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200 Screen-Free Summer Activities For Kids

Looking for things to do with your kids this summer? Today I’m sharing list of 200 screen free summer activities that you can reference to keep your kids busy playing, learning, and having fun all season long.

I love summer time. Being a homeschool mom, I find that I need the break just as much as my kids do.

So during the summer, we like to plan a few things to get us out of the house, away from screens, enjoying the weather, and having fun together.

…and a huge list of summer activities that I can reference when my kids get bored is just what I need.

200 Screen Free Summer Activities

With school on the back burner, summer is a great opportunity for kids to get way from the screens, get outside, discover new things, and really use their imagination. But lets be honest, sometimes kids need a little nudge in the right direction, or a suggestion that could launch a full afternoon of engrossed play.

Perhaps its setting up a sprinkler or taking a trip to the park. Either way, having an idea or a plan for the day can really go a long way to keeping the kids active while maintaining mom’s sanity.

And the best part is, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a good time, there are lots of free summer activities you can do.

Check out this list of 200 screen-free summer activities for kids and get started!

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Screen-free Imaginative Play Summer Activities

Let’s start off this list with some good old-fashioned summer imaginative play. Usually all you have to do, is plant a little creative idea in your kid’s mind and they will take it from there. Here are some imaginative play ideas they could try:

1. Build a fort

2. Play dress up

3. Build a bug motel

4. Have an outdoor tea party

5. Write and act out a play

6. Put on an outdoor puppet show

7. Set up an outdoor mud kitchen

8. Build a bridge over imaginary hot lava

9. Make a treasure map

10. Act out a story

11. Make up a dance

12. Build a backyard cottage with cardboard

13. Build a marble run

14. Make story stones and tell the story

15. Build an outdoor race track 

16. Make mud pies

17. Make a pet rock

Screen-Free Educational Summer Activities for Kids

Want to keep the learning alive in a fun way during the summer? Try a summer book challenge or some of these other educational summer activities!

18. Read books

19. Visit a museum

20. Take a trip to the library

21. Science experiments

22. Start a summer journal

23. Participate in a summer reading program

24. Do a summer unit together (like Ocean Animals, or Insects)

25. Learn about your town’s history

26. Start a nature journal

27. Make a sundial 

28. Learn the names of the plants in your area

29. Learn how to repair something

30. Start a rock collection

31. Steam project

32. Read with a flashlight

33. Make a family tree

Screen-free Summer Art Activities

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Do your kids enjoy crafting? Summer is a great time to take the crafty mess outside and have a wonderful time creating. From painting rocks to making friendship bracelet the summer craft ideas are endless.

34. Paint rocks

35. Draw with sidewalk chalk

36. Friendship bracelets

37. Sunflower paper craft

38. Make sun catchers

39. Paper boats

40. Make a bird feeder

41. Press and dry flowers

42. Try photography

43. Write your name with rocks

44. Paint outside

45. Flower crowns

46. Make a wind chime

47. Squirt gun painting

48. Paint flowers with watercolor paint

49. Make a design using only nature

50. Draw around a shadow

51. Do a leaf rubbing collage

how to press flowers in a book different types of flowers

Food related Summer Activities for Kids

Do your kids enjoy working with food? Let them try some of these easy summer recipes to help keep cool during the summer months. (Our kid’s favorite is Ice Cream in a Bag.)

52. Make popsicles

53. Ice Cream in a Bag

54. Make your own pizza

55. Homemade lemonade

56. Watermelon pops

57. Try homemade snowcones

58. Make s’mores

59. Rootbeer floats

60. Fruit kabobs

61. Raspberry Fool

62. Frozen Yogurt Bark

63. La Croix popsicles

64. Sandwich kabobs

65. Make ice cream sundays

66. Have a BBQ

Screen-Free Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

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We try to make it our goal to get outside everyday. From taking a walk to flying a kite, summer adventure is always there if you make yourself available to the outdoors.

67. Outdoor scavenger hunt

68. Nature walk

69. Run a race with a friend or sibling

70. Walk to a park

71. Fly a kite

72. Go cloud watching

73. Make an obstacle course

74. Go star-gazing

75. Climb a tree

76. Play hide and seek

77. Blow bubbles

78. Hoola hoops

79. Nap in hammock 

80. Pick a bouquet of wild flowers

81. Play with a neighborhood friend

82. Dig a hole

Summer Water Activities for Kids

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Kids love to play in the water (at least mine do). Here are some fun summer activities for kids that involve staying cool by getting wet.

83. Run in the sprinkler

84. Water balloons

85. Set up a slip and slide

86. Wet obstacle course

87. Go for a swim

88.Play with water beads

89. Squirt guns

90. Batting practice with water balloons

91. Water balloon volley ball

92. Skip rocks at a lake or pond

93. Play in a kiddie pool

94. Make a water table and play in it

95. Wet sponge toss

96. Toy boat races

Gardening Summer Activities for Kids

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Do plants and flowers get your kids excited? (Mine love gardening!) From planting flowers to harvesting sunflower seeds, there are lots of ways you can enjoy these things in your own backyard.

