Printable Play Dough Mats

Easter was pretty amazing. It was the first Easter in two years that no one was sick in our family. We spent the morning at church, did an egg hunt with the kids, then feasted around the table while a sweet breeze drifted through the open door.



Now, it’s Monday… and like after any big holiday or vacation, Monday is so…Monday-ish.


My coffee mug has been glued to my hand. We are a little sluggish, but we’re getting things done.

Did I mention my coffee is amazing?

I had a handful of things I needed to do around the house this morning that didn’t involve the kids. Therefore, I pulled out the Play Dough Mats I assembled this past weekend and let them go to town…

Before I got started though, I had to snap a few pictures. Because seriously, who doesn’t love looking at pictures of cute, little, chubby hands?

Not only were these the distraction I needed, but the kids had a blast with them.




Printable Play Dough Mats


Since my kids pull out the Mad Matter everyday, I wanted to give them some alphabet instruction along with their tactile play. My goal is to do one letter and one number a day using these mats.

The Alphabet Mats have them shaping the letters. This is just a great activity to strengthen their fine motor skills while getting more familiar with their letter names and sounds. (There is a coordinating word on each page that demonstrates the sound.)

The Number Mats have them not only shaping the number, but also counting.





These are so easy to put together. Print out the mats and laminate. Done.

Materials Needed: 


If you want to make some of these you can get the DOWNLOAD HERE.




What are some of your favorite alphabet activities?



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  1. Ha ha, in Australia the day after Easter is a holiday too! Actually the Easter weekend starts on Good Friday (absolute nothing is open, other than petrol stations and fish and chips shops – because you absolutely, positively mustn’t eat beef or chicken on Good Friday), and some lucky people get Easter Tuesday (the Tuesday after Easter) off as well.

    But, if you must return to normality on Easter Monday, I can think of fewer better ways to do it than with those adorable play doh mats!

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