DIY Bird Feeder Ornaments

I love how children have so much wonder. They are so aware of all the little details around them that we as adults have grown to overlook. They point out bugs crawling on the patio, and squeal with delight when they see a butterfly land on a window.

Birds are most welcomed guests and every squirrel has a name. Well, at our house, the same name. Gus-Gus is every squirrel in our backyard. He frolics along the trees, and Mission-Impossible‘s our fence in order to reach the bird feeder that is dangling a few inches from his grasp.

Gus-Gus provides endless entertainment for the little faces pressed up against the glass. I don’t know how many times a day I hear the joyful ring of one of my kids, beckoning me to the window to see what the little rascal is doing.

Therefore, in light of the holidays and giving, we decided to make a little treat for our backyard friends. Giving back to them a little portion of the joy they have given to us.

DIY Bird Feeder Ornaments

We used Missy’s Sweet Tweet Recipe from to make our ornaments. We used five tablespoons of our organic Great Lakes Gelatin instead of the Knox packets she recommended. We also used our Christmas cookie cutters for a more festive look. We were able to make seven ornaments with this recipe.

This was a very simple recipe that was super easy to make with the kids. A much better alternative to the peanut butter pinecones we tried the previous year, also a lot less messy.

As for our little backyard friends…they are enjoying their treats. Well, what is left of them anyway. Once Gus-Gus discovered the treats he somehow managed to untie them, and run off with the goods. That little rascal!

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      1. Oh my goodness! Finally made these today and they were super easy and adorable. I have a lot of bird lovers in my life and I doubled the recipe to make a ton… will gift to neighbors for the holidays also because I now have a million of these things. When I ran out of cookie cutters, I used mason jar ring lids and they worked awesome. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Love how these turned out!

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