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5 Easy Candy Cane Ornament Craft Ideas

Are you looking for some simple candy cane ornament craft ideas? If so, today I’m going to give you five super easy and super cute candy cane ornaments that you can start making today.

These candy cane DIYS make terrific Christmas tree ornaments, gift toppers, gifts, craft fair products, decor, and whatever else you can think of.

What Materials Do I Need For These Candy Cane Ornaments?

For the base of a few of these candy cane ornament ideas, I bought a pack of plastic candy canes from Hobby lobby. I know the dollar store carries them also, but ours didn’t have any. You can also find this type of plastic candy canes on Amazon. (Affiliate link)

In addition to the plastic candy canes, you will need a hot glue gun. Then depending on which candy cane ornament you are going to make you will need fabric, jute, newspaper, Mod Podge, felt balls, or wooden beads. Here are some links to the materials needed:

Materials Used in these Candy Cane Ornament ideas:

(Amazon Affiliate Links)

Let’s jump right into these Candy Cane Ornament craft ideas!

Five Candy Cane Ornament Craft Ideas

(This list contains Amazon Affiliate links. I may earn a commission from sales made.)

1. Fabric Wrapped Candy Cane Ornament

For this first candy cane ornament, you will need a plastic candy cane, a hot glue gun, and some country fabric. To prepare, cut your fabric into a long, 1inch thick strip. You will also want to cut two small squares from this fabric. (These squares will cover the ends.)

To begin, cover the ends by hot gluing the small fabric squares on each end of the candy cane. Trim any excess fabric. Next, line your long strip of fabric up with the end of the candy cane and hot glue it on.

Now, you are going to tightly wrap the fabric all the way up the candy cane at an angle. When you get to the end, hot glue it down and trim any excess fabric. And you are done!

Tip #1: You don’t have to use hot glue all the way up, the beginning and end is adequate.

Tip#2: Go slow and adjust carefully as you go around the hook of the candy cane.

Note: you can use the country fabric OR choose your own print!

2. Jute Wrapped Candy Cane Ornament

Now the jute wrapped candy cane ornament is the same idea as the fabric wrapped one (I said simple didn’t I?). For this one, you will need a roll of jute twine, a plastic candy cane, and a hot glue gun.

To start, put a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the candy cane. Cover the bottom so no plastic is showing through. Then begin winding the jute around the candy cane. Note: the lines will be straight rather than angled.

To finish these off, carefully cover the other end, glue it down, and then trim any excess jute. And they are done! I love the neutral look of these ones!

Tip #1: Apply a thin layer of hot glue on as you go.

Tip #2: Go slow and try to keep the jute lines as close together as you can (You don’t want to have plastic showing through).

3. Felt Ball Candy Cane Ornament

For this simple felt ball candy cane ornament you will need: felt balls (mine were 1inch), 18 Gauge wire, wire cutters, embroidery needle, and a piece of fabric (optional).

To begin, thread you wire into your embroidery needle and pinch it on all snug. Now you are going to thread eight felt balls onto the wire.

Once you get to the end, thread your needle back through the first ball, wrap around the wire, cut the wire, and fasten off. Next, push all the felt balls up really snug and do the same thing to the bottom and fasten off. And that’s it.

Straighten it out, add a cute ribbon, and its ready to hang on the tree!

Tip #1: Pushing through a felt ball with an embroidery needle can be challenging, but it’s doable. Just move your needle around and it will make its way through.

Tip #2: It’s very important that the felt balls are nice and snug when you fasten off the end or you will loose form and have gap issues.

4. Wood bead Candy Cane Ornament

For these next wood bead candy cane ornaments you are going to need: wood beads (mine were 1/2 inch), 18 gauge wire, embroidery needle, wire cutters, and jute for the hanger.

You will load your beads onto the wire using the large embroidery needle and fasten off. To fasten off, you will take the wire on the outside of the last bead and twist it onto the wire on the other side of the last bead.

Straighten it out, then add a string or ribbon for your hanger, and you’re done!

4. Newspaper Wrapped Candy Cane Ornament

I’m excited about this last candy cane ornament! Its a newspaper wrapped! So, grab some newspaper and some Mod Podge and let’s get started!

To prepare, cut two small squares of newspaper (these will cover the ends) and then cut some short strips of newspaper that will be used to cover the rest of the candy cane.

To begin, cover the ends first and trim any paper excess. Next, slowly start adding newspaper strips until the plastic candy cane is covered!

And that’s it! How cute would these newspaper candy canes be on a black and white Christmas tree?

Tip #1: Apply a small layer of Mod Podge on the plastic before adding the newspaper; then, once the paper is down, add a little more Mod Podge on top. Prop them up and let them dry.

Tip #2: Pay attention to which way your words are facing (I tried to keep all mind straight up and down.)

Things You can do with Candy Cane Ornaments DIY

What are you going to do with your new, cute, candy can ornaments? There are a ton of options, but here are a few creative ideas I thought of for mine:

  • Hang on your tree
  • Give as a gift
  • Christmas decor
  • Hang from a doorknob
  • Make as a Family Christmas Countdown Activity together
  • Sell at a craft fair
  • Attach on the top of a gift
  • Give as a party favor
  • Attach to a Christmas wreath
  • Hang with stockings from the mantle

Candy Cane Q & A

1. Are Candy Canes a Christmas Thing?

Candy canes, with their red stripes and minty flavor, have been a Christmas tradition for generations. They are commonly gifted, displayed, added to recipes, decorated with, and often hung on trees.

2. Why do people hang candy canes on a Christmas tree?

Whether it’s a string of popcorn, a cinnamon stick, a clove covered orange, or a candy cane, people have been decorating their tree with treats for generations. Adding treats to your Christmas tree is economical, humble, celebratory, and beautiful.

3. What do the colors on the candy cane mean?

The colors on the candy cane are said to represent Jesus. The red being His saving blood while the white symbolizes his sinless nature.

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