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Dandelion Crafts

Get ready for spring and summer with these six, easy dandelion crafts! These dandelion craft ideas can be used for early learning, forest school, unit add-ons, or simply just for fun.

The best part is, each of these dandelion crafts are super-easy for kids to do. Not to mention, the supplies for these crafts are things that you, more than likely, already have laying around your house.

Having just finished putting together a dandelion unit study, I had to share some of these ideas with you. I hope they inspire your homeschool or classroom in some way this year!

6 Fun and Easy Dandelion Crafts

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For these crafts, I used  white cardstock, printer paper, scissors, glue, yarn, wooden skewers, and a little bit of kid-friendly paint. And while the pictures reflect templates that I used in the dandelion unit study, you can easily make each of these dandelion crafts without the templates. And the directions reflect this.

So let’s get started! Here are six dandelion crafts for kids

1. Lion’s Mane Dandelion Craft

This first dandelion craft is a favorite with the preschool and kindergarteners because they get to go on a nature walk and collect all the dandelion flowers that they can find!

To make a dandelion lion’s mane, you will need a piece of white card stock, a black sharpie, and bowl of freshly-picked, bright-yellow dandelions.

First, draw a simple smily lion’s face in the middle of your paper. Next, have your little one place their dandelions around the face to create a fun, flowery mane.

Since dandelion flowers don’t last too long, this activity is more for the immediate fun of arranging the flowers in a creative way. So snap a picture, and let your kids enjoy the moment.

Note: This printable template is in the Dandelion Unit Study Pack.

2. Color or Paint A Dandelion Craft

Go back to the basics and give your kids a piece of paper, some paint, and a paint brush. Before they begin, have them go outside and pick a bright yellow dandelion.

Using their fresh-picked flower, have your child recreate the dandelion by painting it on their paper using different shades of yellow and orange.

Note: This printable template (pictured below) is a color the other side activity that is in the Dandelion Unit Study Pack.

3. Dandelion Seed Craft

To make the dandelion seed craft, you will need a piece of white card stock, a black sharpie, and some kid-friendly paint.

First, draw a dot in the middle of your paper. Next, take a ruler and draw multiple lines coming out the the center. Lastly, draw a stem.

To add color, use your finger or a q-tip to dot each seed end.

Note: This printable template is in the Dandelion Unit Study Pack.

4. Make a Dandelion Life-Cycle Half-Page Reader

Kids love making books! For this next idea cut a few sheets of paper in half and let your students create a book that tells how a dandelion flower grows from a seed into a flower. This is an awesome sequencing activity and leaves a lot of room for creativity.

Note: Want a template? If so, there is a half-page reader in the Dandelion Unit Study Pack where kids are prompted to draw the pictures for each life-cycle sequence.

5. Dandelion Puzzle

Another dandelion craft idea is to have your kids made their own dandelion puzzle. Using a piece of white card stock, have your kids draw and color a dandelion plant. Once they are finished, you can take a paper cutter and evenly cut their picture into strips to create a puzzle.

Note: This Dandelion puzzle sample pictured below is in the Dandelion Unit Study Pack.

6. Dandelion Pom Poms

Lastly, dandelion pom pom flowers! Using a pom pom maker or a fork make white and yellow pom poms. Next, add wooden skewers or dowels for the stem (use hot glue or tacky glue to make more them stay in place).

Now, put in a vase and enjoy!

Get the Dandelion Unit Study

Want to learn more about dandelions with your kids?

This dandelion unit study features beautiful dandelion-themed resources and activities for preschoolers through 3rd grade and is perfect for homeschool or classroom use! It highlights the dandelion plant life cycle and includes tons of great dandelion activities. Perfect for spring or summer!

Dandelion Crafts For Kids Q & A

1. How do you made a dandelion lion?

Here are three ways to make a dandelion lion. One, draw a lions face then place the dandelion flowers around it. Two, draw a lions face then paint the main using a fork. Third, draw a face on a paper plate then glue yellow and orange paper strips around to form the main.

3. How do you teach a child about dandelions? 

Teach your child about dandelions through nature exploration and conversation. A dandelion unit study is another great way to dive deeper into learning about the life-cycle, plant parts, process of photosynthesis, and other fascinating information about dandelions as well.

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