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Five Lemon Craft Ideas for Kids

Ready for some cute lemon craft ideas? These citrus-inspired DIY’s can be used for summer crafting, lemon decorations, units, or simply for an afternoon of lemony fun.

The best part is, each of these paper lemon crafts are super-easy and fun for kids to make. Not to mention, the supplies for these crafts are things that you, more than likely, already have laying around your house. So, simply print off the free lemon craft templates and you will be ready to go.

While these lemon crafts are geared towards preschool through 2nd grade, with some tweaking, these ideas could easily be adapted for older kids (or adults) as well. 

5 Fun Lemon Crafts for Kids to Make

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For each of these crafts, I used the yellow, white, and green from the Astrobrights (primary colors) Cardstock Pack. Along with scissors, glue, and a box of kid-friendly markers.

Let’s get started! Here are five lemon craft ideas:

1. Patterned Lemon Craft

First up, is this cute patterned lemon craft for preschoolers. To begin, cut out the center of the basic lemon shape (template pack) and set it aside. Next, cut some strips of colored paper (I used shades of yellow).

To put this lemon together, glue the pre-cut strips of colored paper onto a piece of card stock until it is covered. You can encourage your preschoolers to make a pattern using the strips.

Once the base page is finished, glue your pre-cut lemon template on top, creating a colorful, patterned lemon. (For more detailed instructions on this type of craft, see the Silhouette Flower Craft post.)

Note: This preschool craft reinforces fine motor skills, scissor practice, spatial reasoning, and patterns.

2. Basic Paper Lemon Craft

The next lemon craft idea is a basic paper lemon. This is a wonderful activity for creating the outside of a lemon with your preschooler or possibly even turning it into a fun party craft.

For this lemon activity, you will need the free lemon template (available in the free lemon template pack), card stock paper (yellow, green, and white), as well as, some scissors and glue.

To begin, cut out the template pieces and trace them onto the colored card stock paper. Then, cut each piece out and glue them together (the yellow piece is the base).

3. Lemon Slice Craft (Inside of Lemon)

Next, is a simple lemon slice craft. This would be a great activity for kids who are learning the parts of a lemon (flesh, rind, seeds, etc) or to pair with the basic lemon paper craft above.

For this craft, you will need the free lemon slice template (available in the free lemon template pack), card stock paper (yellow and a white) as well as, scissors and glue.

To make the lemon slices, cut out the template pieces and trace them onto the colored card stock paper. Then, cut each piece out and glue them together (the yellow piece is the base).

4. Blank Lemon Craft Template Page

This next lemon template leaves room for creativity. We used the blank lemon template to stipple colored dots into each space using makers, but you could use it for coloring, finger painting, or stamping.

To finish off this simple craft, have your student trace the word ‘lemon’ at the bottom of the page using their best handwriting.

5. Draw Your Own Lemon Puzzle Craft

The last lemon idea is a draw your own puzzle craft. Using the blank puzzle page from the free lemon craft printable, have your kids draw a lemon in the middle of the puzzle template.

Once they are finished, have them cut up the pieces of the puzzle. (These pieces can be stored in sandwich bags OR they can glue their puzzle pieces down on a separate sheet of paper.)

Another fun idea, is to have your kids trade puzzles with each other and see how fast they can put their friend’s or siblings puzzles together.

Low-Prep Lemon Crafts for Kids

Each of these lemon DIYs are low-prep and fun for kids to make. Feel free to use the ideas and free templates OR draw up some of your own! Either way, I hope that these ideas will inspire you to get creative and have fun with your kids.

Free Lemon Craft Template Pack Download

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Lemon craft ideas - inspire the mom

Lemon Crafts For Kids Q & A

1. What type of glue works best with card stock paper?

Glue sticks or liquid glue, both adhere well to card stock paper.

2. How can you make a paper lemon garland?

Use the basic paper lemon template from above and make a handful of bright, colored lemons. Then tape a string along the back to create a garland of lemons.

3. Where can you find yellow and green card stock paper?

You can find yellow and green card stock at a local craft store or on Amazon.

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What are your favorite lemon crafts for kids?

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