97. Plant a garden

98. Do a garden journal

99. Make a fairy garden

100. Build a bean pole teepee

101. Harvest sunflower seeds

102. Grow strawberries

103. Make garden stepping stones

104. Plant an herb

105. Make plant markers

106. Pick a bouquet of flowers for your house

107. Make a honeybee watering station

108. Learn how to compost

109. Save seeds

110. Plant a succulent garden

111. Decorate a plant pot

112. Pull weeds

113. Water flowers

Screen-Free Animal-Related Summer Activities

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Do your kids love animals? Find some animal-related summer activities that you know your kids will enjoy! From taking a trip to your local zoo to visiting the ducks at your local park, there are lots of ways you can give your kids their animal fix this summer. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

114. Visit ducks at your local park

115. Petting zoo

116. Zoo

117. Go bird watching

118. Visit a farm

119. Do a butterfly kit

120. Visit a fish hatchery

121. Study the animal habitats

122. Maintain an ant farm

123. Visit an aquarium

124. Search for animal tracks/scat

125. Set up a bird bath

126. Go horseback riding

127. Catch fireflies 

128. Study the frog life cycle

129. Set out bird seed

130. Find tadpoles at a pond

Screen-free physical Summer Activities and Games 

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Do your kids have extra energy to burn? Or do they love outdoor sports? Why not start a game of frisbee with the neighborhood kids, or a jumprope competition between cousins? Here are some physical summer games your kids are sure to enjoy:

131. Frisbee

132. Softball

133. Soccer

134. Four square

135. Wall ball

136. Jump on a trampoline

137. Jumprope 

138. Walk to a neighborhood park

139. Ride bikes

140. Roller blading

141. Hopscotch

142. Cornhole

143. Kick ball

144. Freeze tag

145. Four legged race

Screen-Free Family Summer Activities for Kids

Looking to make some memories with your family this summer? Summertime offers a lot of wonderful and very affordable things you can do with your family. Research your area and see what all is available. Here are some local activities you could be searching for:

146. Concert in a park

147. Go hiking

148. Visit an orchard

149. Go to the county fair

150. Visit a water park

151. Go to an amusement park

152. Day trip

153. Go to a splash pad

154. Mini golf

155. Go bowling

156. Visit an aquarium

157. Go to the beach

158. Go to a sports game

159. Check out your farmers market

160. Go berry picking

161. Have a bonfire

162. Camp out in the backyard

163. Have a picnic

164. Visit a national or state park

165. Wash the car

Kindness-Based Summer Activities for kids

Want to encourage your kids to think of others this summer? From helping your neighbor with yard work to hosting an ice cream party, here are some kindness-based summer activities you could try!

166. Visit grandma

167. Bake cookies for someone you know

168. Do yard work for a neighbor

169. Host a block ice cream party

170. Walk a dog

171. Help with a baby or small child

172. Spend time with someone new

173. Send a post card to someone you love

174. Donate some gently used toys or books

175. Sweep a porch for someone

176. Invite a friend over for Rootbeer floats

177. Recycle

178. Pick up litter around your neighborhood

179. Paint kind messages on rocks and leave them for people to find

180. Take fresh flowers to someone who is sick

181. Make cards for a fire fighter or police officer

182. Help a sibling with an outdoor task

183. Leave a kind note in a library book

184. Volunteer your time 

185. Visit the elderly

Responsibility-Building Summer Activities for Kids

Wanting to foster a good work-ethic in your kids this summer? Or perhaps you have a child who is an entrepreneur at heart? Here are some fun ways you can help your kids build these skills this summer:

186. Set up a lemonade stand

187. Have a garage sale

188. Make crafts to sell

189. Do daily chores

190. Help clean out the garage

191. Wash windows

192. Earn extra money by doing a special job

193. Make a schedule and follow it

194. Babysit a friend or neighbors pet

195. Help host a dinner party

196. Make a meal for your family

197. Read out loud to someone

198. Set up give, save, and spend money accounts

199. Reorganize your room

200. Learn how to use a planner

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How to Have a Summer Full of Fun

One of the reasons kids (and parents) love summer is that the schedule is more open and the routine is usually more relaxed. On the other hand, it can lend itself to our kid’s favorite summer phrase, “I’M BORED.” or “I have NOTHING to do!”

In my opinion, a healthy balance between planned summer activities and a little boredom that leads to creativity is a great place to be.

Never underestimate a little boredom. I can’t count how many amazing summer days we have had that started in boredom and ended with a full afternoon of fort building or crafting outside.

So, look over this list or your favorite summer bucket list with your kids and pick a few things things that sound fun for everyone. Then keep a few of these activities or suggestions in your back pocket for those moments that your kids need a little creative prompting.

And whatever you do, have a great time! Enjoy the wonderful weather, and the precious time you get to spend with your kids!

What are your favorite screen-free summer activities for kids?

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