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Printable Oregon State Study Copywork

This fall we will be doing an Oregon State Unit study. Today I’m sharing this Oregon state copywork pack that we have to go along with this unit.


Oregon Unit Study

This year we’ve decided to plan our own history units. Our first one this year, it to study our state (Oregon). The landscape, animals, basic history, people and key facts. We will also touch on the Oregon Trail and the westward expansion. My goal it to keep it fun, interactive, and experience-based as much as I can. (Our kids ages range from 5-8)

With that being said, I wanted a writing resource to go along with this unit. One that would reinforce the facts while also building a skill. In this case, the skill is handwriting.

Note: If you want to learn about the state of Oregon OR study the Oregon Trail in your homeschool, you can download our Free Oregon State Unit Study for lots of great ideas.

Benefits of doing copywork

There are so many benefits of copywork, some of these benefits are, but are not limited to: handwriting practice, vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure, and exposure to great literature.  Needless, to say its been a great learning tool in our homeschool for years.

Note: Some of our other copywork printables include: States and CapitalsU.S. Presidents, Fruit of the Spirit, and Famous Quotes.

Oregon State Copywork Contents

  • Cover
  • Lists (Large and small cities in Oregon)
  • U.S. Map (to highlight where Oregon is)
  • Key Facts
  • Region
  • Wildlife
  • Trees
  • Places to go (National parks as well as, other natural and historical attractions)
  • Products (Things that Oregon is known for producing)
  • Brainstorm page (for mapping out what they’ve learned about Oregon)
print practice page

Available in Print and Cursive

This Oregon State Study Copywork is available in print and cursive. I will have my younger two using the print version and my daughter in third grade will use the cursive option. 

Oregon State study cursive copywork

Oregon State Copywork Download 

If you would like these printable resources for your homeschool or classroom you can find them in the links below.

Oregon State PRINT Copywork

Oregon State CURISVE Copywork


Typically I like to laminated the first and last page, then have it bound at our local print shop. However, I am assembling a morning work binder this fall for my kids and I will be adding this resource in there.

Another easy option would be to use a 3-ring binder or simply print and go.

Oregon State study copywork pin

More Elementary Resources

Have you created a state study in your homeschool? If so, what have you included?

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