Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension

When working on reading comprehension in our homeschool, we mostly use narration. However, I am going to be offering graphic organizers as a fun and simple way to broaden my kid’s perspective and vocabulary when it comes to understanding what they are reading.

Sometimes understanding the vocabulary, is half the battle. By giving them an organizer we can talk about comprehension terminology like prediction, sequencing, OR main ideas vs. details.

Furthermore, it gives alternative strategies for interpreting the meaning of a text. For example, when we teach math, we explore the different ways of problem solving. The same idea can be applied to reading. Our kids can benefit from learning different strategies for understanding what they are reading.

I plan to use these as a fun activity, OR simply a unique way of doing their narration for the day. So far, no complaints. ?



Graphic Organizers for Reading Strategies

This pack has 20 different organizers to pull out and use with my kids. It covers everything from summarization, visualization, and prediction.

We plan on using these as a fun and unique way of occasionally switching up our narration time. I’m hoping they will serve to build up proof of comprehension, vocabulary, and strategies for future reading.


Printable Graphic Organizer Download for You

If you would like this resource for your homeschool or classroom, you can find the DOWNLOAD HERE.




What are some of your favorite ways to encourage comprehension?


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