Spring Themed Prewriting and Shape Activities

Today I’m sharing this printable Spring Prewriting Activity pack I just listed in my tpt store. This would work well for preschool at home or a classroom setting. Now, let’s talk about prewriting.


What is Pre-Writing?

Simply put, prewriting is developing the fine motor skills needed to begin writing. In so many words, it is a gentle introduction to handwriting.

The child works to build fine motor skills, becomes acclimated to a pencil, expands their attention span, and  eventually learns simple lines needed to form letters.

(Prewriting strokes include: vertical and horizontal lines, diagonal lines, x’s, plus signs, squares, circles, and triangles.)


Ways to Develop Prewriting Skills

First, let them play. The best way to being building their fine motor skills is to use their hands with things like building blocks, play dough, or sensory bins. Also, crafts with string, lacing cards, and paper crafts are getting for budding pincer skills as well. 

Secondly, to become acclimated to a pencil, let your child explore holding and using various writing utensils. Try markers, pens, colored pencils, crayons, and paint brushes. It’s like learning to use a fork, it takes time and practice to get the utensil to do what you want. 

Thirdly, by taking periods of time to work on a specific task whether it is play or a craft, you are growing their attention span (their ability to focus on one thing for longer). This life skill will invaluable for their future education. 

Once your child feels comfortable holding a pencil correctly you can begin to teach the basic strokes of handwriting. You can use a prewriting curriculum, printable worksheets (like the ones I’m sharing today), or simply demonstrate on a blank piece of paper. 

Either way, Practice, practice, practice. Give your student a writing utensil and have them practice. It’s not about perfection, it’s about building muscle strength, hand-eye coordination, and attention.



Printable Spring Prewriting Activities

I enjoy putting together these prewriting activities for my preschoolers. I have a fall and winter option, so I wanted to add to the collection with a spring-themed notebook.

This is a 30 page download that focuses on the building of fine motor skills while introducing the basic strokes of handwriting, as well as,  shape recognition.

printable spring prewriting activities match the bird to the egg



How to Make Prewriting Activities Reusable 

This is a small activity notebook.  I chose a durable 1/2 inch three-ring binder as well as, heavy weight, clear page protectors that could withstand the use of a three-year old.

I inserted the 30 page printable into the page protectors and enclosed them within the three-ring binder, and voila! Done!

I love turning these pages into a wipe-off resource because little ones fly through the pages and when you have them in the clear page protectors they can revisit them over and over. 

Materials used: (Amazon Affiliate links included)




How We Use the Spring Prewriting Activities

We use these notebooks for our preschooler to work on while I am doing school with the other two.  She loves this activity and asks for it almost daily.

I want it to be a fun and a very, gently-guided activity. Therefore, I don’t correct or make any changes.

We talk about the pictures and shapes, and celebrate when she is able to follow the lines.


Spring prewriting activities match the leaves page




Spring Prewriting Activities Download

If you want to make one of these Spring-Themed Prewriting and Shapes Notebook for your homeschool or classroom you can get the download HERE.




Contents of the Spring Prewriting Activities

This packet includes the basic strokes of letters and shapes (straight, angled, and crossed lines), flowing motion, and shape formation.




More Printable Prewriting Resources

If you want more prewriting activity options, you can check out some of these resources as well. 

preschool prewriting





Ready for Handwriting?

If your kids are ready for the next step in handwriting check out this handwriting notebook.




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What skills are you working on with your preschooler?


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