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Verbs That Start With S

Today I’m sharing a huge list of verbs that start with S, along with some sentence examples, verb activities, teaching tips, and free action verb printables!

Verb lists are handy to have around for writing, grammar lessons, preschool activities and more!

So, whether you are searching for specific verbs, or are preparing for your next language arts lesson, I hope this list of verbs that start with S will be just what you are looking for!

From short S verbs like see and sing to longer ones like scrutinize and snicker, there are lots of fabulous verbs that being with S to choose from.

Let’s jump right in! Here is the ultimate list of verbs that start with S:

Verbs that Start with S

Common verbs that start with Sa:

  • sack
  • sacrifice
  • salmon
  • sadden
  • sallow
  • savor
  • saw

Verbs that start with Sc:

  • scape
  • scavenge
  • screen
  • scare
  • scramble
  • scoff
  • screw
  • scrub

  • scheme
  • scald
  • scale
  • schedule
  • scrutinize
  • scope
  • scowl
  • scald

Easy verbs that start with Se:

  • second
  • season
  • second-guess
  • secluarize
  • see
  • seep
  • secrete
  • seethe
  • sell

  • seed
  • serve
  • sense
  • sever
  • search
  • seal
  • seek
  • seat
  • sew

Verbs that start with Sh:

  • shift
  • shirk
  • shook
  • shock
  • shatter
  • shag
  • sharpen
  • shed

Common verbs that start with Si:

  • sick
  • sigh
  • sign
  • signal
  • signature
  • side
  • sin
  • siege
  • simplify
  • sift
  • simulate
  • sight
  • silence
  • silicify

  • sinch
  • singe
  • sing
  • sinew
  • siver
  • silhouette
  • simmer

Verbs that start with Sk:

  • skimp
  • sketch
  • skate
  • skid
  • skulk
  • skewer

Verbs that start with Sl:

  • slap
  • slack
  • slant
  • slave
  • slate
  • sleek
  • slice

  • slatter
  • sleet
  • slide
  • slander
  • sleeve
  • slay
  • sled

Simple verbs that start with Sm:

  • small
  • smart
  • smack
  • smash
  • smear
  • smock
  • smelt
  • smother
  • smeeth
  • smolder
  • smerk
  • smatter
  • smooth
  • smoke

Verbs that start with Sn:

  • snore
  • sniff
  • sneer
  • snack
  • snig
  • snarl
  • sneak
  • snake
  • sneer
  • snort
  • snuff
  • snivel

  • snatch
  • snag
  • snicker
  • sniffle
  • snooze
  • snap

Verbs that start with So:

  • soil
  • sober
  • souce
  • sound
  • south
  • solve
  • socialize
  • soap
  • soberize
  • soar
  • soften
  • soak

  • solidify
  • sojourn
  • solicit
  • sob
  • solo
  • sock

Common verbs that start with Sp:

  • space
  • spade
  • spank
  • spare
  • spark
  • spasm
  • spawn
  • spear
  • speek
  • spice
  • spike
  • spoon
  • sport
  • spectate

  • speculate
  • sparge
  • speed
  • speckle
  • specialize
  • span
  • spatter

Verbs that start with Sq:

  • sqawk
  • square
  • squibble
  • squiggle
  • squander
  • squelch
  • squirt

Verbs that start with St:

  • stage
  • stall
  • stale
  • stamp
  • staff
  • stank
  • starch
  • stagger
  • stampede
  • strengthen
  • stain
  • starve
  • start
  • stanch
  • state
  • stalk
  • study
  • star
  • stack
  • stand

  • stand
  • stag
  • stab
  • staple
  • stablish
  • stammer
  • stang
  • stable
  • stark
  • stimulate

East verbs that start with Su:

  • sugar
  • surge
  • sully
  • suede
  • subjugate
  • subordinate
  • subject
  • support
  • submerge
  • subpoena
  • subcontract
  • swage
  • subdivide
  • subtract
  • sublet
  • supply

  • subdue
  • submit
  • sublimate
  • supervise
  • subscribe
  • substitude
  • subjoin
  • succeeded

Verbs that start with Sw:

  • swag
  • swan
  • sway
  • swap
  • swallow
  • swing
  • swaddle

  • swear
  • swab
  • sweep
  • swash
  • swamp
  • swarm
  • swerve

Verbs that start with Sy:

  • symbolize
  • systematize
  • sympathize
  • symbol

What is a Verb?

