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50 Sensory Spelling Activities for Kids

Spelling doesn’t have to be a monotonous chore. It’s simply allowing your students to create a relationship with the words. One of the best ways to do this is to have them interact with each word using their senses. Here is a list of 50 sensory spelling activities for kids to try.




50 Sensory Spelling Activities for Kids

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  1. Build words with Scrabble pieces.
  2. Jump on a trampoline, saying each letter out loud.
  3. Spell words with legos on a lego mat.
  4. Create words using pipe cleaners.
  5. Type the spelling words on a keyboard.
  6. Using your finger, spell the words in sand or salt.
  7. Write the words using a white crayon, then paint over them.
  8. Using a dry-erase marker, practice writing words on a window.
  9. Spell words with alphabet cookies
  10. Spell words with magnetic letters on a refrigerator.
  11. Create words using play dough.
  12. Spell words using a string of yarn to make each letter.
  13. Spell words outside with sidewalk chalk.
  14. Make word pyramids.
  15. Using letter beads, thread the letters onto the string to create words.
  16. Paint the words.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” -Aristotle. 


  1. Create words using craft sticks.
  2. Build words using letter stamps.
  3. Spell the words out loud, clapping for each letter.
  4. Using letter blocks, create towers by spelling the words.
  5. Spell words with alphabet noodles.
  6. Using a dry-erase marker, practice words on a mirror.
  7. Spell words with leaves collected from the outdoors.
  8. Text the words to a friend or grandparent.
  9. Spell words using cotton balls.
  10. Using an alphabet stencil, draw the words onto paper.
  11. Spell the words out loud, jumping on one foot for each letter.
  12. Sing each letter out loud to build the words.
  13. Spell the words out loud while jumping rope.
  14. Make alphabet rocks, then spell the words.
  15. Rhythmically spell words, using a metronome.
  16. Using a stick, spell words in gravel or sand.
  17. Spell each word out loud, alternating between a low voice and a high voice.
  18. Build words using letter stickers.
  19. Swing and spell: Say each letter as you pump forward and backward.
  20. Spell words with rocks collected from the outdoors.
  21. Using your body, create each letter in order. 


“Spelling is improved when reading is done.” -Stephen D. Krashen


  1. Write the spelling words in a silly way.
  2. Make a word search using the spelling words.
  3. Create the words using buttons.
  4. Spell words out loud while sitting and standing for every other letter.
  5. Using old magazines, cut out letters to form spelling words.
  6. Create the words using dried beans 
  7. Spell the words out loud while going up stairs. (one letter per stair.)
  8. Using a stick, spell words in the dirt or mud.
  9. Write the words on a big chalkboard.
  10. Create the words using pretzels 
  11. Form the words by using a wet noodle for each letter.
  12. Spell each word out loud, alternating between a whisper and a yell.
  13. Create the words using chocolate chips.



Printable List of Spelling Activities for Kids 

Here is a printable download of all these ideas. You can print this out, work through each one, or save it as a reference.

Printable Spelling Activities List




What is your favorite spelling activity?


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