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DIY Fall Rag Wreath

Here is a diy, fall, rag-wreath that you can easily make with your kiddos to spruce up your home for the coming season. 

I  meant to get this post up last week, but we ended up leaving our home because of all the fires in our area. Fortunately, our home was spared, however, many people lost everything…

This diy is reminder to me that our home are a gift, but ultimately, the people within these walls are what truly matter.

I hope you enjoy this diy, but let me encourage you to do it with your kids. Create a memorable, hands-on experience that will last longer than the project itself. ❤️

Include the Kids

This is a great, kid-friendly craft. All the knot tying is perfect for building fine motor skills. Not to mention, it is simply a fun activity to keep their hands busy.


How to Make A Rag Wreath

This is a very simple diy. However, you can easily tweak it to make it your own. I liked using the drop cloth material because it was sturdy and didn’t droop much like a lighter fabric would have. My drop cloth was also bleached. (Thats a story for another time) but that is why mine looks lighter.

This are the instructions based on how I make mine…

Materials needed:

Note: if you want a whiter fabric, you can bleach your drop cloth.


  1. Using your rotary cutter and a board, cut your drop cloth into approximately 8inch by 1.5 inch strips. The strips don’t need to be perfect but they need to be approximately the same size so the fullness around the wreath will be even.
  2. Attach your strips of drop cloth around the wreath frame using a simple overhand knot. (The first knot of tying your shoe.) No need to go double, unless you really want to.

3. Continue knotting the fabric around each wire of the frame, making the knots close together, creating a full look.

4. Once you have filled the wire frame with the knotted pieces of fabric, check for any wire that might be showing through. You want the wire frame to be completely covered. 

5. Now to accessorize! Create a simple burlap bow, then tuck some of your favorite, fall foliage out from either side.  To attach, use a hot glue gun.

Voila! You’re done! 


Places to Hang Your Rag Wreath

  • On a window
  • Above the kitchen sink
  • A bed headboard
  • Suspended from a mirror
  • Layered on a large chalkboard
  • From a blanket ladder
  • Attach to a railing or staircase
  • The front door
  • On a blank wall
  • Layered on top of an old window or door
  • Hang on an interior door


What fun plans do YOU have for the fall?



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