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O Words for Kids

Looking for some original O words for kids? Well, lucky for you, I’ve organized an optimum amount of O words to help you obtain your instructional objectives.

From octopuses to otters, and omelettes to oysters, there are so many great options of words that begin with O. For preschool through elementary, hopefully, you will be able find more than enough O words to use with your students.

Oh! And before I forget, make sure you get the free O Words for Kids Learning Pack, which is available at the end of this post.

The Sounds of O

The letter O has three distinct sounds as well as, a handful of tricky exceptions. Like all vowels, letter O has a long vowel sound and and a short vowel sound.

The long sound of O says /oh/ as in: show, know, open, and over. AND the short vowel sound of O makes the /aw/ sound as in: gone, coffee, copy, stop.

Furthermore, the letter O can also make an /uh/ sound as in: from, done, come, some, money, and month.

The Sounds of O:

  • Short O /aw/ as in: not, hot, off
  • Long O /oh/ as in: go, low, home
  • /uh/ as in: son, won, done, love

Note: There are exceptions! For more exceptions on these, you can dive deeper into the sounds of letter O and its exceptions and rules, and can hopefully get the answers you need.

O Words for Preschool

Preschoolers are just beginning to learn their alphabet and are starting to associate each letter with a sound. As your preschool learns the letter O, start by teaching them the short vowel sound /aw/. (Giving more than one sound at this time can be confusing for preschoolers.)

Here are some easy words that begin with O for preschoolers:

O Words for Preschool:

  • Off – She took her coat off.
  • On – He put his shoes on.
  • Ox – The ox is big.
  • Otter – The otter liked to play.
  • Octopus – The octopus was orange.

O Words for Kindergarten

As kids begin to learn their vowels (a, e, i, o, u), and understand that each vowel has both a long and short sound, you are free to explore more words that begin with O.

*For more practice with learning vowels, check out the Kindergarten Daily Skill Builder for daily skill-building in six different areas which include reading and handwriting.

Here are some simple words that begin with O for kindergarten:

Short O Words for Kindergarten:

  • Off – Turn of the lamp when you are done.
  • Odd – Five is an odd number.
  • Oxen – The oxen pulled the heavy cart along the road.
  • Otter – An otter is a great swimmer.
  • Octopus – I would like to see an octopus.

Long O Words for Kindergarten:

  • Ok – Are you feeling ok?
  • Old – How old is your dad?
  • Orange – This orange is delicious.
  • Ostrich – An ostrich is a very big bird
  • Over – She can climb over the branch.
  • Oval – My plate is an oval shape.
  • Ocean – I love ocean animals.

O Words for Beginning ROeaders

For moms and teachers looking for CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words for your early readers. Here is a list of three letter words that use the short o sound /aw/:

Three letter Short ‘O’ Words

  • Bob
  • Lob
  • Mob
  • Cob
  • Rob
  • Sob
  • Cod
  • Nod
  • Bog
  • Dog
  • Fog
  • Hot
  • Jog
  • Log
  • Odd
  • Pod
  • Rod
  • Sod
  • Mom
  • Pom
  • Bop
  • Pop
  • Hop
  • Mop
  • Top
  • Got
  • Hot
  • Not
  • Pot
  • Rot

O Words for Elementary Students

Elementary aged kids are ready to explore all kind of words that begin with O! Here are some age-appropriate O words for elementary students:

