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Printable Preschool Activities for January

Before Christmas sneaks up on us and its the first of the year before we know it, here is list of some of our favorite printable preschool activities for January.

Printable preschool activities for January

Keep in mind, these are winter-themed activities, so they could be used not only in January, but for the whole wintery season. Let’s check them out!

1. Snowflake alphabet

This is a fun game that works on letter recognition. Using beads, cotton balls, or blocks, have your kids cover up the correct letters. (There is a page for every letter in the alphabet in this pack.)

2. Snowflake Pile

Practice counting by making snowflake piles with objects to match the number given. (We used foam snowflakes, but you use also use cotton balls, paper snowflakes, or even marshmallows.)

3. Q-tip Snowflakes

Give your kids a handful of Q-tips and have them recreate the snowflake given. This activity is great for fine-motor practice, following patterns, and learning visual discrimination of form.

4. Mitten Colors

Learn colors and color words with these fun mitten color mats. Using colored pom-poms and pipe cleaners, cover the mittens with the matching colors. Then, trace the color word at the bottom.

5. Marshmallow Letters

This is a simple letter recognition game but can keep kids busy for a while! using marshmallows, pom-poms, or cotton balls work on basic letter formation.

6. Phone Number Activities

Preschool is a great time to learn how to dial a phone and a phone number that a parent can be reached. These pages have them practicing dialing, memorizing numbers, and writing their phone number.

7. Penguin Shapes

Penguin shapes is a fun activity to begin identifying basic 2-D Shapes. Have the kids create the shape using yarn or pipe cleaners. Then review what an AB pattern is on every page, using the shape they’ve learned.

8. Line Tracing

Get a dry erase marker and practice tracing the frosty lines. This winter prewriting activity builds preschool pencil holding skills, stroke fluency, and focus.

9. Snowman sight word signs

Get acquainted with ten different common sight words with these fun winter snowman sight word sign pages. Write the word, find the letters, read the word, then form the word.


10. Winter block designs

Get a box of legos and recreate the winter block designs given. This is great wok in the area of patterns, sizes, and counting.

Don’t have any of these items? No worries.

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Just use what you have around the house! Here is a list of possible things you can use for these preschool fine-motor activities:

January Preschool Activity Binder DOWNLOAD

This is a great resource for homeschool or classroom use. You can download the January Preschool Activity Binder and get started today!

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What preschool activities do you have planned for January?

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