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DIY Sharpie Tea Towels

My favorite kind of crafts are the ones I can do in one sitting. Here is a super easy one: decorating tea-towels with Sharpie pens…

Tea towels can be used to dry your drinking glasses, line a bread basket, keep table food warm, dry and store leafy greens, and line crisper drawers. They can also be used as napkins, creative gift wrap, sandwich wrap, or just a cute little touch of beauty to hang in your kitchen.

This was a quick, fun craft I was able to do while my kids joined me at the kitchen table with their watercolor paints.




Sharpie Tea Towels

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Materials needed:


  1. Flatten out design area by ironing out the wrinkles.
  2. Put the design under the towel and trace the design with your fine-point pen. (You can use a thicker tip, but I wouldn’t do it around the edges of the design or it will bleed and your lines won’t look as crisp.)


So easy and very cute! I think I’m going to make some of these for wrapping gifts, perhaps even do some monogram ones.

I haven’t washed mine yet, so I can’t tell you how they hold up in the wash. From what I’ve read, you should let them sit with the ink a few days and they should be fine. (I’ll update if I discover something different.)

Happy Tea-Towel decorating! ๐Ÿ™‚




What do you use Tea Towels or Flour-Sack Towels for? Do you have any other fun design ideas you want to pass along?

*This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

DIY sharpie tea towels

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        1. Thank you! Yes I did, thanks for noticing! I’m still playing around a little. I was trying to make it look a little more like spring on my site. lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Visiting from By His Grace group…I love this! I am not crafty in the least, but I really think I could do this one! You caught my attention with the sharpies! I’m a fan of anything sharpie related!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So fun! I never would have thought of this, but it’s so great for gifts with a favorite verse or monagram. I think they even make waterproof fabric sharpies. So glad to visit from By His Grace bloggers.

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