  • Our – Our new neighbors seem nice.
  • Owl – The old owl sat in the tree all day.
  • Oven – The oven needs to be cleaned.
  • Ocean – We live near the ocean.
  • Other – Do you have any more options other than water?
  • Olive – We have an olive tree.
  • Otter – The playful otter captured the attention of the audience.
  • Orange – The orange kitten is my favorite.
  • Ostrich – An ostrich can run faster than a horse.
  • Octopus – The eight-legged octopus is my favorite ocean creature.
  • Oxygen – The nurse gave her more oxygen to help her breathe.
  • Office – Our office is crowded.
  • Octagon – An Octagon is an eight-sized shape.
  • Oatmeal – I like to put milk and brown sugar on my oatmeal.
  • Orchard – On the weekends, we visit the orchard to help pick apples.
  • Organize – I plan to organize my clothes today.
  • Olympics – The World Olympics will be held in our country this year.
  • Orchid – The orchid bud opened up overnight.
  • October – I love the month of October because of all the fall colors.
  • Omelette – I wish I could have an omelette every morning for breakfast.
  • Oyster – I like to order oysters at a seafood restaurant.

Advanced O Words for Kids

For those students who like using big words like optimistic and outlandish, here are some ostentatious O words for elementary, or even middle or high school students, to enjoy.

  • Optimistic – My mom always has an optimistic view on life.
  • Obtainable – The student’s homework goals were obtainable.
  • Ornamental – He planted ornamental grasses along the fence line.
  • Objective – Our objective is to get home before the storm hits.
  • Occupied – All of the rooms in the hotel were occupied and we had to leave.
  • Observant – The observant boy noticed the birds nest hiding up in the tree.
  • Organic – Organic produce tastes the best.
  • Outgoing – The outgoing girl had many friends.
  • Omniscient – Our omniscient God is all-powerful.
  • Original – I met the original artist.
  • Ordinance – The city passed an ordinance to allow people to park there.
  • Offspring – The duck’s offspring follow her around the pond.
  • Ostentatious – Her ostentatious outfit caught the eye of many onlookers.
  • Outlandish – Her idea to eat the entire pie without getting a stomach ache was outlandish.
  • Obedient – The obedient boy listened to his father’s instruction.
  • Outwit – The fox could not outwit the bear.
  • Overjoyed – I am overjoyed that you are coming!
  • Optimum – What is the optimum oven temperature for cooking chicken?
  • Orderly – The towels were folded in an orderly fashion and placed on the shelf.
  • Onomatopoeia – He added onomatopoeia to his poem.

The Ultimate List of O Words for Kids

This is the ultimate O words for kids list (all the O words for kids in one place!). Click on the word to get a dictionary definition and use these sentences for context as your kids enjoy learning all these wonderful words that start with O.

