Garden Activities and Journal Pages for Kids

This year we build small raised beds for each of the kids to plant their own garden. We took them to a nursery and let them pick out their favorite plants.

Of course, once our eldest picked a blueberry plant and a pack of beautiful, Alyssum flowers, the other two quickly followed suit. 

Blueberries and Alyssum it is!

Regardless of our lack of variety, I’m so glad we were able put these together. The kids have really made them their own.

Jovie added a little fairy house that she got for her birthday, and Jace has a handful of small cars that he likes to play with in his…



Garden Activities & Journal Pages

Here is a garden journal I created for my kids. It has all sorts of activities and journaling pages to supplement their garden experience throughout the summer.

This resource is designed to be a seasonal nature journal. My hope is that it will serve as a wonderful, learning experience, as well as, a sampling of writing, drawing, and personal experiences.

I’m hoping the prompts will not only be fun, but will to teach the basics of gardening.


inspire the mom's printable garden journal



A Printable Download for you

If you would like this resource for your summer, home school or classroom, you can find the DOWNLOAD HERE.


Garden Activities for Kids



What garden activities are you doing with your kids?



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  1. You and your children should have hours of fun with the garden spots. Blueberries are great. We are just getting ready to starts picking our rows of blueberries. Love all the journals and other projects you create for your children. It takes a lot of energy and time for all your projects. Need to call you “Super Mom.” Have a great day.

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