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Adverbs That Start With D

Today I’m am giving you a huge list of adverbs that start with D.  This is a great list to have on hand for adverb activities, vocabulary practice, grammar lessons, and adverb sentence examples.

So, whether you are looking for adverbs for a poem you are writing OR for a third grade grammar lesson, I hope this list of adverbs that start with D will give you the words you are looking for.

From descriptive words like dearly and delightfully to adverbs like double and down, I think you will find that there are a lot of great adverbs that start with D.

With all that being said, let’s dive right into our list of adverbs that start with D!

List of Adverbs that Start with D

Adverbs that start with D:

  • dabbingly
  • daftly
  • daily
  • daintily
  • damnably
  • damply
  • dancingly
  • dangerously
  • darkly
  • dartingly
  • dashingly
  • datively
  • dazzlingly
  • dead
  • deadly
  • deafly
  • dear
  • dearly
  • deaththy
  • debatefully
  • debatingly
  • debauchedly
  • debonairly
  • deceitfully
  • decieiveably
  • decpatively
  • decidedly
  • decimally
  • declaratively
  • decretorily
  • decoratively
  • decorously
  • decreasingly
  • dedicatedly
  • decussately
  • deducibly
  • deductively
  • deep
  • deeply
  • defensively
  • deferentially
  • definitely
  • definitively
  • defly
  • degenerately
  • degradingly
  • dejectedly
  • delayingly
  • delectably
  • deliberately
  • delicately
  • deliciously
  • delightedly
  • delightfully
  • deliriously
  • demandingly
  • demissily
  • demonstratively
  • dependably
  • deporably
  • deprecatingly
  • depressingly
  • deservedly
  • despairingly
  • despondently
  • destructively
  • determinedly
  • detestably
  • diagonally
  • dialectically
  • diametrically
  • diatonically
  • differentially
  • differently
  • differingly
  • difficultly
  • divestedly
  • digressively
  • diligently
  • dimply
  • dingily
  • diplomatically
  • direct
  • directly
  • dirtily
  • dirty
  • disagreeably
  • disapprovingly
  • disarmingly
  • disasterly
  • disbelievingly
  • discontentedly
  • discouragingly
  • discourteously
  • discreetly
  • disenchantedly
  • discustingly
  • dishonestly
  • disrespectfully
  • doctorally
  • doctrinally
  • dogmatically
  • domestically
  • dorsally
  • double
  • doubly
  • doubtfully
  • doubtless
  • down
  • downhill
  • downright
  • downstairs
  • downstream
  • downward
  • dramatically
  • dreadfully
  • dreadingly
  • dreadly
  • dreamily
  • dreamingly
  • drearily
  • drenchedly
  • drily
  • droppingly
  • dropigly
  • drowsily
  • drudgingly
  • drunkenly
  • dryly
  • dubiously
  • dully
  • duly
  • dumbly
  • durably
  • duskily
  • dutifully
  • dyingly
  • dynamically

Easy-to-Understand Adverb Sentence Examples

Do you need a quick, easy-to-understand review of adverbs and how they function in a sentence? Okay here it is: Adverbs are used to describe a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.

Furthermore, an adverb will answer one of the following questions: how? where? when? how much? or how often?

Now for some of those easy-to-understand examples.

Note: Most of the sentences use adverbs that start with D, but for the sake of finding clear examples, there are adverbs that start with other letters as well.

Adverb sentence examples that answer the ‘Where‘ question:

  • Samantha fell down.
  • The shovel was positioned downward.
  • The toddler climbed downstairs.
  • He drove downhill.

When sentence examples for adverbs:

  • We will leave today.
  • She had already knew the ending.
  • We will see you tomorrow.
  • Yesterday we went to the zoo.

How adverb sentence examples:

  • Jim spoke declaratively on the subject.
  • The man was deathly ill.
  • Jane delicately nibbled on what was left of her cookie.
  • She smiled disbelievingly.

Adverb sentence examples that answer the question How Much:

  • I am doubly reminded of my blessings.
  • The toddler completely refused to budge.
  • Betty almost forgot her keys.
  • Sarah ran very fast.

adverb sentence examples: How Often

  • I read daily.
  • She frequently visits her grandmother.
  • I’ve usually buy a burger for lunch.
  • He seldom cries.

Teaching Adverbs to Kids:

When teaching younger kids (early elementary) about adverbs you want to explain that an adverb tells us more about the verb. It also important to note that adverbs will answer the questions: where? when? how? how often? and how much? And will commonly end with ‘-ly’ (daily, discreetly, dearly, deeply, dirty, etc).

As your kids get older and move into upper elementary you will need to teach them that adverbs describe not only verbs, but they can also describe other adverbs and adjectives as well. See the different adverb examples below:

Teaching AdverbS sentence examples for kids:

  • Adverb describing a verb: The girl sang dreamily.
  • Adverb describing another adverb: The girl sang very dreamily.
  • Adverb describing a adjective: The girl sang a very dreamy song.

Adverb Activities for Kids

Now, let me give you some creative and practical adverb activities that you can use to teach your kids the parts of speech.

  • Read picture books about adverbs: The first activity is to find some picture books about adverbs (or any books for that matter) and read through them together. Seeing adverbs and other parts of speech in action will play a huge role in understanding how grammar works.
  • Act out adverbs: Make a list of verb/adverb combinations and ask your kids to act them out. These can include things like: walk slowly, sing softly, crawl quickly, moo loudly, sit quietly, etc.)
  • Complete an adverb word search: Download the free printable adverb worksheets from below and complete the adverb word search. This is a great way to begin recognizing the “-ly” words that are commonly used as adverbs.

  • Brainstorm adverbs that answer questions: Have your kids brainstorm adverbs that answer the five adverb questions: Where? When? How? How often? How Much? Then try then out in sentences to see if they work!

Free Printable Adverb Learning Pack 

This free Adverb Learning Pack includes worksheets, adverb sentence cards, brainstorming charts, pick and adverb cards, adverb word search and more! (Great adverb practice for kids from 1st-5th grade.) For access to this free resource sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

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Q & A For Adverbs That Start With D

1. What are some positive adverbs that start with D?

Dancingly, dazzlingly, dearly, delectably, deliciously, delightedly, delightfully, dependably, and deservedly.

2. What are some good ‘ly’ D adverbs for second grade?

Daily, darkly, deadly, dearly, dishonestly, deeply, directly, dirty, and disagreeably.

3. What are some adverbs that start with ‘Dr’ ?

Dreadfully, dreamily, drearily, droopingly, drowsily, drudgingly, drukenly, and dryly.

4. What are some harsh adverbs beginning with D?

Deceitfully, deathly, deadly, defensively, degradingly, disapprovingly, disasterly, and dreadfully.

5. What are some common adverbs beginning with D?

Daily, dangerously, darkly, dear, dearly, delicately, deliciously, dependably, deservedly, dishonestly, double, down, dramatically, dreadfully, deep, and deeply.

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What would you add to this ‘Adverbs That Start With D’ list?

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