How to Find Natural Healthcare for Your Family

After posting about our natural journey to fertility a couple weeks ago, I’ve had quite a few questions directed my way about how we found our doctor, so I thought I would take a post and share some tips finding natural healthcare for your family.

The first time, it was purely by word of mouth. We had gone to a large church and a handful of people were seeing this particular doctor and were getting some pretty incredible results. Seeing their results and trusting in their experiences was what prompted me to try this alternative route.

We were blessed in our first experience, because it was a chiropractic office that offered multipe forms of natural treatments. It was a group of talented, educated individuals that worked together to acheive wellness in their patients. I was able to try a few different things out and personally see what made a difference in my health.


We have moved twice since our natural journey to fertility, and have had to find new doctors in this area of our healthcare. In fact, I am currently in this process again…


Tips to Finding Natural Healthcare for Your Family: 


1. Look for a place that practices more than one form of natural medicine. A one-stop shopping, if you will. That way allergies, ailments, and preventive work can all be done in the same place.

For my family, an ideal place would include chiropractic care, NAET treatments, muscle testing, and naturopathic/homeopathic nutritional help. (Either one very talented, educated doctor or a group of professionals that work together to create wellness.)

2. Credentials. I look at what degrees they hold, from what schools, and how many years they have been in practice. (I have found many of these doctors are very educated and have an amazing grasp of how the human body works.)

If there is a NAET practitioner, I go to the NAET website and make sure they are on their approved list. This website also includes all the training they have had and if they are up to date with their certification. (You can also locate a practitioner in your area from this website)


3. Read testimonials and ask around. If people are experiencing healing they will be talking. The proof is in the pudding.

4. Look for compatibility. Going to a natural doctor is a personal experience, or it should be. I look for someone who takes the time to listen, engage, touch, and teach.

I also look for religious compatibility. Sometimes in the realm of natural care, some doctors create a spiritual aspect to their healing. I always check to make sure the doctor is either aligned with my beliefs or is neutral in their practice.

5. Look for a clean, professional-looking office. For me, part of a great practice is not only the health portion but the business side. It doesn’t have to be fancy, they just need to have their paperwork, policies, and office packaged in a nice, professional presentation.

6. Ask questions. I have found that people are more than willing to answer any questions you  might have. A lot of times you can request to speak to the doctor themselves before you even visit their office.

Don’t be afraid to ask what a treatment looks like. How long would the healing process be. What kind of successes and history have they had in treating your particular problem.

7. Look for affordablity.  Some of these places will work with certain insurance companies, and others will not.  To be quite frank, we have always paid out of pocket. Yes, it is an expense, but when I know that a problem is going to be taken care of for good, it’s worth it to me. (I have also found that most of these places will give a discount to people who are paying out of pocket. Just ask.)

Alternative medicine can be intimidating if you’ve never really used it, but if you think about it, these forms of medicine have been around for centuries. It’s only been in the last 100 years that we have moved away from these practices to solely embrace this newer form of medicine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing Western medicine; I’m so grateful for the technology and care it has to offer.  I think it most definitely has its place…just not at the abandonment of this vital, natural option that is still very effective.

Some of the benefits of natural medicine include: Non-invasive treatments, no harmful chemicals or procedures, addressing the root of the problems not just the symptoms, and personal patient/doctor relationships.

These places specialize in some of the most common ailments: IBS, allergies, stress, ear infections, depression, joint pain, infertility, and the list goes on. They also teach you how to take better care of yourself and your family, and empower you to be proactive in taking care of yourself at home.

I know healthcare can be a touchy subject for some people, and please know my heart– I intend to offend no one (especially the hardworking, caring people in our hospitals and clinics). I wanted to share this information to promote health and healing, especially in the area of infertility. To raise awareness that there are other options.

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How do you go about finding natural healthcare for your family?

How to Find natural Healthcare for your family

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  1. Good advice there! I’d love to find a good naturopathic doctor at some point and this is helpful advice from someone who’s been down that route. I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface with learning about my health through my own trial and error (eliminating chemicals, gluten, eating Whole Foods, etc.) and would love to work with someone to learn more. (Unfortunately, it’s a bit complicated for me because my dad is an MD (and a wonderful person) and I don’t want to undermine or offend him ? So, for now, I’ll guess I’ll just have to continue to research on my own!) Thanks for the tips, though!

    1. Yeah, it can be a bit of a touchy subject for some people… thats why I was a little hestant sharing it. But I think there is a place for both of them:) and hey, I’m right there with you on the trial and error…lol story of my life! 🙂

    2. Thank you so much for all these steps! We are having a hard time finding a good healthcare provider for my daughter. The last one was very prideful and believed in a few western medical practices that we don’t believe in. The whole thing is ironic too, because I am a registered nurse. Anyway, thank you so much again for these tips!
      – Mission Minded Madre

      1. You’re welcome! It can be quite a process to find a doctor that is a good fit for your family. I hope you all are able to find someone soon, that would take excellent care of your daughter. <3

  2. Great post Jessica, I love all the checks and balances you went through in helping to find a good health care professional. We have a great pediatrician firm for the kids, and they see the same person most of the time. We go a chiropractor too who is very good, the kids sleep so much better after realignment! Our 7 year old has to get tubes in his ears tomorrow for the second time at children’s hospital. It should be a quick procedure. Have a great night Jessica, hugs, Terri.?

    1. That’s awesome that you have a pediatrician that you really like-finding someone that works well with you and your kids is amazing! and I’m right there with you, adjustments help mine sleep better too. lol. Hope everything goes well for you’re little man tomorrow. I’ll say a prayer for him tonight! Goodnight<3

  3. I like the recommendation to choose a doctor that you can afford and that can answer your questions. I want to find some natural health care options for my family for when we’re sick and it could be good to know what the doctor is talking about. It’s something to keep in mind because proper communication with the doctor could help avoid and prevent sicknesses in the future.

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