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Fruit of the Spirit Copywork

Today I’m sharing this Fruit of the spirit copywork pack that I’ve put together for our kids to use over the Summer.

We’ve had quite a few discussions recently about what it means to have the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives, and I thought this would be a nice opportunity to dive a little deeper into their understanding.

fruit of the spirit print copywork


How do you explain the Fruit of the Spirit to kids?

I would say, the fruit of the spirit is a Biblical term found in Galatians chapter 5 that refers to the nine characteristics of someone who is in following God with their lives (or living in accord with the Holy Spirit.) These nine attributes are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control. 




What is the purpose of learning the Fruit of the Spirit?

As Believers, we want our lives to reflect our relationship with Jesus Christ. By knowing the Fruit of the Spirit we are made aware of His attributes and can use these fruits to pattern our lives in a way that will align with God’s character rather than our own.




How to teach the Fruit of the Spirit to your kids

There are so many great ways to teach kids new information; teaching the Bible is no different. You can memorize the scripture passage, discuss the meaning, learn a song, do coloring sheets, read other children’s books that reinforce these characteristics, do a devotion kit, or even incorporate these verses into their schooling. 

The idea of incorporating the verses into their schooling is one of the routes we are going. We already need to practice handwriting so why not infuse these Biblical truths while we are at it?




Fruit of the Spirit Copywork

There are so many benefits of copywork, some of these benefits are, but are not limited to: handwriting, vocabulary, sentence structure, spelling, and exposure to great literature.  Needless, to say its been a great learning tool in our homeschool for years.

Note: Some of our other copywork printables include: States and Capitals, U.S. Presidents, and Famous Quotes.

This Fruit of the Spirit Copywork Pack includes scriptures to copy that reinforce each of the nine fruits of the spirit. There are also opportunities to practice the fruit names in list form as well as a color-it-off checklist. (We plan to color-in each attribute word as we finish the scriptures associated with it.)

fruit of the spirit color page




Available in Print and Cursive

This Fruit of the Spirit printable is available in print and cursive. I will have my younger two using the print version and my daughter in third grade will use the cursive option. 







Fruit of the Spirit Copywork Download 

If you would like these resources for your homeschool or classroom you can find them in the links below.

Fruit of the Spirit PRINT Copywork

Fruit of the Spirit CURISVE Copywork





I printed the file, laminated the first and last page, then had it bound at our local print shop for $2.99. It was very inexpensive to make, sturdy, and looks great.

Another easy option would be to use a 3-ring binder or simply print and go.




fruit of the spirit print copywork pin



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