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Letter N Worksheets

Looking for some free printable letter N worksheets to give your preschooler or kindergartener some practice with letter recognition? If so, I’ve got an awesome letter N worksheet pack to share with your today.

So whether you are doing preschool at home or are doing letter-a-day activities with your kindergartener, these pages offer some great practice for your little ones.

To get started, let me show you what is in this letter N worksheets pack!

Letter N Worksheets

There are eight letter N worksheets that are available in this free letter N printable. Each of these worksheets aims to teach the uppercase and lowercase N while building basic handwriting, vocabulary, fine motor skills, and phonetic awareness.

1. Letter N Worksheets for Preschool

The first two letter N worksheets are geared towards toddlers or preschoolers. These pages display a picture of an item that starts with N, followed by a large upper and lowercase letter N to color, and a N word to practice tracing.

Quick Tip: Want reusable worksheets? Just laminate the preschool pages, and you can use them over and over!

2. Lowercase and Uppercase Letter N Worksheets

For practice with distinguishing between the upper and lowercase N, these next two printables reinforce prewriting, letter formation, beginning sounds, vocabulary words, and letter differentiation, for letter N.

3. Color the Objects – Letter N Worksheet

A great pre-reading exercise is having kids look at pictures and identify their beginning sounds. This next letter N practice page helps kids to do just that. As kids search for the words that begin with the N sound they are also learning sound differentiation between other letters in the alphabet.

4. Letter N Handwriting Pages

Are you kids ready to start learning how to write the letter N? If so, this letter N handwriting practice page is terrific starting point.

Quick Note: Before you begin, make sure you instruct your kids to follow the stroke marks and tracing lines to learn how to write the letter N correctly.

5. Letter N Drawing Worksheet

For this next free letter N printable, have your students read the given word, trace it, then draw a picture that corresponds with the word. (Note: you might need to help read the word to the child, depending on their level.)

6. N Vocabulary Words – Letter N Worksheets for Kindergarten

The last letter N worksheet in this pack is a list of common N words that your kids can read, trace, and practice. Have your kids read each word out loud then trace it using their best handwriting.

Tips for Teaching Letter N to Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

N is another letter that uses a nasal sound and is often confusing with the /m/ sound. The /n/ sound is created by placing the middle of your tongue on the top of your mouth, lips slightly open, as air passes through the nose. 

When teaching kids to differentiate between the /m/ and /n/ sound have them practice flipping between two similar words like med/ned or net/met until they feel and hear the difference. (Note: lips will be closed for the /m/ sound)

Another thing to keep in mind for younger children, is visual letter confusion OR letter reversal. This confusion is very common as kids are learning their alphabet, but with a little bit of practice, can easily be straightened out. The letter N can sometimes be confused with the letters U, M, and W. (Try different strategies for learning letters and sounds to help with these common mixups.)

Free Printable Letter N Worksheets

Want to get the free letter N worksheets? You can get them here! (Please keep in mind, these worksheets are an instant download and are for personal use only!)  For Access to this freebie, Join the Inspire the Mom Community and sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

Get it Now!

Letter N Worksheets – Q & A

1. What four letter words start with N for kids?

Next, nerd, nest, noon, nope, news, nine, nail, neck, none, note, name, neat, nosy, nice, newt, near, neon, and nets.

2. Can you name some objects that begin with letter N?

Nest, nose, napkin, and nachos. For more items that begin with N, check out the Full List of Objects that Start with N!

3. Where can I find a huge list of words that begin with N?

For a huge list of words that begin with N, check out this N Words for Kids page!

4. Where can I find letter N worksheets for toddlers?

This free letter N learning pack with toddlers as well! The coloring and pencil practice is great for dexterity and building fine motor skills while introducing the letter and sound of N.

How do you plan on using the free letter N printables with your kids?

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