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V Words for Kids

If you are looking for some v words for kids, you’ve come to the right place! Because we are going to dive into a ton of options for you to use with your preschoolers all the way up to your elementary aged kids.

But before we get started, let’s go over the sound that v makes.

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The Sound of V

The great thing about the letter v is that it does not have a ton of sounds associated with it like other letters of the alphabet do. The sound of v is /v/ as in vacation, vacuum, and vet.

The sound of v:

  • /v/ as in van, volume, and valley

When spoken, the /v/ sound is formed in the mouth in the same way that the /f/ sound is formed, the only difference is, that the /v/ sound is voiced and the /f/ is not (its just air).

With that being said, it might be a helpful exercise to practice flipping between the /v/ and /f/ sound to hear and feel the difference between voiced and unvoiced.

V Words for Preschool

At the preschool age, kids are just beginning to be introduced to the letters of the alphabet. So before you begin working on any v words for preschoolers, start with some fun letter recognition activities like letter v crafts or picture books for letter v.

Another great idea for introducing the letter v to preschoolers is to have them work on some prewriting activities. With prewriting exercises they can learn the fine motor skills required for writing as well as the diagonal lines needed to form the letter v.

Prewriting Book One for Preschoolers

As you work on letter recognition with your preschoolers, you can teach them the sound that v makes. Here are some preschool word examples you can share with your kids to demonstrate the sound of v. (Sentence examples for use are also given)

Words that begin with v for Preschool

  • Van – Our family drives a blue van.
  • Vase – My mom put the flowers in a vase.
  • Very – I am very happy.
  • Volcano – The volcano erupted.
  • Visit – My grandma is going to visit on Friday.

V Words for Kindergarten

Kindergarteners are ready to explore more words that begin with v, as well as, words that contain the letter v.

Note: early readers (sometimes as early as kindergarten) are learning about the silent e rule #1 (where the silent e at the end of a word give the preceding vowel a long /ee/ sound). With that being said, I’ve included some words that end with VE for these kids.

Words that begin with V for Kindergarten:

  • Vet – Dr. Smith is the vet that takes care of my dogs.
  • Vest – I wore a red vest.
  • Vote – She will vote for a new president.
  • Vine – They had a grape vine in their backyard.
  • Voice – The older gentleman had a raspy voice.
  • Vow – A vow is a sincere promise.
  • Vegetable – Our vegetable garden is brimming with fresh produce.

Words that end with VE for Kindergarten:

  • Dive – I will dive into the pool.
  • Cave – We hiked around in the dark cave.
  • Cove – We watched the wave splash into the cove.
  • Dove – A white dove flew overhead.
  • Gave – My dad gave my mom a bouquet of roses.
  • Five – My sister is five years old.
  • Live – We went to a live concert last night.
  • Wave – I like to wave to my dad as he pulls out of the driveway.
  • Love – I love my family.
  • Shove – Shove the box further back onto the shelf.

V Words for Beginning Readers

There are not a lot of CVC words that begin with the letter v, but there are a few. Here are some three letter v words that your beginning readers might encounter.

Three letter V words for beginning readers:

  • Van – We have a van.
  • Vow – She made vow to never leave.
  • Vet – The vet gave my dog a checkup.
  • Vex – Don’t vex the nanny, she is in a bad mood.

V Words for Elementary Students

Now for some v words for elementary students! Here are some great v word ideas along with some sentence ideas you can use to demonstrate the meaning of the word.

  • Very – Drew was very glad to be home.
  • Vote – Who are you going to vote for?
  • Veil – The bride’s veil was beautiful.
  • Visit – We are going to visit a farm today.
  • Vacation – Summer vacation starts in one week.
  • Verb – Do you know the difference between a noun and a verb?
  • Village – The village decorated street lamps with wreaths and lights for the holidays.
  • Vacuum – Carl, will you please vacuum the house before our company arrives?
  • Violin – Nick plays the violin in the community orchestra.
  • Victory – The soccer team celebrated their victory at the ice cream parlor.
  • Vulture – A vulture swept down and grabbed its prey.
  • Value – This old coin is of no value anymore.
  • Velvet – Her wore her velvet dress to school.
  • Video – Kim watched a video about dinosaurs.
  • Vanilla – I made a vanilla cake with chocolate icing.
  • Volcano – I live near an inactive volcano.
  • Vinegar – Vinegar can be used for many things.
  • Vehicle – My dad is looking for a new vehicle to drive to work in.
  • Viola – She learned how to the viola from her grandmother.

Advanced V Words for Kids

Looking for some advanced v words for kids? For a good challenge, here are some stimulating v word choices for kids to enjoy:

  • Vernacular – I found her southern vernacular to be quite charming.
  • Verbose – The speaker was loud and verbose.
  • Ventriloquism – I’ve always been enamored with ventriloquism.
  • Vivacious – The vivacious girls were fun to be around.
  • Venomous – I am scared of venomous snakes.
  • Vindicate – The evidence will vindicate Nan and she will be free to go back to class.
  • Varied – The wild flowers varied in size and color.

The Ultimate V Words for Kids

Here is the ultimate v words list for kids along with sentence ideas! (If you want the v word definitions, click the linked word at the beginning.) Enjoy!

