Motivational Back-to-School Clipboard DIY

After hitting the jackpot of old clipboards at the thrift store this week, I’ve got a back-to-school clipboard DIY to share with you.

With school right around the corner, my new stash of clipboards, and these awesome instant-downloadable decals from Charm & Cottage, this DIY was an afternoon of fun.

Find out what we did.

motivational back to school clipboard diy materials

What are clipboards good for?

Before we jump in, let talk about what clipboards are used for. Aside from using them for my kids assignments, I also use them for as recipe holders and even home decor. Here are a few more ideas:

Materials Needed for Motivational Clipboard Diy

Clipboards are timeless and there are so many wonderful up-cycled clipboard ideas to keep anyone busy for long time, so here is another decorative clipboard idea you can try! Lets get started.

Materials Needed: (Amazon Affiliate Links Included in this list)

How to make motivational clipboards

  1. Clean your wood clipboards. Make sure there is no extra dust and that it is completely dry.

2. To prep your decals: First, download the digital motivational sayings cutfiles from Charm & Cottage. Second, in design space, size them to fit your clipboard. Thirdly, attach the pieces together then cut the decals using the Cricut. Fourth, weed the excess vinyl from each design.

3. Next, using transfer tape transfer you sayings to the clipboard.

4.  Seal your decal by putting a layer of Mod Podge or Polycrylic over the decal, then let it dry.

5. To insert the ribbon, fold the string in half and put the loop through the back hole. Then take the other two pieces and put them through the front loop and pull tight. Tie a ribbon.

6. Enjoy!

How kids can help decorate clipboards

My kids love doing crafts me with. I’m always looking for little jobs they can do so they feel a part of the process. Depending on the age and skill of your kids here are a few jobs they can do:

  • Clean and dust the clipboards
  • Weed the decals (removing the excess vinyl)
  • Placing the decal on the clipboard
  • Stringing the ribbon to the clipboard
  • Tying the ribbon
motivational back to school clipboard diy pin

What are your favorite motivational back-to-school clipboard DIY ideas?

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

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