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5 Adam and Eve Craft Ideas for Kids

Wanting a few creative ideas for teaching the stories of Genesis? Today I’m sharing five fun Adam and Eve craft ideas you can do with your kids at home or with your classes at church.

I’ve got young kids at home and I also have an awesome group of Kindergartners that I get to teach on Sundays at our church, and if there its one thing I know, active learning and hands on activities can really bring Bible stories to life.

Adam and Eve: The Story of Consequences

When God created the world and placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, He filled their world with beauty, friendship, and perfection. The only thing God asked them not to do, was to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

As the story goes, the serpent (the devil) tempted Eve, who then ate of the tree. Then Adam also joined his wife and took a bite of the forbidden fruit.

From that moment on, sin entered the world, and negative consequences for unwise decisions began. Adam and Eve both felt naked and hidden from God. Eve would have pain in childbirth, Adam would have to work the land for food, and they were no longer be welcome in the beautiful garden they called home.

Teaching the story of Adam and Eve to kids

Kids seem to grasp this story well, even from a young age. They understand that Adam and Eve were told to do one thing from God, yet choose to go their own way instead.

Being that this struggle happens all the time in the parent/child relationship, this story is typically quite memorable for kids.

This is a foundational story in the Bible but is also a great story for teaching the consequences of disobedience, lies, and deceit. A good ‘how-not-to’ make choices, if you will.

NOTE: For finding and telling this story, you can read straight from the Bible, tell it orally, or use a christian devotional book for kids.

5 Adam and Eve Craft ideas for Kids

Now that you’ve taught the story, you can bring it home with a fun Adam and Eve craft, game, or activity.

Here are five Adam and Eve craft ideas that I’ve put together for you to use. (You can use my Adam and Eve Printable Craft pack as templates OR just use the ideas given.)

Note: These Adam and Eve crafts are geared towards preschool through third grade.

1. Mosaic Adam and Eve Craft

Print off the apple outline and cut up some colored construction paper and this craft is ready to go. Give each kid a handful of colored paper pieces and let them create their apple mosaic by glueing the pieces inside of the apple template. If you have more time, let the kids cut the colored paper pieces themselves.

Note: For these crafts, I used the Printworks Holiday Cardstock pack as well as the Succulent Cardstock pack. (Amazon Affiliate Links)

2. Silhouette Adam and Eve Apple Craft

Cut out the inside of the apple shape and set it aside. On a piece of card stock, layer pre-cut strips of colored paper until it is covered. To finished it off, glue your apple hole on top, creating a fun-colored apple. (You can check out this Silhouette Flower Craft for more detailed instructions on this type of craft.)

3. Serpent Adam and Eve Craft

Talk about the serpent’s role in the story of Adam and Eve. Then, color the serpent. Once the serpent is colored, cut it out. Then, if you want, you can add a google eye to the head, and a forked tongue coming out of its mouth.

4. Adam and Eve Tree of Knowledge Craft

Have the kids trace their hand print on brown paper and cut it out. Trace and cut the tree topper using green paper. Glue the tree topper onto the blank verse page first, then place their hand on as the tree trunk. For extra, you can add rolled up pieces of red tissue paper or paper scraps to add “apples” to the tree.

5. Make your own Adam and Eve Puzzle

After the story, have kids create their own ‘Adam and Eve’ puzzle. When they are done drawing, them them cut it out. They can keep their pieces in a little bag OR they can glue their puzzle together on a blank piece of paper (or the verse page in the Adam and Eve craft template pack.)

Low Prep Adam and Eve Craft Ideas

These are all simple Adam and Eve craft ideas you can do as a low-prep Sunday school craft, or a last minute addition to a Bible Study unit you are doing at home with your kids.

You can draw your own templates OR you can use the free Adam and Eve printables I put together. Either way, I hope that these ideas will inspire you to creatively share this awesome Bible story with your kids.

Free Adam and Eve Craft Template Pack

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What are your favorite ways to teach the story of Adam and Eve?

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