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Easy Nature Collage Activity for Kids

Our glorious week of snow has melted and we are working on to finding new ways of getting outdoors and enjoying what nature has to offer.

The colors in our area are fairly muted right now except for the occasional red or white berries and of course, our awesome evergreens. Regardless, we were able to find some beautiful neutrals that we just had to bring inside.

Adding a few rocks from the kid’s collections, and using this heart of nature template, we enjoyed arranging and assembling these neat, nature collages to showcase our findings.

Heart of Nature Collage Template

What is a nature collage?

A nature collage is simply a compilation of things you find in nature. Creating one can be fun for all ages. I like that this activity not only gets kids outside learning more about nature, but it also works on fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and art.

Want to make a nature collage?

This is such a fun, nature craft that gives you another excuse to get outdoors and explore. As for the template, you can download our heart of nature template OR you can make your own! Draw any shape, get outside and start looking for interesting and colorful things you can put inside of your shape.

Note: letting your kids see the collage shape and size before they go on their nature scavenger hunt allows them to ponder their sizes and think through the spacial aspect as they choose what to bring inside.

Heart of Nature Collage Template

Start collecting nature

Now it’s time to get outside! What will you find? There are no rules, other than finding things that will fit within your shape and having fun.

Some of the items our kids found were double helicopters, pine sprigs, an oak leaf, a small daisy, a bright green strawberry leaf, rocks, sage leaves, acorn tops and more!

Start Making your Nature Collage

Once you’ve gathered your findings, bring them inside and let the creating fun begin. Let the kids arrange their items within the shape and see what they come up with.

As a mom, I really enjoyed this part. Seeing each of the kids with their items strewn all over that table, watching them pick up the things they had found and ‘oo’ and ‘aw’ over their discoveries, then watch them bend over the table and create a work of art with the pieces of nature in their hands.

Heart of Nature Collage Template

And, you’re done! You can attach the pieces with glue OR you can simply take pictures of your creations, then leave them on the table for Dad to enjoy when he gets home. (We did the latter.)

Heart of Nature Collage Template

The Heart of Nature Activity Template

This is a great activity for a February nature craft OR an outdoor science activity. You could draw out your own heart OR you can simply download The Heart of Nature Craft Template and get started today.

NOTE: we printed ours on card stock, but you could also laminate as well.

Share Your Creations!

We would love to see what your nature collages look like and what you were able to find in your area! Take a picture and tag us @inspirethemom on Instagram!

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