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N Words for Kids

Do you need some N words for kids? If so, let me notify you a few nice and notable words that begin with n for your preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary aged students.

With nests and narwals, nurses and nannies, we’ve got a lots of useful letter N words to choose from! There is also a printable N Words for Kids Learning Pack that is available for you to print out and use with your kids!

The Sounds of N

Before we near the N word lists for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary, let’s go over the sounds that n can make.

N is another letter that uses a nasal sound and is often confusing with the /m/ sound. The /n/ sound is created by placing the middle of your tongue on the top of your mouth, lips slightly open, as air passes through the nose.

When teaching kids to differentiate between the /m/ and /n/ sound have them practice flipping between two similar words like med/ned or net/met until they feel and hear the difference. (Note: lips will be closed for the /m/ sound)

The Sounds of N:

  • /n/ as in: nail, nest, near

Along with the simple sound of n, there are there are also variations and n consonant combinations that create different N sounds as well. Here are a few letter n combinations you might encounter:

N Consonant Blends

  • /nk/ as in: sank, drank, tank.
  • /nt/ as in: doesn’t, didn’t, wouldn’t.
  • /nd/ as in: sand, hand, land

N Words for Preschoolers

First off, here are some nice little N words for preschoolers. These are simple, familiar N word choices that are great for letter and sound recognition.

As a quick tip: teaching these letters and sounds along with picture representation is very helpful for preschoolers.

Note: if you are working on the alphabet with your little one, and needing some resources, check out the Preschool Daily Skill Builder. This resource covers six different subject areas including letter, handwriting, and early reading.

  • No – No, we cannot stay at the park all day.
  • Nap – If you are tired, take a nap.
  • Net – I have a butterfly net.
  • Nose – I use my nose to smell.
  • Nurse – The nurse gave him a sticker for sitting still during his shot.
  • Name – My name is Kaleb.
  • Note – I wrote a note for my teacher.
  • Nod – Nod your head if you like ice cream.
  • Nine- Nine more days until we go on vacation
  • Nuggets – My favorite food is chicken nuggets.
  • Napkin – I wiped my face with a napkin.

N Words for Kindergarten

Next, we’ve got a nice list of notable N words for kindergarten. While some kindergarteners are still working on letter recognition, others are ready to begin expanding their N word repertoire. Here are some practice words that begin with N that you can use with your kindergartners:

Words that begin with N for Kindergarten:

  • Net – The net broke from the weight of the fish.
  • Nut – An almond is a nut.
  • Not – We are not going to make it to the concert.
  • Nod – Nod your head if you would like ketchup on your hotdog.
  • New – My dad has a new, black truck.
  • Nice – I was nice to see you today.
  • None – None of the cookies are left.
  • Nail – She used a nail to hang the picture.
  • Neck – He got a sunburn on his neck.
  • Nest – The nest in the tree held three, blue robin’s eggs.
  • Noon- We will stop for lunch at noon.
  • Neat – I like to keep my room nice and neat.
  • Nickel – A nickel is worth five cents.

Words that end with N for Kindergarten:

  • Fan – We had a fan blowing all night.
  • Pan – Mom fries eggs in a pan.
  • Sun – The sun is yellow and bright.
  • Brown – Ned’s eyes are brown.
  • Green – The grass is green.
  • Neon – Lucy’s favorite color is neon pink.
  • Lion – The lion roared ferociously.
  • Ten – I have ten dollars to spend.
  • Seven – Seven more days until the picnic.

Three Letter N Words for Beginning Readers

Simple and easy, three and four letter words are necessary for early readers to practice and perfect phonetic awareness. You will see most of these words in beginning reader books and in early reading activities.

Here are some three letter N words and CVC N words you can use with your beginning readers:

Three letter N Words for Kids

  • Nab
  • Nag
  • Nob
  • Nod
  • Nut
  • Nub
  • Net
  • Nap
  • Nit
  • Nip

Next, here are some simple, four letter N words that are nice for early readers to practice on:

Four letter N Words for Kids

  • Next
  • Nerd
  • Nest
  • Noon
  • Nope
  • News
  • Nine
  • Nail
  • Neck
  • None
  • Note
  • Name
  • Neat
  • Nosy
  • Nice
  • Newt
  • Near
  • Neon
  • Nets
  • Nome

N Words for Elementary Students

Now, onto a list of numerous N words for elementary students. These N words for elementary kids are wonderful for building vocabulary, spelling, and reading skills.

Letter N Words for Elementary Students:

