. Dance performances
  7. Street performances
  8. Live paint

Community Field Trip Ideas

Community field trips are designed to teach kids about community. What it means. What it looks like. And who are the people that make up their community. Let them experience the joy of the elderly, the plight of the homeless, those who serve, those with different ways of living, how our systems function, and even those who need our help.

  1. Nursing home
  2. Walk downtown
  3. Local humane society
  4. City hall
  5. Courthouse
  6. Animal rescue center
  7. Animal shelter
  8. Amish communities
  9. Food bank
  10. Salvation army
  11. Red cross
  12. YMCA
  13. Observe a trial
  14. Laundromat
  15. Homeless shelter
  16. Soup kitchen
  17. Children’s hospital

Career Homeschool Field Trip ideas

Career homeschool trips are fantastic ways to let kids really see what a particular job entails. It also gives them a better idea of college and career choices down the road. You could go to an establishment OR have someone you know take them around to their job for a day.

  1. Hair salon
  2. Church tour
  3. Local bakery
  4. Train station
  5. Dog groomer
  6. Recording studio
  7. Creamery
  8. Wood working
  9. Other food factory
  10. Book store
  11. Lumber mill
  12. Veterinary office
  13. Black smith
  14. Paper mill
  15. Photography studio
  16. Recycling center
  17. College campus
  18. Pet store
  19. Post office
  20. Newspaper station
  21. Radio station
  22. Water treatment plant

Volunteer Field Trip Ideas

Volunteer field trips are when you go somewhere with a purpose to help or serve others. These are wonderful learning experiences that often foster character traits such as empathy, work ethic, humility, and generosity.

  1. Pull weeds around a school or business
  2. Pack and stack boxes for a manufacturing facility
  3. Local farm clean up
  4. Roadside clean up
  5. Read with younger children
kids reading make way for Ducklings
  1. Tutor someone 
  2. Restoration projects
  3. Church ministry 
  4. Sorting for food bank
  5. Puzzles or crafts with the elderly
  6. Neighborhood clean up
  7. Library help
  8. Serve food
  9. Donation sorting
  10. Car washes
  11. Babysitting
  12. Watering nursery plants
  13. Laying mulch
  14. Delivering meals
  15. Yard work

Preschool Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

Here are a few preschool homeschool field trip ideas specifically geared toward the younger kids. Keep in mind, this age does well with hand’s on opportunities, and things they can move through fairy quickly.

  1. Pumpkin patch 
  2. Petting zoo
  3. Local farm
  1. Firestation
  2. Local park
  3. Animal Shelter
  4. Reading time at the library
  5. Library tour
  6. Apple picking
  7. Discovery museum
  8. Police station

Christmas Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

Christmas is a great time to plan a few field trips. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself coming back to your favorites every year! These are also wonderful ways of learning about culture, traditions, history, and the nativity.

  1. Christmas tree farm
  2. Holiday play performance
  3. Live nativity
  4. Christmas light display
  5. Holiday market
  6. Zoo lights
  7. Choir concert
  8. Visit Santa
  9. Candlelight service
  10. Caroling

Fun Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

Fun homeschool field trips not only build relationships and morale, but you can make them as educational as you want! Go to a colorful candy shop and make it about math, or visit a roller skating rink one afternoon for PE. The opportunities are limitless!

  1. Put-put golf
  2. Bumper cars
  3. Laser tag
  4. Trampoline park
  5. Movie theatre
  6. Amusement park
  7. Bowling alley
  8. Local ball games
  9. Ice skating
  10. Roller skating rink
  11. Local swimming pool
  12. Ice cream parlor
  1. Candy shop
  2. Donut shop
  3. Carnival
  4. Parade
  5. Circus
  6. Corn maze
  7. Scavenger hunt
  8. Pizzaria 
  9. Local fair
  10. Water park
  11. Taffy shop
  12. Escape room
  13. local festivals
  14. Have a picnic
  15. Fondue restaurant
  16. Attend a community event
  17. Splash pad

Unit and Field Trip Pair Ideas

intersting insects poster
Interesting Insects Unit

Keep reading about homeschool…

What has been your family’s favorite field trip?

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