Printable Compliment Cards for Kids

Today I’m sharing these adorable, watercolor compliment cards that I just listed in my tpt store (and plan to be using with my kids this Valentine’s Day). Stick around to the end of the post because I have an awesome free poster printable that goes along with them!


What are Compliment Cards?

A compliment card is a card with a compliment on it. You could also call them affirmation cards, or kindness printable… Either way, you are taking time to think about the strengths of a person, put it into writing, and give it to them.

I am proud of you affirmation card


Benefits of Complimenting or Affirming Others

Kind words can give life to a person. If it’s given with thought and a genuine heart, it can truly uplift someone.

I love this Proverb, “Gracious words are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” (Proverbs 16:24 NIV)

Our words have power to them. They can build people up or they can tear down. Learning to measure our words not only leaves us with a clean conscience but can positively impact the the people around us.

Parenting is no exception, we should be affirming our kids. Not only in areas they are good at, but in areas that they are growing in.  Therefore, when we see a spark of something good, we should acknowledge and praise that quality.



Choose the Right Compliments

Choose the right compliment is essential. If the complement you give is not applicable, they will know that you are giving them a disingenuous compliment. With that being said, pick affirmations that truly apply.

One of the great things about parenting is nurturing our kid’s great qualities. Therefore, take the time to exemplify what you are already seeing and strive to encourage them to develop even more.

six printable affirmation cards


Encourage Kids to Give Compliments

Some kids have a natural bent toward empathy and thoughtfulness, other kids need a little encouragement to get started. But just like anything, good habits can be formed by practice and persistence. 

We can teach our kids to put others first. One of the ways we can do this, is to teach them how to give a compliment. 

Hopefully we are regularly demonstrating compliment-giving ourselves, but there’s nothing wrong with having a lesson on giving genuine compliments.

Some questions you might ask are: What do you like about this person? What are some good things you see in this person?

This is a great exercise in thinking about others and what they like.


Teach Kids to How to Receive Compliments

So many times we go to the trouble of teaching kids how to give compliments but neglect to teach them how to receive one. 

Every family is different, but I teach my kids that if you are given a kind word, look the person in the eye and say thank you. It’s a work in progress, but these little lessons are invaluable life skills.


receiving a compliment card


Compliment Card Activities

There are so many fun and creative ways to give compliments to people. I’ve seen parents do the 14 days of Valentine’s Day where they leave notes like this for their kids to find on the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. 

Another thing you can do with these is use them as Printable Valentine’s Day cards for your kids to swap with their siblings or their friends. This is how our family is planning on using them. I also plan to save a few back for them to find throughout the day. 




Where Can I get the Printable Complement Cards?

If your family would like to practice giving compliments or are just looking for a fun Valentine printable you can get it here:    


Printable Affirmation Cards



Complement Cards Activity Prep Work

This is a print and go resource. Total time between printing and having the cards cut and ready to go was about ten minutes.

Note: You could also laminate them if you wanted to reuse them later.

cutting the affirmation cards


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