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Letter G Worksheets

Today I’m sharing some free printable letter G worksheets! These letter G practice pages are great for learning letter recognition, beginning sounds, handwriting, coloring, and pencil practice.

Each of these letter G worksheets are simple and straightforward and are perfect to use with your preschoolers or kindergarteners. And the best part is, they are print and go. So whether you are doing preschool at home, have a room full of kindergarteners or are homeschooling, I think you will find this resource useful.

Before we go over the letter G worksheets, let’s do a quick review on how to teach letter G to preschoolers and kindergarteners.

How do I Teach Letter G to Preschoolers OR Kindergarteners?

G is the 7th letter in the alphabet and it has two sounds: the hard sound: /g/ (grass, girl, goat) and the soft sound: /j/ (gem, giant, giraffe). 

When you begin teaching letter G to preschoolers or kindergarteners it’s important that you stick with the hard G sound (gobble, go, get). Because introducing multiple sounds per letter will only cause confusion at this point.

Another thing to keep in mind for younger children is visual letter confusion. Letter confusion is very typical when kids are first being introduced to the alphabet.

Here are some examples of letters that typically cause letter confusion when it come to the letter G: The uppercase G can be confused with C, O, and Q. And the lowercase g is sometimes confused with p, q, b, and d. (Try different strategies for learning letters and sounds to help with these common mixups.)

Letter G Worksheets

There are eight letter G worksheets in this free alphabet printable. Each worksheet helps kids focus on learning the uppercase, G as well as, the lowercase G while building handwriting, vocabulary, fine motor, and phonetic awareness skills. Here is a quick overview of each of the letter G printables in this pack:

1. Large Letter Coloring – Letter G worksheets for Preschool

These first two letter G worksheets for preschool and kindergarten feature a picture of an item that starts with G, large upper and lowercase letter examples, and a word to trace.

2. Letter G Practice Pages

The next two worksheets are practice pages for learning the letter G. There is one for lowercase and one for uppercase. These letter G printables reinforce prewriting, letter formation, beginning sounds, G words, and letter differentiation.

3. Color the Objects – Letter G Worksheet

The next letter G practice page helps kids to identify the g words that begin with the hard ‘g’ sound. This helps to build sound differentiation between other letters in the alphabet, as well as, reinforcing the sound associated with the letter G.

4. Letter G Tracing Worksheet

This alphabet tracing letter G page is for kids who are ready to start handwriting and letter formation. Follow the stroke marks and tracing lines to learn how to write the letter G correctly.

5. Letter G Word Tracing and Drawing Worksheet

This next free letter G printable is great of early readers and kids who already have basic grasp of handwriting. They are to read the word, trace the word, then draw a picture that corresponds with the word.

6. G Word Tracing – Letter G Worksheets for Kindergarten

The last page for learning letter G is a vocabulary list of G words that your kids can read, trace, and practice.

Free Printable Letter G Worksheets

Are you interested in this free letter G learning pack? Get them here! These are the these worksheets are an instant download and are for personal use only!  For Access to this freebie, Join the Inspire the Mom Community and sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

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Letter G Worksheets – Q & A

1. What four letter words start with G for kids?

Goat, girl, give, gift, good, game, goal, golf, grab, grow, gull, glob, gang, grip, grew, gold, gown, geek, gate, gong, goof, and gasp.

2. What are some objects that begin with letter G?

Goat, girl, goggles, gift, and golf. For more items that begin with G check out the full list of objects that start with G.

3. Where can I find letter G worksheets for toddlers?

You can use this free letter pack with toddlers as well! The coloring and pencil practice is great for dexterity and building fine motor skills while introducing the letter G.

4. Where can I find a full list of words that begin with G?

For a comprehensive list of words that begin with G, check out this G Words for Kids resource!

How do you plan to use the letter G printables with your kids?

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