A Kiss of Perspective

I usually make myself get up early to enjoy a few moments of quiet before the kids get up and bombard my senses. Mr. Coppertop has always been an early riser so it’s also a nice time for us to have a hot cup of coffee and get some reading in for the day. In a perfect world, this would happen every day, however my two year old has a propensity for morning life as well. Though quietness and solitude is not what he has in mind.

He comes out in wrinkled pajamas and more than likely his spiderman rain boots with a mischievous grin on his face. I know my Bible reading is cut short and Susan Cain’s Quiet won’t be brain food for today. Bummer. We spend the next 30 minutes taking turns reading little snippets and grabbing quick swigs of lukewarm coffee while the other lets Jace use their legs as a slide five hundred times. At about 6:45am Mr. C scoops the little guy up and takes him back with him to the shower which gives me approximately 5 quiet mins to myself before the girls wake up.


I always sort of feel guilty because I really want that morning time to myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love when they get up and are all cute and chatty, but my introspective personality thrives on rejuvenating in solitude. (At least that what Cain’s book tells me. Sounds pretty accurate.) This morning, like many mornings, I held Jace on my lap and read Dr. Suess’ Go Dog Go and when Hubby went to take his shower and grabbed Jace, I felt a little giddy knowing I was going to get a few minutes to myself. But as he picked him up and walked down the hallway, the little guy started yelling words we haven’t yet figured out and flailing his limbs in protest. Normally he loves going with Daddy, so this is weird behavior, and also loud. We hush him so he doesn’t wake the girls and he makes a beeline for me. What is this kid up to?

He lifts his chubby leg up on the couch that I’m sitting on and creatively hoists himself up. He scrambles onto my lap, pinching his way up; he puckers up real big and plants a wet kiss on my lips! He’s down and back in daddy’s arms before I know what hit me.

You know that feeling when you’ve been playing out in the freezing cold snow and then you come in and drink some hot chocolate? You feel it slowly tingle down your throat and it makes its way to warm your toes. Its comforting, warming, nostalgic, intimate, and precious. In that moment, I would trade a million mornings of solitude to experience that kind of love.

Have you recently had a moment that gave you a little perspective on life?

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