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Printable Seasons Unit for Prek-2nd Grade

What does winter mean? What is spring? How can we teach our kids to differentiate?

Today I’m sharing a simple, seasons mini unit that I just listed in my Etsy Store. It is designed for preschool through 2nd grade and gives kids that extra help they need in understanding and differentiating the four seasons. Not to mention, it is beautiful and fun.

I love the watercolor houses graphics I was able to find for this unit. I think they are a great, visual representation for kids to understand and see how the seasons change throughout the year.

Learning goals for this unit

Before we into what the mini unit holds, here are the learning goals that I had in mind when I was creating this unit:

  • Identify the general characteristics of each season
  • Differentiate the seasons
  • Seasonal outdoor exploration and observation
  • Expand knowledge of the four seasons through poetry, reading, and literature
  • Learn and define seasonal terms and vocabulary
  • Build general, age-appropriate skills through seasons-themed math, language arts, handwriting, poetry, and nature play.

Seasons Mini Unit

1. Identify the general characteristics of each season.

The best way to begin the conversation of the four different seasons is to go for a walk out in nature and talk about the seasonal elements around you such as, the changing of the trees, the weather, or animals that are out and about.

Sometimes its hard for young kids to remember the characteristics of each season, so this would be a great time to lay the flashcards out and look at the various seasons represented and point out the different characteristics of each.

2. Get good at differentiating the seasons

What makes summer different than autumn? How can we tell winter apart from spring? Once you’ve learned each of the seasons, it’s time to practice.

Talk about the colors you see in each season and the possible temperatures outside. Then, discuss what type of clothing would be appropriate for each season.

Work on identifying and matching season words together with the pictures (nomenclature cards included.)

Or play the seasons memory game. (Cut out the pieces and lay them face down. The one with more matches at the end wins.)

Note: There are pictures and seasons words. If your child isn’t a reader yet, simply eliminate the words at this point and use the pictures.

3. Seasonal outdoor exploration and observation

So much of learning the seasons is simply experiencing them. Once your kids see, smell, taste, hear, and feel the seasons, that’s when it really begins to sink in.

Get outside and get acquainted with your current season!

Once your kids feel the cold snowflakes falling onto their skin, smell the chimney smoke, watch the birds perch on the bare branches, and be grateful for their coat. They have learned what winter is.

4. Learn more about the seasons with poetry and reading

A good poem or book can go a long way in leaving a feeling or impression about a season. Choose books you have around the house or load of up with seasonal books from the library.

Need help? Check out the huge free list of picture books by topic that is available in my resource library to get started.

5. Learn and define words associated with each season

What words come to mind when you hear the word spring? What about summer? Watermelon? Bugs? Water? Heat? This unit gives a list of common words associated with each of the seasons in North America.

Giving kids vocabulary to use for each season expands their view of what each seasons holds, and gives them ways to express their experiences.

6. Build seasons-themed skills in math, language arts and handwriting

This seasons mini unit has a sampling of skill-building in math, language arts, poetry, and handwriting for preschool through second grade.

Activities included in the printable seasons mini unit

  • Seasons poster
  • Seasons flashcards 
  • Nomenclature seasons flashcards
  • Season’s tree poem with copywork in print AND cursive
  • Preschool seasons letter/tracing pages
  • Draw the seasons pages
  • Seasons memory game

Seasons Mini Unit Download

This is a great resource for homeschool or classroom use. You can download the Seasons Mini Unit and get started today!


I would love to see how you are using this seasons unit in your homeschool or classroom! Take a picture and tag me @inspirethemom on Instagram!

What are you favorite ways to learn about the seasons?

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