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5 Nativity Craft Ideas

Are you looking for some easy nativity craft ideas? Perhaps to do an advent activity with your kids at home or for your Sunday school class at church? Either way, I’ve got five, fun and easy Nativity craft ideas to get you started.

These crafts are very simple yet fun for kids. And the best part is, they are really easy to prepare for. No elaborate prep work or expensive materials needed. With printable free templates for each craft, all you have to do is grab some scissors, glue, markers, and you are good to go.

The estimated age range for these Nativity craft ideas would be between preschool through 2nd grade. (However, with some creativity and small changes, these ideas could easily be adapted for older kids as well.)

Now, before we jump into the nativity crafts, let’s go over the nativity story which can be found in the book of Luke chapter 2.

What is the Nativity Story?

The nativity story begins when Mary was approached by an angel who informed her that she would give birth to the Messiah. Though she was betrothed (engaged) to Joseph, they both chose to believe, obey, and follow the plan that God had laid out for them.

As the time of delivery was getting closer, Caesar Augustus issued a decree that everyone had to return to their own towns to be taxed. For Joseph, this town was Bethlehem.

Shortly upon arrival, Mary’s labor started. They quickly sought refuge, but all the inns were full. Instead they were given a barn or place were livestock were kept. While the accommodation weren’t ideal, they were warm and dry.

Here, Mary gave birth to a son and called him Jesus. She then wrapped him in cloths and laid him in a manger.

Meanwhile, under the starry sky, there were shepherds in a field. As they watched over their sheep, an angel appeared to them and said “fear not, I bring you good news that will bring great joy for all people.” Then the sky filled with a heavenly host of angels who praised God.

After this bright and miraculous announcement, the humble shepherds found the Christ-child that night and stood in the presence of the baby who had come to save the world. When they left, they told others about the angels, the praise, and most importantly the Messiah, Emmanuel, the one they called Jesus. And the news spread.

Back in the stable, Mary, so close to this living, breathing miracle, pondered everything in her heart.

What Can Kids Learn From the Nativity Story?

For kids, how Jesus entered the world speaks volumes about who He is. While he could have come with pomp and circumstance as the king he rightfully was, he came as a helpless baby into a picture of poverty, discomfort, dirt, and smelly animals.

While all seemed ordinary and earthly in the barn, heaven could not contain its joy. The miraculous display to the shepherds was the moment heaven and earth met; Making history that would be spoken and remembered though all generations, cultures, languages, and people to come.

The nativity story, Christmas, is our remembering. It marks the beginning of God’s ultimate rescue plan…

5 Easy Nativity Craft Ideas

Now that you have taught the nativity story to your kids, give your kids a chance to engage their minds and hands with the story. Play a game, do an activity, or make a nativity craft.

If crafts are your choice, here are five, simple nativity craft ideas that feature different elements of the nativity story. You can pick and choose what works for you OR you can do them all! 

Note: The free nativity craft template pack is available for download at the end of this post. Please keep in mind that it is for personal or single classroom use. Thank you.

1. Christmas Star Mosaic Craft

Our first nativity craft idea is this Christmas star mosaic. To prepare, print off the star outline (from the free nativity template pack) and cut up some yellow card-stock paper into random. pointed and scrappy, pieces. (Note: If time allows, it would be great to let your kids do this step because it’s great scissor and fine-motor practice, especially if you are doing this as a nativity craft for preschoolers.)

Next, have your kids create their Christmas star mosaic by glueing the colorful pieces onto the star while trying to stay within the lines. (The verse at the bottom of this craft page is Matthew 2:10)

2. Fingerprint Nativity Scene Craft

Next you can have your kids make a fingerprint nativity scene craft. For this craft, you will need the stable template (from the free nativity craft templates), kid friendly paint. a paintbrush and a black marker.

To create the people, help your kids paint one of their fingers and then make people and animals of varying heights using their fingerprints. Nativity character ideas can include: Mary, Joseph, Jesus, shepherds, sheep, cows, etc.

Once the paint drys, take the black marker and add faces, clothes, or any other details you want. (The verse at the bottom of this craft page is Luke 2:11.)

3. Baby Jesus Nativity Ornament Craft

For our third ideas we have a baby Jesus Nativity ornament craft. To get started, you will need three card stock colors of choice (for the background), baby Jesus ornament template, hole punch, scissors, glue, and string.

First, cut the pieces from baby Jesus free craft template and then glue all the background pieces together as shown. Next, color the baby Jesus piece and place it on top. To finish it off, punch a hole in the top and tie your string through.

4. Nativity Drawing Puzzle

The fourth craft idea for the story Jesus birth is to have your students make their own nativity puzzle. For this simple craft, print the puzzle template page from the Nativity craft printable and have your kids draw a scene from the story then cut the pieces out.

(For storage, these puzzle pieces can be kept in a small sandwich bag so they can put their puzzles together whenever they want OR they can glue their puzzle together on the blank verse page provided.)

5. Joy Wreath Craft

For our last nativity craft idea, we’ve got a ‘joy’ wreath. For this easy Christmas craft all you will need is the Joy template page, small squares of red and green tissue paper, a pencil, and glue.

To make the wreath, place some glue on the letter O then wrap a piece of green tissue paper around the end of a pencil and press it down. Once the letter O is filled, have your kids make some small red berries using the red tissue paper, then glue those in.

To finished it off they can decorate the other letters in the word. The verse given on this nativity printable is Luke 2:108

Easy Low-Prep Nativity Craft Ideas

These nativity paper craft ideas are really easy to get together and are yet fun for kids to make! They are more than a coloring sheet and can be done as a quick Sunday school craft, or a last minute addition to a Christmas advent you are doing at home with your kids. 

Either way, you can use the ideas given and draw up your own templates OR print off the free Nativity printables I have put together. Regardless, I hope that these craft ideas will inspire you to get creative and have fun as you share this wonderful Christmas Bible story with your kids.

Note: Check out some other Preschool Bible Crafts including Adam and Eve Crafts, as well as, David and Goliath!

free nativity craft templates -

Free Nativity Craft Template Pack

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What are your favorite ways to teach the Nativity Story?

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