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Picture Books About Farm Animals

We have a local farm that opens its doors up to the public. It is the perfect place to go with our kids, because there are lots of animals and much to do.

Farm life, animals particularly, are absolutely fascinating to our kids. Feeding the goats, petting the rabbit’s fur, or watching the horses run, makes for a day full of fun.

Along with these trips to the farm, here is a list of our favorite farm-animal, picture books (No Sleep for the Sheep is one of our kid’s favorites).

Picture Books About Farm Animals

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Whether you are doing preschool at home or are a kindergarten classroom teachers, here is a list of picture books about farm animals that you can use with your little ones.

Note: For more lists of picture books about farm animals that are geared towards specific ages, scroll farther down for the best farm animal books for toddlers, preschools, and kindergarteners.

Let’s get started!

  1. The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown – With the playful, rhythmic text and kid-friendly illustrations this books walks you through the farm and the various animals and things you will encounter.
  1. The Little Red Hen by Diane Muldrow – The little Red Hen works to bake some bread, her friends want no part in the work, but they are a willing to help eat it. This book teaches the importance of sharing with work and sharing the food.
  1. Baby Farm Animals by Garth Williams – This sweet, Golden book was illustrated by the acclaimed Garth Williams (who illustrated the Little House on the Prairie Series) and beautifully displays all the different animals babies you might find on a farm.
  1. The Jolly Barnyard by Annie North Bedford – My kids loved this farm animal book! With colorful illustrations, you follow the farm animals as they work together to give back to Farmer Brown for his birthday. See what they come up with!
  1. The Tale of Tricky Fox by Jim Aylesworth – Here’s a fun picture book about farm animals. Tricky the fox boasts that he can get the human to give him one of her pigs, but the trickster ends of being tricked himself.
  1. A Year at Maple Hill Farm by Alice Provensen – Not only is this a great book to teach kids about the changing seasons, it also does a good job of teaching kids about farm animals and the changes they encounter with the seasons as well.
  1. Rooster’s Off to See the World by Eric Carle – This is a fun, colorful counting book that highlights farm animals. As it goes, Rooster takes a walk and is joined by many other animal friends that your kids can count.
  1. Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins – Rosie the hen decides to leave the coop and take a stroll. Unaware that the fox is trailing her, she enjoys a quiet day of contentment and sightseeing in complete oblivion.
  1. On the Farm by David Elliot – Learn about bustling activity that takes place with the animals around the farm. With simple text, and colorful illustrations, this book highlights life on the farm with animals.
  1. Pelle’s New Suit by Elsa Beskow – This is a sweet book about a turning wool into clothes. Pelle’s lamb has coat that keeps growing while his pants keep getting shorter. He realizes he can sheer the sheep and use the wool to create a new suit for himself.
  1. Days on the Farm by Kim Lewis – This is a collection of five sweet books about farm animals for kids. It’s geared towards preschoolers and kindergarteners and has really beautiful illustrations.
  1. Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton – This is an interactive, get-up-and-dance, kind of book. So, Spin with the chickens and strut with the duck while you enjoy this colorful, picture book about farm animals.
  1. The Farm Book by Jan Pfloog – Follow Betty and Bobby around to learn what takes place during a day on the farm. From milking the cows to feeding the horses, kids can see some of the typical things that farmers do on an every day basis.
  1. No Sleep for the Sheep by Karen Beaumont – All the sheep wants to do is sleep but the farm is so noisy! From the oinks of the pigs to the incessant quacking of the ducks, peace and quiet on the farm is hard to find. This book is not only hilarious and fun to read aloud, it does a great job of teaching kids about the sounds that farm animals make.
  1. Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell – The duck gets fed up with the lazy farmer and takes on the daily farm tasks all by himself. The only problem is, he can’t handle it all on his own. Good thing he as friends who are willing to step in and help!
  1. James Herriot Treasury for Children by James Herriot – This is a beautiful collections of James Herriot true-to-life stories about his years as a farm vet in Yorkshire. The stories are longer, but they are so engaging and I’ve had no problems getting my kids to sit through them.


Books about Farm Animals for Toddlers

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Are you looking for some books about farm animals for toddlers? These following farm animal books for toddlers come in board book format which is great for page turning practice and early learning.

Best Farm Books for Preschool

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Wanting to know what some of the best farm books for preschool are? Check out these colorful, inviting preschool farm books that teach kids about the farm life and farm animals:

Books about Farm Animals for Kindergarten

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Need a list of books about farm animals for kindergarten? Here are some really great titles of engaging and fun books about farm animals for kindergarten. Check them out:

James Herriot’s Treasury for Children

Books about Farm Animals for Elementary

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How about some good books about farm animals for elementary students? Here are eight, exciting books about farm animals for elementary kids:

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Want to Do a Farm Animals Unit With Your Kids?

Wanting to do a unit about farm animals with your kids? Check out this farm animal unit bundle for Preschool through elementary. This HUGE Farm Animal BUNDLE features 12 farm animals, while building science, math, literacy, and handwriting skills.

More Book Lists for Kids

There are a ton of great book lists to get you started reading aloud to your kids. You can check out our book list page or jump straight to one of the following:

What are your favorite picture books about farm animals?


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