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Today I’m sharing this printable farmhouse-themed word wall that I just listed in my tpt store. This would work well for a homeschool or classroom setting. Now, let’s talk about word walls…


What is a Word Wall?

A word wall is a designated space that displays high frequency words or sight words and is designed to be an interactive activity for early readers. 

Furthermore, a word wall can be created on a bulletin board, tri-fold board, or directly onto a wall. Typically, the display consists of a header for each letter, and sight words to be assigned to those letters.


pointing to farmhouse word wall



Are Word Walls Effective?

If they are done in conjunction with a good phonics program, word walls can be quite helpful. Keeping in mind that the combination of learning sight words AND phonics will be the most effective way to teach reading.

Word walls can be quite effective in a classroom setting, but speaking now as a homeschool mom, I think it would depend on your kids. 

A very visual or hands-on learner could really benefit from having their sight words in front of them daily. Furthermore, if you have multiple children at this age, you could easily teach their sight words together.

Lastly, it can also be very handy for the teacher (whether at home or in the classroom) to have them all posted in one place. 


Word Wall Activities

A word wall only works, if you use it. With that being said, before you put one together, form a general plan of how you would use it daily.

Whether you are looking for word wall ideas for home or for the classroom, consider realistic activities your students would benefit from. 

Here are some word wall activities you could try: (Amazon affiliate links in this list.)

  • Word scramble game (unscramble the letters to find the correct word)
  • Point and read (get a fun pointer and have the kids point as they read) 
  • Find the missing word (take one off the board and see if they know which one it is)
  • Find the word that is out of place (perhaps strategically placed under the wrong letter heading)
  • Match the word to the correct definition
  • Illustrate the words
  • Word wall worksheets
  • Find ways to categorize the words (nouns, verbs, etc)
  • Musical words (rotate a word around the room, when the music stops that person reads it)
  • Word of the day (highlight one word. Discuss the definition and practice making sentences with it.)
  • Write a sentence using 2 or 3 words from the wall
  • Write a short story using the words on the wall
  • Create a word search
  • Find rhyming words


What Words should be on a Word Wall?

For early elementary, and if you are in a classroom setting, your school probably has a designated list you are working off of, such as the Fry or Dolch sight word list. On the other hand, if you homeschool, your curriculum will typically provide these lists.

You can find articles and videos on the differences between Fry and Dolch lists.

In this resource, I included the first 200 high frequency words on the FRY list. I also included blank boxes to add your own words.

For the complete lists of grade appropriate lists check out these resources:


word wall cut pieces


What grades use Word Walls?

Typically they are thought of as an early elementary resource for learning sight words, but they are actually used a lot in other grades as well.

For example, a secondary grade word wall might be used for teaching math vocabulary or even ELA for foreign students. Furthermore, they can be used as a reading strategy for struggling readers OR kids who simply want to stretch their vocabulary.

In conclusion, whether you are doing a word wall for kindergarten at home or a middle school classroom, consider ways you can make it an awesome teaching tool for your students.



How to Prep and Assemble a Word Wall

The main components of a sight word wall are the letter headings and the sight words. In this farmhouse word wall decor pack these are included, as well as, an optional title banner.

To assemble: (Amazon affiliate links in this list)

It’s that easy.

NOTE: If you want to make it more durable you could also laminate the sheets before cutting.


Tips for printing the farmhouse word wall:

  • Print on Cardstock
  • Have a sturdy printer and plenty of ink
  • In your printer settings, you can choose ‘scale to fit’ for no margins.





Preview of the Farmhouse Word Wall Options

Here is a quick visual preview of this sight word wall display I put together for my tpt store. It’s contents includes:

  • Banner (2 different designs-8 pages)
  • Header (4 design options-28 pages)
  • Fry word list for first 200 words (Light or Bold font options- 28 pages) *Blank ones included.


word wall header options

fry word list for word wall

farmhouse word wall banner options

sample layout of farmhouse word wall


Printable Word Wall Download

If you would like a copy of this download for your homeschool or classroom, you can find this resource here:

Printable Word Wall



Other Farmhouse-Themed Classroom Resources

These word wall printables are part of a farmhouse classroom bundle. Therefore, you can purchase separately, mixed and matched, or all together. 

Other resources:

printable farmhouse motivational poster set


What are your favorite activities for teaching sight words?


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printable sight word wall pin kindergarten resource


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