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Owl Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Are you looking for some owl activities for preschool and kindergarten? If so, I’ve got a great list of resources to share with you today.

Owls are a great topic to study anytime of the year, but I really enjoy teaching about them in the fall or including them into a study along with other winter animals.

Kids love to learn about these nocturnal birds and there are so many great things you can do with this topic. With that being said, let’s jump right into this huge list of owl activities for preschool and kindergarten!

What can my child learn from studying owls?

There are many different things kids can learn from studying owls. From observing a snowy owl to learning about nocturnal behavior, kids can definitely benefit from exploring this topic further. Here are some possibilities:

  • Growth and development of owls
  • size, color, and varieties of owls
  • nocturnal habits
  • preditor and prey
  • a wonder for nature
  • characteristics of owls
  • Bird terms
  • Attention to detail
  • Habitats

Learning Goals for a Preschool Owl Unit

Here are some attainable learning goals you can shoot for when doing owl activities or preschool or kindergarten:

  • Describe various physical and behavioral characteristics of owls
  • Differentiate between other birds
  • Understand what nocturnal means
  • Build preschool and kindergarten skills through owl-themed music, crafts, activities, math, language, and imaginative play.

Picture Books about Owls

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Now for a list of picture books about owls! Picture books are a fantastic way to learn about the different types of owls, their habits, and their habitats.

Picture books about owls:

Printable Owl Poem

Another great owl activity for preschool and kindergarten is to incorporate a poem to memorize! Memory work is a terrific way for kids to remember and process what they are learning. Here is our owl poem download if you would like to add it to your owl-themed unit as well!

Owl-themed toys and prop ideas

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Music and videos about owls

Owl Craft Ideas

Owl activities for preschool & Kindergarten

Math Owl Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Owl-themed literacy and writing activities

Dramatic play ideas

  • Woodland animals pretend play
  • Cardboard puppet tree
  • Bird watching station
  • Life-sized bird nest
  • Camping dramatic play

Free Printable owl unit study plan

For my homeschool moms and teacher friends, I’ve complied all these ideas into a printable resource. This unit builder includes everything in this post and also leaves room for you to add material lists and notes. 

Whether you are creating a owl-themed lesson plan for preschool or kindergarten or just thinking of adding some owl activities into your homeschool preschool unit later this year, this is a great printable resource to reference, with a lot of ideas to choose from!

Download the owl Unit Study Plan 

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What are your favorite owl activities for preschool and kindergarten?

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