  • Now – We need to leave right now.
  • Nun – She is a Catholic nun.
  • Nag – Please don’t nag me about going swimming.
  • Nest – The bird made its nest in the tree.
  • Note – I wrote a note to my friend and left it on her dresser.
  • Near – He near the finish line.
  • Next – Kim is next on the list.
  • Nosy – Our nosy neighbors want to know what we are doing.
  • Noun – A sentence needs a noun and a verb.
  • Nerd – He was a book worm and a band nerd and he was very smart.
  • Nine – Nine more days until my birthday.
  • News – My dad likes to watch the news before he eats his breakfast.
  • Noble – He was a man of noble character.
  • Novel – Her new novel was about love and war.
  • Napkin – Please put your napkin in your lap while you eat.
  • Night – I sleep at night.
  • Nerve – It takes a lot of nerve to get up and speak in front of a crowd of people.
  • Noise – There is lots of noise coming from the band room.
  • Nachos – We ate nachos with cheese for dinner.
  • Noodles – My mom likes to make homemade noodles.
  • Nature – I love being outside in nature.
  • Nugget – The happily nibbled on her chicken nugget.
  • Number – There were a number of venders at the festival.
  • Nourish – I pray that the food you eat with nourish your body.
  • Nimble – Her fingers were nimble as she sewed.
  • Nonstop – We have been going nonstop since this day began.
  • Nozzle – We need a new nozzle for the hose.
  • Nanny – Our nanny watches us while our parents are at work.
  • Navy – My grandpa served inn the US Navy in WW2.
  • Ninja – I love watching ninja cartoons.
  • Nurse – The nurse took my temperature and gave me a shot.
  • Nectar – The hummingbird drank the nectar from the low-hanging flowers.
  • Neighbor – Mr. Jones in our next door neighbor.
  • Notebook – I always take a pencil and a notebook to class.
  • Newspaper – She reads the newspaper while she drinks her coffee.
  • Neurons – Neurons need oxygen to survive.
  • Normal – I am looking forward to settling into the new normal.
  • Notice – I hope she didn’t notice the hole in my sock.
  • Necessary – My job is necessary to maintain this lifestyle.
  • Notable – His notable acts made a lasting impression.
  • Necklace – Janet wore her diamond necklace to the ball.
  • Nutmeg – This recipe called for one teaspoon of nutmeg.
  • Nocturnal – Bats are nocturnal.
  • Nymph – The nymph and fairy in the play were her favorite.
  • Nudge – I will nudge you in the arm when its time to leave.
  • Noggin – He hurt his noggin in the fall.
  • Natural – I prefer natural over synthetic.
  • Numerous – I laughed numerous times during that movie.
  • Newborn – The newborn cried when you set him down.
  • Nightingale – The nightingale’s song put me to sleep.
  • Narwhal – I have never seen a narwhal in real life.

Advanced N Words for Kids

Let’s not neglect to navigate the niche of advanced N words for kids! If your youngsters enjoy big words they will like trying some of these more challenging N words.

  • Nuisance – The chirping bird was a nuisance while I was trying to study.
  • Narcissism – Narcissism affects those around it.
  • Nemesis – The rival school was there nemesis.
  • Nutritious – This meal was delicious and nutritious.
  • Nautical – The baby’s nursery had a nautical theme.
  • Nurturing – The mother was nurturing towards her children.
  • Neighborly – Mowing her lawn would be the neighborly thing to do.
  • Noticeable – Her freckles became more noticeable in the summer.

Note: See here for additional challenging N words for kids.

Nouns That Start with Letter N

Looking for some nouns that start with n? You’ve got lots of options to choose from! Check out these foods, animals, places, and objects that all start with the letter N:

Foods that start with N:

  • Nachos
  • Nectarine
  • Nectar
  • Noodles
  • Nuts
  • Nutella
  • Naan
  • Navel Oranges
  • Nuggets
  • Navy beans
  • Nougat
  • Nori
  • Neufchatel Cheese
  • Nerds Candy
  • Nutmeg

Animals that start with N:

  • Nightingale
  • Narwhal
  • Nutria
  • Nightcrawler
  • Newt
  • Needle fish
  • Nutterjack
  • Nurse Shark

Places that start with N:

  • New York
  • Naples
  • Netherlands
  • Nevada
  • Nepal
  • New Mexico
  • Niagara Falls
  • Norway
  • New Delhi
  • New Zealand
  • Nairobi
  • Negril

Objects that start with N:

  • Neck
  • Nail
  • Necklace
  • Needle
  • Necktie
  • Nutcracker
  • Noodles
  • Nose
  • Notebook
  • Nugget
  • Note
  • Newspaper
  • Nightcap
  • Nutmeg
  • Noisemaker
  • Noah’s ark
  • Ninja
  • Nest
  • Nickel
  • Nightgown
  • Nuts
  • Nozzle
  • Net
  • Napkin

Activities That Help Kids to Learn N Words

(This list of ideas contains Amazon Affiliate Links.)

  • Read Books that Highlight Words That Start With Letter N: One of the best ways to learn to recognize and identify words that begin with N is see it in writing. Find some picture books for letter N and begin today. Two of our favorite N word books are: Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard and The Nutcracker by Susan Jeffers.
  • Play N Word Ball Pass: Get a group of kids and ball of any kind (you can also do this with a parent and child). To play, you have to say a new N word each time you pass the ball. The first person to run out of N words looses the game.
  • Write N Words in Sand: Practicing learning and spelling new N words by writing them with your fingers or toes in sand. (If you don’t have access to sand, you can use a dish with cornmeal or sugar) This a great sensory spelling activity that can be both fun and educational for your students.
  • Play the Blindfolded N Word Guessing Game – Blindfold your students and hand them objects that begin with N and see if they can identify them. This is great activity for kids to build vocabulary because they have to think through all the N words they know and decide which one it might be.
  • Print Off some N Word Printables: To begin with, make sure you get the free printable N Words for Kids Activity Pack that is available at the end of this post. Next, go online and find some other free N word activity pages or free Letter N coloring sheets. (Printable resources, coloring sheets, and activity pages can be great for learning letter recognition and letter formation.)
  • Do an N Word Unscramble: Write a N word on a chalkboard or white board with the letters all mixed up. Have your kids see if they can unscramble the letters and discover the word that begins with N. (For a group of kids, make it a contest to see which team can unscramble the N word the fastest.)

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What are you favorite N words for kids?

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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