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DIY Bird Feeder Ornaments

Today I’m are sharing how we made these cute, bird feeder ornaments. This project took less than an hour, was super fun to make, and to top it off, it gave our backyard creatures a yummy Christmas treat.

As an added bonus, the birdseed ornaments brought the birds and squirrels around for us to study and enjoy. I don’t know where you are from, but the squirrels around here will do all sorts of acrobatic feats to get to these goodies.

Now on the good we made them. Let’s jump right into the materials we used to make these bird feeder ornaments:

Materials for the Bird Feeder Ornaments

I’ve seen a few variations of materials when it comes to making these bird feeder ornaments. We used what we had on hand they they came together quite nice.

Materials needed for the Easy Birdseed Ornaments:

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*note: you can use Knox gelatin packets if thats what you have on hand.


How to Make Bird Feeder Ornaments

This is a family-friendly activity and all my kids helped at some point in the process. With that being said this activity does require parental supervision when using the stove. Ok, lets learn how to make these birdseed ornaments:

Directions for making bird feeder ornament:

1. To begin making your bird feeder ornaments, heat up a small sauce pan with the water and gelatin combined until the mixture is dissolved and lightly foaming.

2. Next, remove from heat and add the bird seed into the water/gelatin mixture and stir until the it is well combined.

3. While you are letting the mixture slightly cool. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and cut straws about 2in in length. (These straw pieces will be the mold for the hole for our hangers.)


4. Spray your cookie cutters with cooking spray so they will slip out easily once they are solidified. (I used an avocado oil cooking spray that I had on hand.)

5. Holding a straw in place (for the string), fill each cookie cutter with the bird seed mixture. Pack the seed down nice and tight.

6. Next, let your birdseed ornaments cool in the fridge for about 30mins to an hour.

7. Lastly, take your ornaments out of the cookie cutters and insert the string. Now, hang them up for your feathered and furry friends to enjoy!

birdseed ornaments for birds

Ways You Can Enjoy Your Bird Seed Ornaments

Curious about some ways you can use your new bird feeder ornaments? We like hanging our around our back yard, but you can use them however you like. Here are a few simple ideas:

Ways you can use your bird feeder ornaments:

  • Hang your ornaments around your yard for the birds to enjoy.
  • Hang them on your indoor tree for the holidays.
  • Use them as winter decor around the house.
  • Gift these natural birdseed ornaments to neighbors and friends for Christmas.
  • Make these ornaments as a Christmas party craft.

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What will you do with your bird feeder ornaments?

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  1. Absolutely making these today! Will make great stocking stuffers for our bird loving family… Thank you for sharing!!

      1. Oh my goodness! Finally made these today and they were super easy and adorable. I have a lot of bird lovers in my life and I doubled the recipe to make a ton… will gift to neighbors for the holidays also because I now have a million of these things. When I ran out of cookie cutters, I used mason jar ring lids and they worked awesome. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Love how these turned out!

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