  • Of – Please take care of yourself.
  • On – She put the plate on the table.
  • Or – Would you like ketchup or mustard?
  • Ok – Are you ok?
  • Ox – The ox is big and strong.
  • Off – Please get off of the couch with your dirty pants.
  • One – I need one cup of flour for this recipe.
  • Odd – Three is an odd number.
  • Out – I will be out of town next week.
  • Owl – The owl hunts at night.
  • Old – The old farmer still gets up with the rooster.
  • Oil – Dad is going to change in oil in our car.
  • Oar – We will use an oar to steer the boat.
  • Our – There are five people in our family.
  • Once – Once upon a time, there lived a princess in a large castle.
  • Only – Broccoli is the only vegetable that I will eat.
  • Oral – There will be an oral examination today.
  • Oven – The oven was hot.
  • Over – The dog rolled over for a belly rub.
  • Oats – I like to have quicks oats for breakfast.
  • Oval – The gem was cut into an oval shape.
  • Obey – Obey your parents.
  • Open – Will you please open the door for me?
  • Olive – I have a potted olive tree in my house.
  • Onion – My eyes watered when I chopped an onion.
  • Organ – According to her drivers license, she is signed up to be an organ donor.
  • Ocean – The vast ocean contains many mysteries.
  • Order – I am going to place a food order at the restaurant.
  • Other – Joyce is my other sister.
  • Orca – There is an orca whale at the aquarium.
  • Otter – The sea otters eat fish.
  • Omelette – Would you please put cheese on my omelette?
  • October – My birthday is in October.
  • Octagon – A stop sign uses the octagon shape.
  • Oyster – Oyster soup is my favorite.
  • Oasis – They searched for an oasis as they stumbled through the dry desert.
  • Orange – I would like to eat an orange with my lunch.
  • Ostrich – The ostrich was much taller than I imagined.
  • Office – Our office building is located just around the corner.
  • Orchid – The pink orchid was cheery and bright.
  • Origin – I like to learn about the origin of language.
  • Ointment – The ointment helped to sooth the stinging pain.
  • Octopus – An octopus has eight legs.
  • Obelisk – The Egyptian obelisk stood as a monument.
  • Oxygen – We need oxygen to breathe.
  • Oatmeal – The oatmeal was warm and felt good on my sore throat.
  • Organize – Will you help me organize the pantry?
  • Orchard – Our family owns an apple orchard.
  • Olympics – We will be watching the Olympics on TV this year.
  • Orchestra – The orchestra played my favorite piece from Beethoven.
  • Optimistic – His optimistic attitude helped the team make it to the top of the mountain.
  • Obtainable – His daily running goals were lofty but obtainable.
  • Ornamental – She decorated her house with ornamental flowers.
  • Objective – The teacher’s objective was to have her students learn the entire greek alphabet.
  • Occupied – The bathroom is occupied.
  • Observant – Robert is a very observant child.
  • Organic – I will only purchase organic, non-gmo produce.
  • Outgoing – She was friendly and outgoing and I liked being around her.
  • Omniscient – I believe that God is omniscient.
  • Original – I prefer the original bbq sauce recipe.
  • Ordinance – Each person needs to follow the city ordinance and stop parking along the street.
  • Offspring – The elephant’s offspring were playing and frolicking together in the mud.
  • Ostentatious – The flowers were ostentatious and exquisite.
  • Outlandish – His outlandish idea to swim across the ocean did not seem attainable.
  • Obedient – The children were quiet and obedient during the service.
  • Outwit – A snake can outwit its prey.
  • Overjoyed – I was overjoyed when I heard that you were coming.
  • Optimum – I will let you know optimum time for arrival.
  • Orderly – The class filed into the hall in orderly fashion.
  • Onomatopoeia – She added onomatopoeia to the children’s book she was writing.

O Word Activities for Kids

(This list of ideas contains Amazon Affiliate Links.)

  • Free O Words for Kids Learning Pack: Get the exclusive letter O freebie that available at the end of this post. This free letter O learning pack has tracing cards, handwriting, vocabulary pages, and a word list all for the letter O.
  • Read Picture Books About Letter O: A great way to get acclimated to the letter O is to find O’s through colorful books and rhyming poetry. Find some books for letter O so your kids can identify them as you read. Some of our favorites are Over and Under the Pond by Kate Messner and Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.
  • Shape O Words Using String: A fun and creative way to learn O words is by trying to shape them by using string. (This is a create spelling activity for kids who are also learning cursive writing.) For preschoolers, give them a piece of string and have them carefully try to shape the letter O.
  • Spelling O Words with Letter Tiles: Another interesting way of practicing O words is by having your kids spell their O words using letter tiles. (You can use Scrabble letter tiles, plastic magnetic letters, or any type of individual letter products.) Call the word out and have spell OR give them a card to practice copying the word.
  • Free Letter O Coloring Sheets: Download some free letter O coloring sheets, and have your kids practice letter recognition, letter formation, and words that begin with O. Coloring sheets are great for independent work and are also appealing to artistic and creative kids.

FREE Letter O Learning Pack 

I’ve got a free O Words for Kids Learning Pack for you! This resource pack contains letter O learning pages for preschool through elementary, including a printable o word list for your reference. To get this download, as well as, access to other great content, Join the Inspire the Mom community and sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

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More Words for Kids Resources

Are you learning all the letters of the alphabet or looking for more words based on a certain letter? Check out these other words for kids resources, games, word lists, and free printables!

What are you favorite O words for kids?

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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