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5 Easy Dinosaur Crafts for Preschoolers

Looking for some dinosaur crafts for preschoolers? If so, today I’m sharing five, easy dinosaur crafts for preschoolers you can get started on today!

Whether you are doing a dinosaur unit with your kids or are simply looking for a fun activity to do with your dino-loving little one, each of these paper crafts are super easy and fun to make. And the best part is, they are very simple to pull together. All you have to do is print off the free templates, grab a few supplies, and you are ready to begin.

These Dinosaur craft ideas are geared towards preschool but you could easily do them with kindergarteners through second grade as well.

Dinosaur Crafts for Preschoolers

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1. Mosaic Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Craft

The first dinosaur craft idea for preschoolers is this fun mosiac T-rex. For this craft, print off the T-rex outline (from the free Dinosaur template pack) then cut up some colored card-stock paper into random pieces.

Note: we used shades for green but you could use any colors that you wish. (affiliate link)

Next, have your kids fill the T-rex by glueing the colorful pieces onto the shape while trying to stay within the lines. This is a great preschool craft that builds both fine-motor skills and spatial reasoning.

2. Letter D Dinosaur Craft for Preschoolers

There are so many letter D dinosaur craft ideas out there. I like this one, because it keeps the uppercase D in the upright position instead of turning it over on its side to get the dinosaur shape.

For this easy letter D dinosaur craft, print the free template for this craft and cut out the pieces using whatever colors you would like. (We used a patterned paper for the letter D and a green cardstock for the head, tail, and legs.)

Next, glue the dinosaur parts in place. To finish this letter D dinosaur craft, you can have your preschoolers decorate it with markers, stickers, or other embellishments.

3. Patterned Triceratops Dinosaur Craft

For this next dinosaur craft for preschoolers, cut out the center of the Triceratops shape (template pack) and set it aside. Next, cut some strips of colored paper.

To put this triceratops craft together, glue the pre-cut strips of colored paper onto a piece of card stock until it is covered. You can encourage your preschoolers to make a pattern with these strips.

Once the base page is finished, glue your pre-cut Triceratops template on top, creating a colorful, patterned dinosaur. (For more detailed instructions on this type of craft, see the Silhouette Flower Craft post.)

Note: This preschool dinosaur craft that builds fine motor skills, scissor practice, spatial reasoning, and patterns.

4. Brontosaurus Silhouette Craft

For this Brontosaurus silhouette craft, grab a piece of white cardstock and a few shades of your favorite colors of kid-friendly paint. (affiliate link)

To begin, paint the base page starting at the top and working your way down, moving from darker to lighter colors.

Once the paint drys, cut out the Brontosaurus shapes (from the free dinosaur craft template pack) using black card stock and glue them onto your page and you’re done!

5. Paint Your Own Puzzle Dinosaur Craft

The last dinosaur craft idea is a paint your own puzzle craft. Using the puzzle page from the free Dinosaur craft printable, have your preschoolers paint a dinosaur or a dinosaur word on the template. (We did an upside-down handprint to create a brontosaurus.)

When they are finished with their painting and the paint has dried, have your kids cut out the pieces to their puzzle.

Note: The puzzle pieces can be put in sandwich bags that they can take home OR they can glue their puzzle pieces down on a separate sheet of paper.

For a little added fun, have your kids trade puzzles with each other and see how fast they can put their friend’s or siblings puzzles together.

Low Prep Dinosaur Crafts for Preschoolers

Each of these dinosaur craft ideas are super simple and easy to pull together and are yet really fun for preschoolers to make! These dinosaur crafts can be done as an addition to a lesson or simply as fun craft for your preschool at home.

Feel free to use the ideas and free templates or draw up some of your own! Either way, I hope that these ideas will inspire you to get creative and have fun as you learn about dinosaurs.

Free Dinosaur Craft Template Pack

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Dinosaur Crafts For Kids Q & A

1. Why should preschoolers learn about dinosaurs?

Preschoolers should learn about dinosaurs because they are a huge part of history and science! Not only are dinosaurs a great introduction learning but kids find them so incredibly fascinating!

2. What is learning about dinosaurs called?

Paleontology is the study of dinosaurs, as well as, other prehistoric plants, animals, and even bugs.

3. What age do kids get interested in dinosaurs?

As young as Preschoolers, ages 3-4, can become very interested in dinosaurs. They recognize that dinosaurs are unique and can become quite intrigued by their monstrous size, veracious appetites, and beastly qualities.

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