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Adverbs That Start With K

This is a helpful list of adverbs that start with K, great for grammar lessons, writing, adverb activities, sentence examples and more!

This type of list of adverb list is handy to have on hand if you are a teacher, homeschool mom, writer, or student.

While there are not a ton adverbs that start with K, there are some great word options. From descriptive words like kindly and kingly to adverbs like knightly and knowably, I think you will find a decent selection of adverbs that start with K to choose from.

With that being said, let’s get started. Here is a list of adverbs that start with K!

List of Adverbs that Start with K

Adverbs that start with K:

  • kaleidoscopically
  • karmically
  • kawaiily
  • keenly
  • kickingly
  • kiddingly
  • kindly
  • kindheartedly
  • kingly
  • kingly
  • kissingly
  • kinesthetically
  • kind of
  • kitty-corner
  • kinda
  • kindily
  • kinetically
  • kinesthetically
  • kinkily
  • kissably
  • kitchenward
  • kittenishly
  • knavishly
  • kneadingly
  • kneelingly
  • knightly
  • knitwise
  • knowingly
  • knee-high
  • knee-deep
  • knowably
  • knowledgeably
  • knobbily
  • knockingly
  • knottily
  • knowably
  • kookily
  • koranically
  • kosherly

Adverb Sentence Examples

Need some sentence examples, so you can better understand how adverbs work? Before we dive in, let me remind you that an adverb will answer one of the following questions about the verb: how? where? when? how much? or how often?

With that in mind, here are some adverb sentence examples that based on of which question they answer about the verb. (Note: Most of the sentences use adverbs that start with K, but because of a lack of K word options for each category, there are adverbs that start with other letters as well.)

Where adverb sentence examples:

  • The baby crawled kitchenward.
  • They moved away.
  • She stumbled backwards.

How adverb sentence examples:

  • The toddler kickingly left the store.
  • The teacher knowledgeably lectured on the subject.
  • We keenly observed the birds in our backyard..
  • She kiddingly asked his age.

When sentence examples for adverbs:

  • She will speak soon.
  • Last year we moved.
  • She turned in her paper yesterday.
  • I will mop the floors tomorrow.

How Much adverb sentence examples:

  • We kind of like each other.
  • He stepped knee-deep in the river.
  • Ted stood knee-high next to his father.

adverb sentence examples: How Often

  • We frequently jog together.
  • She normally visits on Sundays.
  • We rarely see fireworks.

Adverb Teaching Tips for Kids:

Here are a few things you want to cover when you are teaching adverbs to your students:

  • Adverbs tell us more about verbs
  • They will answer the questions: where? when? how? how often? and how much?
  • Adverbs commonly end with ‘-ly’.
  • Adverbs modify verbs, but they can also modify other adverbs and adjectives as well. (See the different adverb examples below)

Different Adverb Use Examples:

  • Adverb describing a verb: She acted kindly.
  • Adverb describing another adverb: She acted very kindly.
  • Adverb describing a adjective: She was very kind.

Fun and Engaging Adverb Activities for Kids

Moving on, here are some fun an engaging adverb activities you can do with your kids! These are creative ways to learn the parts of speech and can be used with kids of all ages.

  • Snacking Adverbs: Break your students up into partners. Next, give your students each a snack to munch on. As they eat, have the kids take turns describing, how the other person is eating. (loudly, obnoxiously, slowly, quickly, etc).

  • Play Charades With Adverbs: To play charades with adverbs say a verb out loud for everyone to hear (run, sing, dance, etc). Then have your students take turns acting out adverbs that could describe that verb while everyone, who is not acting, tries to guess.

  • Do an Adverb Word Search: Another great way to learn adverbs (especially ones that end in ‘-ly’), is to do a word search. This type of exercise helps kids to remember that adverbs commonly end in ‘-ly’–but not always.
  • Check out Some Picture Books About Adverbs: Did you know that you can find picture books about adverbs? You can! Go to your local library and see what selection they have. This is a easy and awesome way to learn more about adverbs.

Free printable Adverb Learning Pack 

Here are some free printable adverb worksheets! This adverb learning pack includes worksheets, adverb sentence cards, brainstorming charts, a word search and more! For access to this free resource sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

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Q & A: Adverbs That Start With K

1. What are some positive adverbs that start with K?

Keenly, kiddingly, kingly, kingly, kissingly, kind-heartedly, kindily, kissably, and knowledgeably.

2. What are some common adverbs beginning with K?

Kindly, killingly, keenly, kind of, kissably, kitty-corner, knowingly, and knowledgeably.

3. What are some good ‘ly’ K adverbs for fourth grade?

Kiddingly, kindly, kingly, knightly, and knowingly.

4. What are some adverbs that start with Kn?

Knavishly, kneelingly, knightly, knowingly, knowledgeably, and knobbily.

Additional Writing Resources for Kids

For more adverbs and other writing resources for kids, be sure to check out the Words for Kids page that has tons of word lists, vocabulary lists, activities, free learning pages, ideas, and more!

What would you add to this ‘Adverbs That Start With K’ list?

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