Need a quick review on what verb is? A verb is the part of the sentence that describes what the subject is doing or being. With that being said, there are two main types of verbs: action verbs and being verbs: Check out these examples of action and being verbs:

  • Action verb examples: sing, dance, spin, twist, run, walk, skip, shout, sniff, ride, drive, etc.
  • Being verb examples: are, am, is, was, were, will, been, being.

Sentence Examples For Verbs That Begin with S

Here are some verb sentence examples for verbs that begin with S. (The verbs in each sentence will be highlighted in bold.)

Verbs that start with S: Sentence Examples

  • We skied down the slope.
  • I sympathize with your plight.
  • Jackson swept the garage.
  • She snacked on potato chips with French onion dip.
  • My dad snores the loudest.
  • The hen sat on her eggs.
  • Mom smiled at me from across the room.
  • Will you slice the cake?
  • Will swapped phone numbers at the end of the date.

How Do You Teach Verbs to Kids?

Are you wondering how to start teaching verbs to your kids? Here are a few verb teaching tips to help you get started.

When you first introduce verbs to young kids, stick with action verbs. Teaching all the different types of verbs at one time will be to confusing and unproductive. To practice action verbs with your students, try finding verbs in a sentences, do action verb activities, and also read picture books that teach verbs.

As your students progress, you can begin to introduce being verbs. These verbs, instead of acting, are simply existing or show a state of being (am, are, was, is, were, been, being).

Moving on, you are ready to introduce helping verbs. These verbs join together with a main verb to create a verb phrase (has, will, can). Check out these verb sentence examples below.

Note: Check out the other 11 types of verbs that you can teach your kids!

  • Action verb example: David ran around the block.
  • Being verb example: Sara was at the game.
  • Helping verb example: Jane will perform at the next concert.

Action Verb Activities for Kids

Learning verbs doesn’t have to be boring! Here are some fun and engaging activities you can do with this ‘verbs that start with S’ list.

  • Practice Verbs with Charades Game: Make action verbs cards and hand them out to your students. have them take turns silently acting out their action verb for the rest of the group to guess.
  • Verb Find Game: Make stack of word cards using nouns and verbs. Place the cards on the floor in the middle of the room and set a timer. See how many verbs they can collect before the timer goes off.
  • Read Picture Books about Verbs: Another great way to learn about verbs is to read picture books for teaching verbs! Seeing verbs in written text or hearing them read out loud is a terrific way to introduce the different parts of speech.
  • Brainstorm Charting for verbs: Give your kids a subject and see how many verbs they can come up with for that noun. For example, some verbs that might go with the subject of “boy” might include: dig, race, play, jump, run, or laugh.

Free printable Action Verb Worksheets for Kids 

Want some free printable action verb worksheets for kids? From verb worksheets and verb sentence prompt cards to brainstorming charts and verb word searches, there’s a little fun for everyone (Great action verb practice for kids from kindergarten through 3rd grade.) For access to this free resource sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

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Q & A – Verbs That Start With S

1. What are some positive verbs that start with S?

Spring, shine, smile, surpass, sustain, shaped, strengthened, succeeded, saved, satisfied, specialized, savor, sleek, and smooch.

2. What are some good S verbs for third grade?

Swing, slide, smile, sat, sing, slime, saw, shape, scrub, scout, sweat, stare, speed, stand, saved, solved, and sold.

3. What are some common verbs that start with Sh?

Sharpen, shame, shell, shirk, shirt, shock, shook, short, shift, shelf, and shack.

4. What are some regular verbs that end with S?

Address, assess, bus, access, dress, depress, discuss, engross, embarrass, focus, glass, guess, impress, kiss, mess, obsess, possess, recess, sass, toss, and witness.

Additional Writing Resources for Kids

We have tons of words for kids lists and resources! Check out our Words for Kids page for word options, vocabulary lists, ideas, activities, free learning pages, and more!

What would you add to this ‘Verbs That Start With S’ list?

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