Printable Numbers 1-20 Summer Play Dough Mats

With summer around the corner, I wanted to put together a set of these numbers 1-20 play dough mats that included flip-flops and beach balls. Because, this is one of our favorite grab-and-go activities.


Not only are these such a quick and easy activity, they are also a great multi-sensory tool for teaching because they engage the hands, as well as, the mind.

All of my kids enjoy the challenge of these mats, but my youngest benefits the most from this hands-on instruction as she is learning her numbers.

Using play dough, I have my daughter practice a mat. If it’s her first time with a particular number, I help her with counting, ten/twenty frames, and number/letter formation as needed.



Summer Play Dough Mats Assembly

These play dough mats are super easy to put together. Simply print then laminate.  You definitely want to laminate, so you can reuse these mats over and over. This is the laminator and materials I use:



 Play Dough Alternative

I know I’ve shared this before, but a great, gluten-free alternative to play dough is Mad Matter. It is super soft, doesn’t dry out, is much easier to clean up, and doesn’t stink.



Download Play Dough Mats

I created these play dough mats with my kids in mind, however, if you want to download these Numbers 1-20 Summer Play Dough Mats for your homeschool or classroom you can find the download HERE.



This is a 26 page, SUMMER-themed download that focuses on the building of fine motor skills while teaching numbers 1-20. Furthermore, there is a one page mat for each number 1-20, as well as counting number mats counting up to 20.




This Activity Teaches

  • Number/letter recognition
  • Number/letter formation
  • Counting
  • Ten frame counting
  • Twenty frame counting
  • Random order counting
  • Fine motor skills





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