  • Van – Our family owns a van that can seat six people.
  • Vet – The vet looked out dog over and gave her a clean bill of health.
  • Vow – I vow to always love you.
  • Vest – John word a red vest to compliment his black suit.
  • Vase – Jane filled the vase with red and pink flowers.
  • Vote – I plan to vote in the next election.
  • Veil – The bride wore a beautiful, beaded veil over her head.
  • Vast – The vast majority of kids in my school like ice cream.
  • Very – I am very please with my test results
  • Vein – A vein bulged on his forehead every time he got angry.
  • Vine – Our grape vine is completely covering its trellis.
  • Vain – The toddler tried in vain to keep up with his parents but his legs were too short.
  • Visit – We will visit our grandparents this summer.
  • Visitor – We had an unexpected visitor this morning.
  • Viper – He was bitten by a viper and almost died.
  • Verb – A verb tells us what the subject is doing.
  • Vacuum – She will vacuum the whole house before her mom gets home.
  • Violet – The flower had lovely, violet hues.
  • Victory – The commander led his troops to victory.
  • Vegetable – I planted a vegetable garden next to my house.
  • Vulture – The large vulture perched on the towering branch.
  • Violin – Sarah knows how to play the violin beautifully.
  • Valley – We live in a valley and get very little snow.
  • Vanity – Sal’s vanity is her one downfall.
  • Villa – George owns a villa with the spectacular views.
  • Village – Juan lives in a quaint little village surrounded by trees.
  • Vowel – Sound out the vowel as you read the word.
  • Volcano – The volcano looks like it might erupt.
  • Voice – When she sang, her voice sounded like an angel.
  • Value – The value of our house has gone up since we remodeled the kitchen.
  • Valued – I have always valued honesty and hard work.
  • Valid – You need a valid drivers license to be able to drive on the roads.
  • Valuable – Family is the most valuable thing I have.
  • Vindicate – The evidence will vindicate her and she will be found innocent.
  • Velvet – Velvet is my favorite fabric because it is soft.
  • Vacant – The house next-door has been vacant since the people moved out a few months ago.
  • Video – She watched a video about how to make butter.
  • Vacation – Our family went on a vacation to the Bahamas.
  • Vital – The soil needs vital nutrients in order to grow healthy food.
  • Vehicle – A van is a family-friendly vehicle.
  • Vanilla – Vanilla ice cream is our most popular flavor.
  • Valentine – She wrote a sweet note to her valentine.
  • Verify – We will need to verify your credentials before we can offer you the job.
  • Various – A rainbow is made up of various colors
  • View – The view from the top of the mountain is spectacular.
  • Vibrate – I felt my cel; phone vibrate in my pocket.
  • Vocal – My vocal coach is teaching me how to sing.
  • Varied – We varied the type of cookies that we offered at the party.
  • Viral – The video he made went viral with 23 million views.
  • Visual – I am a visual learner.
  • Virus – This virus has me coughing and sneezing.
  • Vinegar – My mom uses vinegar in her cooking.
  • Vinyl – I have an old vinyl record of my grandpa’s favorite singer.
  • Vivacious – His vivacious daughter had many friends.
  • Vernacular – It was hard to understand her vernacular.
  • Viola – Wes played the viola in his school’s orchestra.
  • Venomous – He observed the venomous snake from a safe distance.
  • Ventriloquism – Ventriloquism is an art I would love to learn.
  • Verbose – When she speaks, she is often loud and verbose.

10 V Word Activities for Kids

(This list of ideas contains Amazon Affiliate Links.)

  1. Free V Word Learning Pack – Check out the free V Word Learning Pack that is available at the end of this post. It has v letter tracing cards, handwriting practice for letter v (print and cursive), v word vocabulary list (print and cursive), and a printable list of v words for kids.
  1. Free Letter V Coloring Pages – Find some free letter v coloring pages and use them for letter recognition and for building v word vocabulary.
  1. Picture Books for Letter V – Go to the library and check out some picture books for letter v. (These can include favorites like The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the My Mouth is a Volcano.)
  1. Crafts for Letter V – From making vases to volcanos, enjoy making some letter v crafts with your kids.
  1. Throw a Letter V Valentine Party – Get creative with your Valentine’s Day Party and add the letter v into your theme. From valentines and violins, to videos and vases the letter v will inevitably become a most memorable letter.
  1. Learn a Song About Letter VMusic is a great way to teach new things to kids, including letters, letter sounds, and new words. Check out some letter v songs and get started.
  1. Online Letter V Games for Kids – Another activity you can do with your kids is giving them the opportunity to play some online letter v games or games that teach v words.
  1. Play Some Word-Related Board Games – for your older kids, play some  word-related board games! This includes games like ScrabbleScattergories, and Boggle. These types of games are great for upper elementary students in building their v word vocabulary lists.
  1. Create a V Word Poem – Have your students write a v word poem! Try an acrostic poem using a word that begins with v or just a simple v word couplet.
  1. V Word Vocabulary Activities – Do some fun vocabulary activities with your elementary aged students to practice their new v words they are learning.

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More Words for Kids

Find more words for kids activities and word lists, as well as, free printable learning packs! Here are some options to get you started:

What are you favorite V words for kids?

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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