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Five Strawberry Craft Ideas for Kids

Today I’m sharing 5 simple strawberry craft ideas that you can do with your kids. These ideas are perfect for a summer craft, or to go along with a strawberry unit your are doing with your students.

Each of these paper strawberry crafts are super-easy and fun for kids to make. And the best part is, they are super-simple to pull together. All you have to do is print off the free templates, grab a few supplies, and you are good to go.

These simple strawberry craft ideas are geared towards preschool through 2nd grade. But, with some tweaking, these ideas could easily be adapted for older kids as well. 

5 Fun Strawberry Craft Ideas for Kids

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For each of these crafts, I used the red and green from the Astrobrights (primary colors) Cardstock Pack. Along with white and black cardstock, scissors and glue sticks. Thats it!

Let’s just right in! Here are five strawberry craft ideas:

1. Mosaic Strawberry Craft

The first strawberry craft idea is this fun, colorful mosaic strawberry. For this craft, print off the strawberry outline (from the free strawberry template pack) and then cut up some red, green, and white-colored card-stock paper into random pieces. 

Next, have your kids fill the strawberry by glueing the colorful pieces onto the shape while trying to stay within the lines (save the white pieces to glue on at the end, these are the ‘seeds’).

This is a fun craft that builds both fine-motor skills and spatial reasoning.

2. Basic Paper Strawberry Craft

The next strawberry craft ideas is this cute, basic paper strawberry. For this craft you will need the free strawberry template (available in the free strawberry template pack), card stock paper (red, green, white), as well as, some scissors and glue.

To begin, cut out the template pieces and trace them onto the colored card stock paper. Then, cut each piece out and glue them together.

Extra Option #1 To make the seeds stand out, use pop dots, to adhere them to the paper. (affiliate link)

3. Three Dimensional Heart Strawberry Craft

For this next craft idea, you will need to cut out two red hearts and a green stem (You can use the free templates included in the strawberry craft template pack!)

First, using a black marker, draw some seeds onto the red hearts. Next, glue one heart down onto a base piece of paper (I used black). After that, glue on the stem. To finish it off, fold the second heart in half and glue only the crease down onto the center of the strawberry.

Tip #1: To create a bigger crease, so it makes the gluing-down easier, place a pencil in the crease as you fold.

4. Q-tip Painting Strawberry Craft

For this next strawberry craft, you will need the a blank strawberry template (same as the mosaic strawberry), Q-tips, a paper plate, and some kid-friendly paint.

To begin, put small dabs of red, green, and black paint on a paper plate (this will be your child’s paint palette). Next, give your child a Q-tip for each color and have them dot the paint colors onto the strawberry outline in the appropriate spaces.

Lastly, have them trace the word ‘strawberry’ in their best print handwriting.

5. Paint Your Own Strawberry Puzzle Craft

The last strawberry craft idea is a paint your own puzzle craft. Using the puzzle page from the free Strawberry craft printable, have your kids paint their upside-down handprint in red in the middle of the puzzle template.

Once their handprint dries, have them paint a green stem and then paint some black ‘seeds’ on their strawberry using a Q-tip.

Lastly, after all the paint has dried, cut up the pieces of the puzzle. (These pieces can be stored in sandwich bags OR they can glue their puzzle pieces down on a separate sheet of paper.)

Another fun idea, is to have your kids trade puzzles with each other and see how fast they can put their friend’s or siblings puzzles together.

Low-Prep Strawberry Crafts for Kids

Each of these strawberry craft ideas are both fun for kids to create yet easy for parents or teachers to pull together. These strawberry crafts can be done as an addition to a Strawberry Unit or simply as fun project for your preschool at home.

Feel free to use the ideas and free templates OR draw up some of your own! Either way, I hope that these ideas will inspire you to get creative and have fun with your kids.

Free Strawberry Craft Template Pack Download

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Strawberry Crafts For Kids Q & A

1. What are the benefits of kids crafting?

Crafting builds fine-motor skills, spatial reasoning, and dexterity while fostering imagination and creativity. It’s also a hands-on approach that help kids build relationships with topics and ideas.

2. How can you easily draw a strawberry?

First, draw a heart. Once you have the heart-shape, you can smooth the lines and do some simple re-shaping, to make it a little more strawberry-ish looking. Next, draw a stem and a few leaves coming out of the top. Last, color it in, and then pencil strawberry seeds all over your strawberry.

3. Where can you find red card stock paper?

You can find red card stock at a local craft store or on Amazon.

More Crafts for Kids

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What are your favorite strawberry crafts for kids?

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