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Adverbs That Start With B

Looking for a list of adverbs that start with B? If so, you’ve come to the right place because today I’m sharing an awesome list of the adverbs that start with B, as well as, sentence examples, adverb activities, and tricks on how to teach kids the art of adverbs.

From descriptive words like beautifully and beamingly to adverbs like before and behind, there are lots of great adverbs that start with B to choose from. 

These adverbs that start with b can be used for building your writing skills, learning grammar, expanding your vocabulary, coming up with lesson plans, or simply finding the right descriptive word.

So let’s jump into our list of adverbs that start with b!

List of Adverbs that Start with B

Adverbs that start with B:

  • babyishly
  • back
  • backstage
  • backward
  • backwardly
  • bacterially
  • badly
  • baldly
  • balmily
  • bang
  • barbarously
  • bareback
  • barely
  • barometrically
  • basely
  • bashfully
  • basically
  • beamingly
  • becomingly
  • befittingly
  • before
  • beforehand
  • behaviorally
  • belatedly
  • boringly
  • botanically
  • beautifully
  • beggarly
  • behind
  • being
  • belligerently
  • believably
  • below
  • beneath
  • beneficially
  • benignly
  • besides
  • best
  • better
  • beyond
  • bias
  • biblically
  • biologically
  • biennially
  • bihourly
  • bilaterally
  • billowingly
  • bimonthly
  • bindingly
  • binocularly
  • bitingly
  • bitterly
  • biweekly
  • black
  • blamelessly
  • blandly
  • blankly
  • blasphemously
  • blatantly
  • blazingly
  • bleakly
  • blessedly
  • blindingly
  • blindly
  • blissfully
  • blisteringly
  • bloody
  • blooming
  • bluely
  • bluntly
  • blushingly
  • boastfully
  • boastingly
  • bodily
  • boiling
  • boilingly
  • boisterously
  • bonnily
  • boldly
  • bouncingly
  • boyishly
  • brag
  • braggingly
  • bravely
  • brazenly
  • breathlessly
  • breathtakingly
  • brief
  • briefly
  • bright
  • brightly
  • brilliantly
  • briskly
  • broadcast
  • broadly
  • brokenly
  • brotherly
  • brutally
  • bulkily
  • burdensomely
  • burning
  • busily
  • buzzingly
  • by

Simple Adverb Sentence Examples

Adverbs can be used to describe a verb, an adjective. or another adverb. Furthermore, an adverb will answer one of the following questions: how, when, where, how much, or how often?

Here are some adverb sentence examples to give you an idea of how adverbs can work. (Note: Most of the sentences use adverbs that start with B, but for the sake of finding good examples, there are others included as well.)

Adverb sentence examples: Where

  • Jane searched backstage for her missing water bottle.
  • He looked down from his ladder at the dogs beneath.
  • She stayed behind to care for the children.
  • I heard someone shouting from the floor below.

Sentence examples for adverbs: When

  • She warned me beforehand that the teacher was strict.
  • He arrived early to school.
  • Basketball practice is starting now.
  • When I sing, I do warmups first.

Adverb sentence examples: How

  • Jack responded boldly to his opponents.
  • Betty stared blankly at the screen.
  • Jeremy bravely crossed the tightrope.
  • Susan bashfully wrung her hands.

Sentence examples: How Much

  • He barely looked at the book before he took the test.
  • The toddler absolutely refused to eat her carrots.
  • I completely support her decision.
  • The girl almost fell off her bike.

Adverb sentence examples: How Often

  • He plans to visit biweekly until the project is complete.
  • Normally, I take the bus to school.
  • She is always late.
  • Occasionally, we go out to dinner on Saturday nights.
  • I’ve never been on an airplane.

Teaching Adverbs for Kids

When teaching adverbs to younger kids, we want them to understand that the adverb tell us more about the verb. Adverbs will answer the questions: where? when? how? how often? and how much? And will commonly end with ‘-ly’ (quickly, slowly, brightly, carefully, sadly, quietly, loudly etc).

When teaching adverbs to older kids we can begin to teach them that adverbs describe verbs, but they can also describe another adverbs or adjectives. See the adverb examples below:

Adverb sentence examples for kids:

  • Adverb describing a verb: She sings beautifully .
  • Adverb describing another adverb: She sings very beautifully.
  • Adverb describing a adjective: Her singing was very beautiful

Adverb Activities for Kids

To take it a step further, here are a few fun adverb activity ideas you can do with this ‘adverbs that start with B’ list.

  • Act Out Adverbs: Make a list of 10-15 ‘how’ adverbs from the list and have your kids act out the adverbs. Here are a few examples you can use: walk backwards, draw blindly, work busily, smile beamingly, sing beautifully, etc.
  • Do an Adverb Scavenger Hunt: Go to the park or a public place and observe the action verbs around you. See if you can come up with adverbs that describe those action verbs. (Here are a few examples: The man walked briskly. The girl bashfully followed her mother. The diamonds brilliantly sparkled through the glass case.)
  • Read picture books about adverbs: A fantastic way for kids to learn about adverbs is to read picture books that teach adverbs! Seeing adverbs used and emphasized in writing is an easy and natural way to introduce the different parts of speech.
  • Brainstorm Adverbs: Give your kids a verb and see how many adverbs they can come up with for that particular verb. For example, I could choose the verb ‘walk’. Some adverbs that might describe walk include: briskly, blindly, brightly, babyish, blissfully, etc.

Printable Adverb Learning Pack 

Free printable Adverb Learning Pack 

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Q & A For Adverbs That Start With B

1. What are some positive adverbs that start with B?

Brilliantly, beautifully, beamingly, blessedly, bloomingly, blushingly, brotherly, bright, brightly, bravely, breathlessly, busily.

2. What are some good ‘ly’ B adverbs for first grade?

Badly, barely, bashfully, basically, brightly, beautifully.

3. What are some adverbs that start with Bi?

Bias, Biblically, biennially, bimonthly, bindingly, blindingly, bitingly, bitterly, biweekly.

4. What are some common adverbs beginning with b?

Backward, basically, before, behind, boldly, bravely, briefly, brightly, briskly, bluntly, behind, and beneath.

5. What are some harsh adverbs beginning with b?

Barbarously, boring, belligerently, bitingly, bitterly, blasphemously, bloody, boiling, and brazenly.

Additional Words for Kids Resources

Looking for more than just adverbs? If so, check out our Words for Kids page that has tons of word options, vocabulary lists, ideas, activities, free learning printables, and more!

What would you add to this ‘adverbs that start with B’ list?

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